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CWA District 1 proudly represents more than 150,000 workers in New York, New Jersey, New England, and eastern Canada. ✊️

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@cwa1122buffalo CWA 1122 @cwa1122buffalo

Working People's Day of Action in Buffalo today. Standing among some reassuring & uplifting company! Thank you to e… https://t.co/jJA5vrdKS4

@NWPCNYC Women's Political Caucus | NY @NWPCNYC

Top story: @CWADistrict1: 'We're ready to fight!! #ItsAboutFreedom #1u #Unrigth… https://t.co/UmIFZfvXcQ, see more https://t.co/qUwIFVUIKD

Top story: @CWADistrict1: 'We're ready t...

@ESMiller59 Ethan Miller @ESMiller59

From @siadvance: "Thousands of New Yorkers gathered in Manhattan's Foley Square on Saturday to rally for workers' r… https://t.co/igSNu2kEyd

@JuanRosa_NYC Juan Rosa @JuanRosa_NYC

Troy Walcott of @IBEW Local 3 reminds us that Spectrum workers are still on strike 11 months later @SpectrumStrike… https://t.co/DgKhPkNhYG

@JuanRosa_NYC Juan Rosa @JuanRosa_NYC

The threat of rain won’t stop the movement and the fight for freedom and workplace rights #UnrigtheSystem https://t.co/qG62zx6p48

The threat of rain won’t stop the moveme...

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

"To the 1%: this is as good as it's going to get for you, because working people are taking back what's theirs!" -… https://t.co/B8mGeUUckS

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

We're ready to fight!! #ItsAboutFreedom #1u #UnrigtheSystem https://t.co/F5NWBBBcyk

We're ready to fight!! #ItsAboutFreedom...

@Anthony_Eramo Anthony Eramo @Anthony_Eramo

Proud to stand with Long Beach CSEA and my @CWADistrict1 families in Foley Square. Rise up labor! #UnrigtheSystem… https://t.co/cTv5kefFC9

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

A little rain isn't gonna stop us! We demand an economy that works for ALL! #UnrigtheSystem #1u https://t.co/yHPd6NkTkL

A little rain isn't gonna stop us! We de...

@news_guild NewsGuild @news_guild

Fighting for a voice at work! @NABETCWA is in the house! #UnrigTheSystem! https://t.co/UGfShDOjwE

Fighting for a voice at work! @NABETCWA...

@AFTunion AFT @AFTunion

“Brothers and sisters, every union on earth is with you and will be with you.” - @CWAChrisShelton, President of… https://t.co/pQDTXeZzBq

@CWA_NJ CWA New Jersey @CWA_NJ

CWAers across NJ are geared up to house visit their co-workers to talk one-on-one about union membership and buildi… https://t.co/I8VuUVQlM8

@starrstreet starrstreet @starrstreet

Working People's Day of Action #unrigthesystem #ItsAboutFreedom https://t.co/urLw9H0808

Working People's Day of Action #unrigthe...

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

NYC is a union town! #1u #ItsAboutFreedom #UnrigtheSystem https://t.co/hl7MZkTBZH

NYC is a union town! #1u #ItsAboutFreedo...

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

"WE ARE ALL WORKERS AND OUR WORK MATTERS." #ItsAboutFreedom #1u https://t.co/a9YInXZwzg


@WakefieldBxDave David-Paul Gerber @WakefieldBxDave

@CWA1180 and rest of @CWADistrict1 representing today's mobilization. #UnrightTheSystem #ItsAboutFreedom https://t.co/ANC1IExUtF

@CWA1180 and rest of @CWADistrict1 repre...

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

#UnrigtheSystem #ItsAboutFreedom #1u https://t.co/Vo6k2c0oKL

#UnrigtheSystem #ItsAboutFreedom #1u htt...

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

Corporate America wants to take away working people's freedom to join together in unions. We're taking a stand toda… https://t.co/kS6LuJGVlP

@AFTunion AFT @AFTunion

The international solidarity is incredible. #unrigthesystem #IAmAFT https://t.co/fcyuLeg1dF

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

We won't stand for attacks on our union and weakening of our workplaces. Come out TOMORROW for the Working People's… https://t.co/jLq82ZaGXv

@CWA_NJ CWA New Jersey @CWA_NJ

Boss Hog is out in #Camden! CWA Care workers at South Jersey Behavioral Health have not had a raise in 8 years whil… https://t.co/mrjDhA0myz

@EconomicPolicy Economic Policy Institute @EconomicPolicy

A new EPI report shows that #Janus was financed by a small group of foundations with ties to the largest and most p… https://t.co/eXZHsYOyX7

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

Low pay at @AmericanAir-owned Envoy Air means that passenger service agents like Takisha miss out on time with thei… https://t.co/Q1BT0sB7bk

@jwjnational Jobs With Justice @jwjnational

From Philadelphia to San Diego and from Miami to Sioux Falls, working people are coming together to take action thi… https://t.co/3LI6bmUCgB

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

SATURDAY - fight back against attacks on unions at the Working People's Day of Action. In NYC, join us at Foley Squ… https://t.co/Rf8hKvyF6f

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

#Solidarity with striking West Virginia teachers! #1u https://t.co/0h93oT4veK


This 2.24.18 Be part of this Day of Action to demand that working people's freedom to join together is respected. T… https://t.co/Wxf6EztrnE

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

.@AmericanAir pays poverty wages to thousands of its passenger service professionals at Envoy Air - many must rely… https://t.co/sP2hcHy0HA

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

"History makes it clear that as the percentage of union membership declines, so too does the percentage of income h… https://t.co/xROBPe4uTp

@greenhousenyt Steven Greenhouse @greenhousenyt

Remember those $1,000 bonuses that Disney promised its workers after the tax cuts Now Disney is using them as a c… https://t.co/pAJm8qjlUw

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