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@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

Tell John if she was lonely she must get a dog πŸ˜₯ @RelebogileM https://t.co/zRz7o9seQ5

Tell John if she was lonely she must get...

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

For clarity, what does it mean you're not playing in the lottery but betting on the outcome/result? Why choose numbers then? @bonglez

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

Well I never... πŸ˜’ https://t.co/PD40XRrvfb

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

When your city is facing the worst drought in a century but you in church praying for your job... How selfish πŸ€” https://t.co/q528KM6rCL

When your city is facing the worst droug...

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

@maggsnaidu @PresidencyZA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/ahKH0g8k4Q

@tumisole Tumi Sole @tumisole

#ShitHole We've found him! πŸ“·@shabs_i_r https://t.co/duTKNafCOM


We've found him!


@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

@mpc_sa @EFFSouthAfrica Cardboard revolutionaries. Is that the same as cardboard gangsters πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

My friends, in light of @realDonaldTrump comments on #shitholecountries do we accept that he is #racist ? When will… https://t.co/JFTXPI0Pg7

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

@barrybateman That looks amazing 😌

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

@GugsM https://t.co/lXcs4AyYG2

@GugsM  https://t.co/lXcs4AyYG2

@TheTweetOfGod God @TheTweetOfGod

Would it help if I existed? Because I'm willing to do that if it would help.

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

Please @FloydShivambu how is this confronting racism? https://t.co/WTndcdLvq8

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

No sir... Vandalising a shop is not confronting racism πŸ˜ͺ https://t.co/5jACDoLPac

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

But @GugsM there are some people out there who should be suing their parents because they're sitting on beer crates… https://t.co/yxVU6MuBGd

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

What are you playing now? @chrisvick3

@DurbanBruino That Durban Bruino @DurbanBruino

It's that time of year... https://t.co/uOxDSjwLgs

It's that time of year... https://t.co/u...

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

But @chrisvick3 you're going deep baba... #ChisaMpama πŸŽΆπŸ”Š https://t.co/6yXl96jc05

But @chrisvick3 you're going deep baba.....

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

I see you're pulling out the kwaito classics there @chrisvick3 #Thebe making a man want to get down! https://t.co/qRSyug9SfX

I see you're pulling out the kwaito clas...

@mpc_sa Chris Desmond @mpc_sa

You had to know that if NDZ lost, Zuma would have an Ace up his sleeve! #ANC54

@MaxduPreez Max du Preez @MaxduPreez

My dear old friend @MbalulaFikile, you are on the wrong side of history. Sorry.

@chestermissing Chester Missing @chestermissing

Ace Magashule is now the Secretary General of the ANC. Ace ran a dairy farm for the Guptas. He LITERALLY milked it for the Guptas.

@justicemalala Justice Malala @justicemalala

This is not a great result. #CyrilRamaphosa and #GwedeMantashe surrounded by Gupta-ites. #ZumaRecall becomes harder.

@ZakesMda Zakes Mda @ZakesMda

Stalemate Top 6 with 3 Zuma disciples

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

ubaba looks upset πŸ€” https://t.co/bFHLaajqpH

@MarcLewisZA Marc Lewis @MarcLewisZA

#ANC54 In my world, this tension is like a penalty shootout, where all the outfield players have taken their shots… https://t.co/cZnvlqJ9R0

@AdriaanBasson Adriaan Basson @AdriaanBasson

Update: a recount for ANC president is underway, say 3 sources with knowledge. NDZ's camp insisted on recount after… https://t.co/Ckt3TEzbte

@ewnreporter EWN Reporter @ewnreporter

#ANC54 Big smiles from #Ramaphosa. https://t.co/crCebV8omt

#ANC54 Big smiles from #Ramaphosa. https...

@maggsnaidu Maggs Naidu @maggsnaidu

Dear @SAPresident - about that plan of yours that the loser becomes deputy president, the comrades said ... FUCK OFF!!!

@dailymampara Mampara of The Day @dailymampara

#Crestfallen https://t.co/w1yPUrsqMq

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