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@BigCheds No Doubt, You’re a class act @BigCheds I’m one of your quiet students but I just had to let you know you’re ❤️ed

@cryp7oqueen StellaR @cryp7oqueen

@PhilakoneCrypto Take care of yourself hun. Wish there was something we could do to help. For what it’s worth, been… https://t.co/K9VOU8awfB

@cryp7oqueen StellaR @cryp7oqueen

@iolebedev @sonmdevelopment @SigaevAlexander Thanks for the update Igor! So much trust and confidence in #SONM

@CryptoCred CryptoCred @CryptoCred

$BTC Educational Chart Liquidity Pools: A Short Explainer This market is getting serious. Evolve or lose your mon… https://t.co/h8AbQ87zDK

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@realDonaldTrump You’re a fucking moron!

@cryp7oqueen StellaR @cryp7oqueen

#bitcoin attack 👌🏼 https://t.co/AnMYxVGGfM

@justmoon Stefan Thomas @justmoon

Check out the one and only @chrislarsensf and myself talking @Ripple and @Interledger at @Google Watch us demo how… https://t.co/Hsqcvpsc2y

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@Lindaproject @Lindawhale @dev_sk8r @Stephen81183184 @LindaCoinNews @LINDA_COIN_BULL Most unprofessional team in AL… https://t.co/KntKcXw7YY

@haydentiff Tiffany Hayden @haydentiff

❗️IMPORTANT @EdgeSecure is the perfect multi-asset brain wallet. You can delete your wallet before you cross a bor… https://t.co/NivxY0kSYq

@sonmdevelopment SONM @sonmdevelopment

#SONM is getting hotter! We have been selected as one of the most competitive and promising blockchain companies to… https://t.co/wKdo5cGo2l

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@PhilakoneCrypto $BRD Bread please

@CaitlinLong_ Caitlin Long @CaitlinLong_

WOW!!! #Wyoming HB 70 #ICO #utilitytoken bill just passed the House UNANIMOUSLY!!!!! On to the Senate next!… https://t.co/nlQcNVuw3d

@cryp7oqueen StellaR @cryp7oqueen

@TheEllenShow what do you think? #bitcoin :) https://t.co/ODugwy2tFf

@telcoin_team Telcoin @telcoin_team

Telcoin is proud to announce that we are officially members of the @GSMA , joining nearly 800 operators and more th… https://t.co/jeJD4NGQPP

@raexno raexno @raexno

@boxmining @brave @BrendanEich $BAT was just added to #Bancor Network - You can easily buy and sell to any listed t… https://t.co/hH9gcqiAf5

@boxmining boxmining @boxmining

For Transparency: I got my FIRST @brave $BAT payment for my YouTube Channel. Enough to buy a few beers.… https://t.co/DqNDxbkV9P

@VergeLife VergeLife @VergeLife

Anyone else in #VergeFam excited as I am about @tokenpay building a stealth enabled #Debit card for #XVG as I am?… https://t.co/awSbNahaaU

@cryp7oqueen StellaR @cryp7oqueen

@CryptoChoe Thanks for all the updates this morning Eric. Let’s have an Awesome Saturday!

@cryp7oqueen StellaR @cryp7oqueen

@CryptoChoe I can almost feel the POP

@whalecalls WhaleCalls @whalecalls

Okcoin $BTCUSD Quarterly futures has liquidated a short position of 1700 contract at 10,835.40 - 2018-02-17 14:17:21

@vergecurrency vergecurrency @vergecurrency

#Vergefam, this is the future! $XVG #Verge https://t.co/4KVwtCvLiu

@cryp7oqueen StellaR @cryp7oqueen

$OST #simpletoken #unsplash #cryptocurrency #photography #blockchain https://t.co/QYSBSglzF6

@cryp7oqueen StellaR @cryp7oqueen

@SmokinEther @CryptoChoe Uhm...when he tweeted it I took it as "whoa check this shit out" Not BUY BUY BUY. Who t… https://t.co/u5puT3qiT1

@tokenpay TokenPay @tokenpay

#TokenPay Merchant Tools Platform will support payments in $XVG and $TPAY. Fast and secure transactions for busines… https://t.co/F29FdF4BHU

@CryptOrca CryptOrca @CryptOrca

$BTC #BullWhale "#Bitcoin Tests $10k As Mysterious Crypto-Trader Dip-Buys $400 Million" https://t.co/huOW6xH7Lc

@brave Brave Software @brave

Publishers and YouTube creators, you can earn BAT starting today with the @AttentionToken Million Dollar referral p… https://t.co/frC2MfHkFL

@cryp7oqueen StellaR @cryp7oqueen

Anyone interested in trying the ios beta? #game $gtc #gamecom #cryptonews #blockchaingames #blockchain https://t.co/kt2LckOPzs

@APompliano Pomp 🌪 @APompliano

It took JP Morgan less than 6 months to go from “Bitcoin is a fraud” to “Here is this Bitcoin overview that you sho… https://t.co/H2XzQTuy9u

@cryp7oqueen StellaR @cryp7oqueen

@CryptoChoe Eric I love how clean your charts are and to the point! Thanks a bunches @CryptoChoe

@blockchain_shop Blockchain Shop @blockchain_shop

Thanks to @Coinbase Commerce we NOW ACCEPT LITECOIN! Support Adoption. Choose #PayWithLitecoin… https://t.co/ePMYOWPqh7

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