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CWA District 1 proudly represents more than 150,000 workers in New York, New Jersey, New England, and eastern Canada. ✊️

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@cwabobmaster cwabobmaster @cwabobmaster

I tend towards cynicism on this kind of happytalk but I DO think something is happening out there. Like, a few week… https://t.co/1yUwXh1XEX


✊ More Than 10,000 Working People Join Together in Unions in One Week ✊ #unionstrong https://t.co/38XtrdoHUk https://t.co/PEq1RY06l0

✊ More Than 10,000 Working People Join T...

@cwa1122buffalo CWA 1122 @cwa1122buffalo

We stand with those that stand with labor. @PatBBurke walked our picket lines with us. He understands us. He has ex… https://t.co/HhN8ZBesVM

@PatBBurke Pat Burke @PatBBurke

Thank you to @RyanforAssembly @mwallace143 @cwa1122buffalo @nysut @westsenecata @WNYALF for speaking at our GOTV ra… https://t.co/6XptFhAnqF

@Shelley4Senate Shelley Mayer @Shelley4Senate

Thank you to Joe Mayhew and @Cwa1103 for never backing down in the fight to improve the lives of #Westchester worki… https://t.co/7zV5FHTk86

@Shelley4Senate Shelley Mayer @Shelley4Senate

Our union brothers and sisters came out in full force today to #GOTV to #KeepNY37Blue. Proud to fight with them to… https://t.co/3jL6bpFr72

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

CWA's Joe Mayhew getting the crowd fired up to go out there and get @Shelley4Senate elected on Tuesday!… https://t.co/bLlGruBS2h

@IndivisWstchr IndivisibleWestchester @IndivisWstchr

Thank you @CWADistrict1 for helping us GOTV to keep #NY37Blue! https://t.co/vkbhl5mb26

@RangelNic Nic Rangel @RangelNic

It’s GOTV weekend! Hit the doors, make the calls, or help w/ lit drop ahead of the Special Election on Tues April 2… https://t.co/0wvEk8vCob

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

CWRers out in force in Westchester today to stand with @Shelley4Senate! It's the final push before the Special Elec… https://t.co/aRFx0ie9xD

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

😠 So we fine them for consistently improperly charging customers, then we reward them with a massive tax break that… https://t.co/dNpapabZNe

@FOA_Law Fine Olin & Anderman @FOA_Law

The '18 FOA Benefits Conference: An Interactive Day on Legal Rights w. Nearly 100 CWA (@CWADistrict1 ) Statewide Un… https://t.co/y7quVyD46T

@Fernandez4NY Nathalia Fernandez @Fernandez4NY

We have only 4 days left until #ElectionDay! All of your help has been crucial to our ongoing success, but we need… https://t.co/PL2RU067Or

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

✊✊ https://t.co/pIkjr1pLbL

@IAPE1096 IAPE TNG/CWA 1096 @IAPE1096

ICYMI: Labor Dept. to Relax Obama Pay Bias Policy, Hand Reins to Businesses https://t.co/Wx977JQ9Vl

@rweingarten Randi Weingarten @rweingarten

Shelley Mayer who is a wonderful pro public school, pro family, pro worker elected official is being attacked by t… https://t.co/rEFUpFJqdO

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

Keep up the good work, @cwa1122buffalo! #UnionsGetTheJobDone #NationalHighFiveDay https://t.co/39KmtdDNw4

Keep up the good work, @cwa1122buffalo!...

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

👊 https://t.co/LwP3bRPryJ

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

.@CWA_NJ State workers reached a major TA on their new contract, @CWA1180 OSF workers ratified their 1st union cont… https://t.co/XfSOMJ5Sk3

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

Congrats to @CWA1180 and @OpenSociety staff on your first union contract! https://t.co/DGAFPFDcAM via @HuffPostPol

@DigitalLeft The Digital Left @DigitalLeft

“If one man has a dollar he didn’t work for, some other man worked for a dollar he didn’t get” - Bill Haywood. https://t.co/xVbc45jqyE

“If one man has a dollar he didn’t work...

@PatrioticMills Patriotic Millionaires @PatrioticMills

Wages for most Americans haven't kept up with the cost of living #RaisetheWage #Fightfor15 https://t.co/rXBF03mbab

Wages for most Americans haven't kept up...

@taxmarch Tax March @taxmarch

"With massive tax cuts from the #TrumpTax, @ATT should be investing back in their workers and this country." – Merl… https://t.co/1KEqrymgau

@coachcant Joe Cantafio @coachcant

https://t.co/sJ6oKAjmnp “Labor stands with @PatBBurke because he stood with us long before asking for our vote for… https://t.co/N3TCWZerLq

@ruaaup Rutgers AAUP-AFT @ruaaup

Grad workers & PTLs teach 50%+ of Rutgers’ undergrad courses. Only 1.4% of RU’s budget goes to our pay. Grad worker… https://t.co/rrFzP89QIn

@Shelley4Senate Shelley Mayer @Shelley4Senate

Today is #TaxDay, and a reminder that NY is one of the states hardest hit by the #TrumpTaxPlan. Next year corporati… https://t.co/oKMWvZXlin

@cwalocal6016 CWA Local 6016 @cwalocal6016

On Tax Day, Working People Are Angry and Fighting Back https://t.co/1PkvheKbeT https://t.co/uaQ6hydzf2

On Tax Day, Working People Are Angry and...

@cwa1122buffalo CWA 1122 @cwa1122buffalo

Team CWA phone banking for @PatBBurke Monday night. Vote for a blue 142! Remember there's a SPECIAL ELECTION TUESDA… https://t.co/b7Jg6aHNwz


Working families were left footing the bill on the #TrumpTax plan and all we have to show for it is meager, tempora… https://t.co/gB1CmA16JY

@EconomicPolicy Economic Policy Institute @EconomicPolicy

The top 1% of tax filers will save an average of $20,660 under the #TrumpTax, while the bottom 20% of filers will a… https://t.co/ZHlMfRDM5X

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