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Disciple of Trump Senpai! Took All The Red Pills, Anti-Globalist. Swamp Drainer, 2 Scoops! 🍨🍨🐸 If I blocked you it's because you're an idiot.

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@RealJamesWoods James Woods @RealJamesWoods

These nut jobs are right on the verge of sanctioning child molestation. That's what all this crap is working up to. https://t.co/Lggscc34F7

@RealAssange Julian Assange 🔹 @RealAssange

Trump is a racist...failed. Trump needs to release taxes...failed. Trump colluded with Russia...failed. Now it's Trump is a fascist...

@ms_erika74 AmERIKAn Girl! 🇺🇸 @ms_erika74

John Podesta is the epitome of creepy little weirdo and yet @HillaryClinton didn't have a problem with him. #Creepy https://t.co/Wq2eOwnQv1

John Podesta is the epitome of creepy li...

@GeorgiaDirtRoad ShannonMAGA🇺🇸 @GeorgiaDirtRoad

When Obama held a rally, I do not remember conservatives, or anybody on the right, showing up to harass supporters. 🎯https://t.co/YjUhqvGFDL

When Obama held a rally, I do not rememb...

@RandPaul Senator Rand Paul @RandPaul

Let’s shock the establishment https://t.co/lgAbKc7vzd

@barelypolitix Bare Politics @barelypolitix

ANTIFA poses greater DANGER than ugly KKK because violent ANTIFA is supported & legitimized by the Democrat party and mainstream media

@ScottAdamsSays Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays

Scott Adams drinks coffee and tells you how President Trump is doing in the demolition phase of the project https://t.co/yxY6pMM8ut

@ScottAdamsSays Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays

Best idea of the year. https://t.co/0Yl1sbI7mw

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

@RienholdO I see dozens of them on twitter and in real life almost daily. Shame there's no block button for real life.

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

Must be from the same pool of "research" that said the Ice Caps would all be melted by 2013. Straight men find men… https://t.co/DPFNvNlAey

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

@RienholdO The weak minded idiots that still think it's real watch it. Here's one of them now, just before regurgit… https://t.co/HgLjUh9w6n

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

The mainstream media is directly causing the division in America, with their non-stop toxic lies.

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

People I would have rather seen as President instead of Obama Trump of course, also Rudy Giuliani Ron Paul Rand Paul Ross Perot

@614swat ૮ℓiทƬѳท ʍi૮ђα૯ℓ @614swat

"What Happened?" Well Hillary- You made 63 Million people's skin crawl so we voted for Donald Trump!… https://t.co/FC8e3YzH0e

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

Giuliani come back! #NYCVotes

@bakedalaska Baked Alaska™ @bakedalaska

The madman finally calls out the terrorist organization known as ANTIFA! WEW LAD! #PhoenixRally https://t.co/VhNiGi8N84

The madman finally calls out the terrori...

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

@RedvirgoStacy Preemptive block, thanks. 🙂

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

Used to think politics was tedious, something to ignore, but if you ignore it, bastards take over and get away with murder, literally.

@thedonaldreddit /r/The_Donald @thedonaldreddit

VIDEO: Feral Antifa punches another Antifa on accident because he thought he looked like a Nazi via @FusionNews https://t.co/ljzNWwlZzk

VIDEO: Feral Antifa punches another Anti...

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

@conmomma You remind me of the actress in that show WEEDS 🙂

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

Ahead Warp Factor Seven, Engage! #OurFutureIn5Words https://t.co/bRZlhS5Tcm

Ahead Warp Factor Seven, Engage! #OurFut...

@mflynnJR Michael Flynn Jr🇺🇸 @mflynnJR

Should @CNN be declared a terrorist organization? (Hint: They should)

@The_Mann_Report The Mann Report @The_Mann_Report

I am proud to call Donald Trump my President! The haters better get used to the fact that he will be Re-elected in 2020. #PhoenixRally

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

@casimerkowalski @guardiantech That is a valid point.

@daniel_ohana Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @daniel_ohana

@UnicornCovfefe Morning Mika & Joe Must Resign. 😀

@suMarieB13 💚suMarieCovfefe💙 @suMarieB13

Twitter is deleting tweets they consider "abusive," such as positive tweets of @realDonaldTrump. Shame. #FreeSpeech https://t.co/BrjW49YPpD

@CarmineZozzora CarmineZozzora @CarmineZozzora

Hillary Clinton shares her life with a serial sexual predator rapist but finds Donald Trump creepy? Classic. #MAGA 🇺🇸

@BreitbartNews Breitbart News @BreitbartNews

FACT CHECK: Well, it's true of every far-left elitist, so... https://t.co/NTOLb5h3jN

@sweetatertot2 Deplorable Melissa @sweetatertot2

It's a #MAGA kind of day #Reno #MyPresident 🙌🏽🇺🇸🙏🏾 https://t.co/VP5Wglpj4R

It's a #MAGA kind of day #Reno #MyPresid...

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