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CWA District 1 proudly represents more than 150,000 workers in New York, New Jersey, New England, and eastern Canada. ✊️

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@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

CWAers attended a Labor Breakfast for NYS @SenKennedy & the @NYSComptroller! Thx Sen Kennedy for walking picket lin… https://t.co/s3wDOXohsd

@CBSNews CBS News @CBSNews

"Call it whatever you want, but please, do not call this bill a health care bill," Sen. Bernie Sanders says followi… https://t.co/IFLbNXizhn

@FastFoodForward Fast Food Forward @FastFoodForward

McDonalds worker Flavia “We need @NYCCouncil to pass these bills! We need fair schedules & our own organization.”… https://t.co/osrUhkO1Q9

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

.@CWADennis fires up the crowd at NYC rally to demand #FairWorkWeek! @CWAUnion members stand w/ #FightFor15! #1u https://t.co/NibFtzyzH6

.@CWADennis fires up the crowd at NYC ra...

@haelinita Hae-Lin Choi 🌹 @haelinita

.@CWADistrict1 president @CWADennis standing with @fightfor15 today in NYC https://t.co/GGT1JAepGi

.@CWADistrict1 president @CWADennis stan...

@fightfor15 Fight For 15 @fightfor15

100's of McDonald's workers with Fists UP in an impromptu moment of silence at McD's shareholder meeting protest.… https://t.co/AjS5IQ7Z0C

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

.@CWAUnion members here with @32BJSEIU and @FastFoodForward demanding #Fairworkweek at New York City Hall! #1u https://t.co/VqMGO2Qre0

.@CWAUnion members here with @32BJSEIU a...

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

Happening Now: we're here with @32BJSEIU and @FastFoodForward demanding a fair work schedule! https://t.co/psopukmvbH

Happening Now: we're here with @32BJSEIU...

@DemSocialists DSA 🌹 @DemSocialists

Trump's budget is class warfare. https://t.co/j5EwNXyGVl

Trump's budget is class warfare. https:/...

@FastFoodForward Fast Food Forward @FastFoodForward

Unfair scheduling wreaks havoc on workers. 50,000 NYC fast food workers deserve better. Sign & share… https://t.co/gN1Xv8pGTj

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

TODAY we join NYC fast food workers rising up against corporate greed & 4 #FairWorkWeek & worker empowerment. -> @fastfoodforward 4 updates!

@ChristineNY09 Christine Pellegrino @ChristineNY09

This wasn't done alone.Thank you to @ourrevolution @nysut, @NYWFP, @nysaflcio(and esp LI fed), @emilylist, @cwaunion 1108, and @UAWRegion9A

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

Congrats @ChristineNY09! https://t.co/kGn15SOFkB

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

Last minute shift changes wreak havoc on fast food workers’ lives. 5/24 rise up & say no more. #FairWorkWeek NOW. https://t.co/UEx9JSecNH

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

TOMORROW, we stand with fast food workers in their fight for justice & #FairWorkWeek. JOIN US… https://t.co/MkUUlkCR0o

@UnityatMobility Unity at Mobility @UnityatMobility

WATCH: May 22 @CWAunion members returned to work with pride after a historic 3-day strike of 40k AT&T workers. ✊… https://t.co/lsv5NKpDN1

@usw14693 USW Local 14693 @usw14693

@UnityatMobility @CWAUnion ✊ We are literally standing with you #CWA!! #ATTstrike #Solidarity #USW #Steelworkers #1u https://t.co/0w0ktRcifx

@UnityatMobility @CWAUnion ✊ We are lite...

@UnityatMobility Unity at Mobility @UnityatMobility

Thank you to everyone who stood with @CWAunion members on the #ATTstrike line this weekend. ✊ #1u https://t.co/svRpupBuOd

Thank you to everyone who stood with @CW...

@CWADennis Dennis Trainor @CWADennis

Amazing job this weekend. Tomorrow @CWAUnion will be at the bargaining table & we hope @ATT starts to bargain serio… https://t.co/9ozCtfoq6A

@UnityatMobility Unity at Mobility @UnityatMobility

Thank you to everyone who stood with us this weekend. ✊️ Tomorrow we return to work with our heads held high.… https://t.co/LTadJ7ApnC

@YouFoundElissa Elissa Berger @YouFoundElissa

Out today and got to teach my kid that when we see a picket line, we join it. Mighty, mighty @CWAUnion!… https://t.co/euOlQM8OjF

@cwa1122buffalo CWA 1122 @cwa1122buffalo

@MayorByronBrown offers support for striking members of @CWADistrict1 @CWAUnion @CWANews THANK YOU https://t.co/bFhAXsf9CJ

@MayorByronBrown offers support for stri...

@tj_tantonio Tom @tj_tantonio

@UnityatMobility @cwa1122buffalo @CWADistrict1 with Mayor Byron Brown in Buffalo NY on strike #cricketstrike… https://t.co/BQTgVsqZk0

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Supporting @CWAUnion @CWADistrict1 https://t.co/v7fe6zVeaM

Supporting @CWAUnion  @CWADistrict1 http...

@CWA_NJ CWA New Jersey @CWA_NJ

.@NJCitizenAction bought pizza for strikers in North Brunswick, NJ! Thank you! #SolidaritybytheSlice 🍕 #ATTStrike https://t.co/QGSyRFq7Gh

.@NJCitizenAction bought pizza for strik...

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

"What do we want? Contract! When do we want it? Now! If we dont get it? SHUT IT DOWN!"🎶 #ATTStrike https://t.co/ffLt9ZApdl

'What do we want? Contract! When do we w...

@UnityatMobility Unity at Mobility @UnityatMobility

Want to know why we're on strike against @att? Muhammad lays it out. #ATTstrike https://t.co/eEJypkDVcE

@UnityatMobility Unity at Mobility @UnityatMobility

Who are you fighting for? Reply w/ your pics. ❤️ #ATTstrike #1u https://t.co/8a0p6YhpDE

Who are you fighting for? Reply w/ your...

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

They're getting desperate... 👀 that sign #ATTStrike https://t.co/H0KqqbwFGV

They're getting desperate...
👀 that sign...

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

#ATTStrike https://t.co/XuAnTXJCyV

#ATTStrike https://t.co/XuAnTXJCyV