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if both earphones are in don’t speak to me

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@jawnbrown Billy Shakes 🇸🇱 @jawnbrown

Agent Ross in Wakanda https://t.co/wz8S4bGJ7z

Agent Ross in Wakanda  https://t.co/wz8S...

@xoxocorinaa corina @xoxocorinaa


@VPonce12 Vannity Ponce @VPonce12

When bae comes looking like a snackkkk 🤤 https://t.co/Wci3PloWlK

@TheJose8A José @TheJose8A

I AM ACTUALLY CRYING 😭😂😭😂💀 https://t.co/GiPSWN4OZY

I AM ACTUALLY CRYING 😭😂😭😂💀 https://t.co/...

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

@AdaptedJay i’m starting my cut in the middle of march and idk how tf i’m gonna do this 💀

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

@AdaptedJay I feel lmaoo

@MarvelStudios Marvel Studios @MarvelStudios

#BlackPanther is the #1 Movie in the World! Which character was your favorite? Wakanda Forever. https://t.co/weVIB4YtFo

#BlackPanther is the #1 Movie in the Wor...

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

*when the waiter walks by with someone else’s food* https://t.co/CiKL9STrxQ

*when the waiter walks by with someone e...

@silkyjoc joc 🅿️ @silkyjoc

He need to go back to jail. https://t.co/pNJ9GMLS6g

@brunzilla Bruno. @brunzilla

dawg this the funniest video i’ve ever seen https://t.co/TGBPI0t2Cm

dawg this the funniest video i’ve ever s...

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

@czevn30 you are cultured well

@k3llytweets Kelly @k3llytweets

That’s a weird way to spell brunette https://t.co/sY7kpQ6n76

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

they’re always from texas https://t.co/yJ4PnCH8Cr

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

you gotta dip your whole body in lizard piss now https://t.co/O4bpnnGAqY

@dracomallfoys f thot fitzgerald @dracomallfoys

selfie me, mirror me and real-life me facing off to decide what i actually look like https://t.co/tWSBq83JWW

selfie me, mirror me and real-life me fa...

@Nigerianscamsss Scammy Abraham @Nigerianscamsss

T’Challa : I accept Killmonger’s challenge. Killmonger: https://t.co/bTGprgMcAk

@BIackJohn BBB John @BIackJohn

Imagine finally building up the courage to take a shit at school and a group of hoodlums break in to your stall fig… https://t.co/jGrMWK1gmt

@Xbox Xbox @Xbox

Last chance! RT to be entered to win an Xbox One X console inspired by the #AirJordan III. NoPurchNec. Ends 02/21/1… https://t.co/Uy3oIdOA4P

@tmohollands ari @tmohollands

there are two types of people when the teacher assigns you questions on a reading: michael b jordan or chadwick bos… https://t.co/GhubkrY4vZ

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

@lexxtorress facts

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

it’s official. #BlackPanther is my top favorite Marvel movie.

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

latinas https://t.co/WjvZi3PiCx

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

@Joshua_Towner it’s a movie tonto lmaooooo

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

@semificti0n you’re brain dead

@wiaawa WIAA @wiaawa

Girls Wrestling 125 lb. Champion: Cameron Guerin, Davis HS #MatClassic https://t.co/qCRTuPMB5I

Girls Wrestling 125 lb. Champion: Camero...

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

@SketchyTeeHee it’s from a movie, stfu


Someone said Will Smith doesn't know the lyrics to the song 'La Bamba' and this is his reaction. lmao https://t.co/EUgzwPA5WZ

Someone said Will Smith doesn't know the...

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

@trevblor its from a movie, tanner

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

@dmadison929 relax denver

@damnjavi ur freaki ☁️ @damnjavi

people are quoting this really pissed for some reason. this quote is from a movie called White Chicks. stop bitching so much lol

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