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@nyguild NewsGuild of NY @nyguild

The NewsGuild of New York is proud to support @CTGuild and the #TribUnion campaign for fair pay, job security, and… https://t.co/kBw883JWEj

@margarita0222 Margarita Hernandez @margarita0222

Demand Wells Fargo keep jobs in Florida where workers can help protect consumers! Time for Congress to support US C… https://t.co/xDWw1J1qWy

@CesarCWA Cesar Leyva @CesarCWA

Well Fargo got $3.7 million from #GOPTaxScam. Then they lay off workers & ship jobs overseas. Call your MoC 888-659… https://t.co/1RnrXLzhCG

@ForBetterBanks Better Banks @ForBetterBanks

Happening now! We are at the @WellsFargo Shareholders Meeting. Alex Ross is speaking to the council, advocating for… https://t.co/aEZzw8nkic

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

Well Fargo got $3.7 billion from #GOPTaxScam. Then they lay off workers & ship jobs overseas. Call your MoC 888-659… https://t.co/l9ROytMMA4

@LauraJKeller Laura J. Keller @LauraJKeller

#WellsFargo protesters say they’ve been asked to leave hotel where annual mtg is set to begin. They’ve been changin… https://t.co/6bSeTbR8Mk

@CWA_Canada_AM CWA Canada AM @CWA_Canada_AM

.@CWA_Canada_AM supports @CTGuild and the #TribUnion campaign for fair pay, job security, and a voice in the news i… https://t.co/bAqqpJpqcb

@CTGuild Chicago Tribune Guild @CTGuild

https://t.co/HjcYpC14m9 https://t.co/8Ue30oLAfy

https://t.co/HjcYpC14m9 https://t.co/8Ue...

@WGAEast Writers Guild East @WGAEast

"A major union - @CWAUnion - preparing to strike against AT&T has compiled a detailed report of U.S. layoffs and c… https://t.co/G4ArqKMewL

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

Workers at @ATT are fighting to keep good jobs in their communities! AT&T has laid off 16k call center workers & cl… https://t.co/NjpOYfEZwc

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

CWA's filed a wage theft complaint on behalf of workers at @GenDyn_IT, 1 of the largest federal contractors. GDIT's… https://t.co/jAdH9XDjcX

@news_guild NewsGuild @news_guild

The NewsGuild-CWA stands with @CTGuild in their union drive. @news_guild @CWAUnion #TribUnion https://t.co/WAUJm4jhKR

The NewsGuild-CWA stands with @CTGuild i...

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

CWA Local 2204 and CWA Next Generation – a project of CWA to recruit, train, & mobilize young CWA members – teamed… https://t.co/G6nTJYoTsa

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

Wireless workers from @ATT Mobility, @VZNow & @TMobile joined a CWA town hall call to speak on how they’re fighting… https://t.co/ENypNHqFOx

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

Thx to thousands of emails & calls from CWAers, the Senate failed to pass a bill that would’ve removed protections… https://t.co/JooyEkcn8R

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

.@UCWCWA members held events for an Adjuncts United Week of Action, revealing the Adjunct Faculty Bill of Rights to… https://t.co/wuLqLqCuNX

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

@NYGovCuomo stood w/workers by signing legislation to make it easier for public workers to join unions! This is a b… https://t.co/7u3THetxKR

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

Passenger service agents from @AmericanAir subsidiaries Envoy & @piedmontair gathered to rally for better wages! Am… https://t.co/Be8ClX1xj7

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

CWAers highlighted how the GOP corporate tax cut bill is a giveaway to corporations paid for by working families on… https://t.co/rDvDOGluNM

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

CWA passenger service agents at Piedmont Airlines will begin mediation with the company in July with the goal of re… https://t.co/tQQ8WKpjB4

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

Update from Frontier! CWAers at @FrontierCorp in WV & Ashburn, Va., have voted to ratify a new 4-year agreement. Th… https://t.co/2mYM9LiAsl

@afa_cwa AFA-CWA @afa_cwa

"We're not there just to serve you a Coke. We're actually there and are required to be on the plane because we have… https://t.co/cqfLZyqITM

@keithellison Rep. Keith Ellison @keithellison

Meryle, President of CWA Local 4004, in Detroit calling out the #GOPTaxScam. Proud to stand with him. https://t.co/jgYnPKSyVA

Meryle, President of CWA Local 4004, in...

@KamalaHarris Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris

Together we must fight for an economy where the minimum wage is a living wage. No one working 40 hours a week shoul… https://t.co/nazFkTsyrR

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

It's Throwback Thursday! These 2 West Coast CWAers revealed what it meant to get by on wages paid by Pacific Tel. &… https://t.co/iAz1p9knHl

@CWADistrict1 CWA District 1 @CWADistrict1

.@CWA_NJ getting the job done! ✊👏👏 https://t.co/aWUTTqeCep

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

CWA has reached an agreement on a contract for State Workers (Executive Branch) that addresses all retroactive incr… https://t.co/J4pemR0rvZ

@taxmarch Tax March @taxmarch

"With massive tax cuts from the #TrumpTax, @ATT should be investing back in their workers and this country." – Merl… https://t.co/1KEqrymgau

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

@ATT made nearly $30 billion in profits last year, & is reaping the benefits from the passage of the #TaxScam. Th… https://t.co/2F4kTZgmbV

@cwaunion CWA @cwaunion

Big Banks are making massive profits from #GOPTaxScam yet offshoring call center & customer service jobs! @USCBO re… https://t.co/Tl9rENDQUh

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