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CWA District 1 proudly represents more than 150,000 workers in New York, New Jersey, New England, and eastern Canada. ✊️

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@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

.@Verizon decided 8,500 rural customer's ability to connect isn't worth the cost and shut them off. https://t.co/zyRiVti8im

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

CWAers call on LA officials to help bank workers & our communities by taking action on sales goals @PaulKrekorian https://t.co/Pn0LUsp7D8

@UnityatMobility Unity at Mobility @UnityatMobility

This iPhone launch we're spreading the word about what we're fighting for at @ATT Mobility. #1u #LifeAtATT More:… https://t.co/FFAKnxtY3a

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

Good news but please keep up the pressure! Call your senator @ 888-966-9836 & tell them to join @SenJohnMcCain & vo… https://t.co/muE8bgjNfb

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

Millions of working families will lose coverage under @SenateGOP’s #GrahamCassidyBill. Call 1-888-966-9836 now! https://t.co/hhgdJNGeCX

@UnityatMobility Unity at Mobility @UnityatMobility

At @ATT Mobility we need JOB SECURITY! This iPhone launch weekend, we're letting the public know. Our stickers are… https://t.co/oaQlWuQWdq

@UnityatMobility Unity at Mobility @UnityatMobility

This iPhone launch, we're making sure people know about our fight for good jobs at @ATT. We're wearing our stickers… https://t.co/L52LkXW0t1

@UnityatMobility Unity at Mobility @UnityatMobility

At @ATT we get punished for taking sick time. This iPhone launch weekend, we're letting the public know. Our sticke… https://t.co/MHHwHVZXFo

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

Warmest wishes for the new year to the CWAers celebrating Rosh Hashanah! L'Shana Tovah! https://t.co/VfS5BTd25q

Warmest wishes for the new year to the C...

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

.@SenateGOP's #GrahamCassidy bill is the worst of the bunch. Millions will lose care. Call your Senator now @ 1-888-966-9836 #ProtectOurCare

@1199SEIU 1199SEIU Caregivers @1199SEIU

United, we are urging the NYS Congress members to #VoteNO on the #GrahamCassidyBill and to #SaveACA!… https://t.co/UV6RuqNNin

@jimmykimmel Jimmy Kimmel @jimmykimmel

If you too are disappointed in Sen @BillCassidy #GrahamCassidy let them know it - call (202) 224-3121 https://t.co/eswlh6BaoV

If you too are disappointed in Sen @Bill...

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

.@SenateGOP's #GrahamCassidy bill would make our health care system much worse for working families. #ProtectOurCare https://t.co/Du7TaoTlLm

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

CWAers at our LPAT Intentive Training calling senators to vote against #GrahamCasiddy. Join them: 1-888-966-9836 https://t.co/TVmFoWJwYv

CWAers at our LPAT Intentive Training ca...

@SEIULocal503 SEIU Local 503 @SEIULocal503

Maleta is one of the millions of Americans who depends on the ACA. Call today and tell Congress to protect healthca… https://t.co/kaRiCaoMf0

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

URGENT! Republicans are at it again. Call your Senator now and tell them to vote NO on healthcare repeal! 1-888-96… https://t.co/jU5XzlIcXj

@WorkingAmerica Working America @WorkingAmerica

What's in #GrahamCassidy? Higher costs & fewer protections, all to give rich people tax cuts #GrahamCassidyNo https://t.co/iH2l5Q2Zh6

@IronStache Randy Bryce @IronStache

My mom has multiple sclerosis. If the @GOP cuts healthcare from 32 million Americans, I don’t know what’s going to happen. #ProtectOurCare


Cuomo, de Blasio back @IBEW workers in contract fight with Spectrum https://t.co/O0TdS7DSCj via @NYDailyNews… https://t.co/mlqA9R2OV0

@VzwRising VZW Workers Rising @VzwRising

Marching now to Foley Square to support the strikers putting it all on the line for good jobs & a better future.… https://t.co/lOAyzwNHrA

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

.@CWAunion marches across the Brooklyn Bridge to stand with #SpectrumStrike! Solidarity is power. ✊ #CWAStrong #1u https://t.co/NU5VyIsJkm

.@CWAunion marches across the Brooklyn B...

@cwadistrict1 CWA District 1 @cwadistrict1

.@CWAunion members stand in solidarity with @IBEW Local 3 as they fight for a fair contract! #SpectrumStrike #1u https://t.co/G1ThxOQoO9

.@CWAunion members stand in solidarity w...

@nyguild NewsGuild of NY @nyguild

Standing in solidarity with our sisters and brothers of @IBEW Local 3 as they #spectrumstrike and demand a fair con… https://t.co/BN13NHyBZj


New York Local 3 getting support from other labor allies today. #spectrumstrike https://t.co/JWsp5Z85IS

New York Local 3 getting support from ot...

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

Jeff Schmidt, an @ATT worker from VA, was featured in the @FairfaxTimes about CWA's fight at AT&T! Great work, Jeff! https://t.co/Iyor81Ymrl

@UnityatMobility Unity at Mobility @UnityatMobility

AT&T Mobility workers met for our 1st Organizing Brigade Training. They'll be on the front lines organizing non-uni… https://t.co/qevFtGukZQ

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

Thoughts to PR & USVI CWAers who make critical public services available & help folks contact loved ones as Hurrica… https://t.co/iCXJB1Ujee

@StoryCorpsUnion StoryCorps Union @StoryCorpsUnion

Tune in to @TheUnionEdge at 2:30 PM EST to hear a @StoryCorpsUnion worker talk about our campaign! #StandWithStoryCorps


.@GovAndrewCuomo & @AFLCIO's @RichardTrumka to headline rally Monday in support of @IBEW Local 3 strikers! #1u https://t.co/lvNqvtO5IM

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

CWAers at @ATT protested @ Apple HQ to stand up for a fair contract & fight against layoffs & offshoring. #LifeAtATT https://t.co/LYRaOLyUQg

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