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@Oprah Oprah Winfrey @Oprah

George and Amal, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am joining forces with you and will match your $500,000 donation… https://t.co/6OQDVICE7b

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@USFigureSkating Absolutely DE-VA-STATED that our men didn't medal 😳💔😰 Kudos to Japan, and notably Spain - Congrats. I need more 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@nathanwchen O.M.G. All the feels and chills, seeing those 6 quads... Man, I am so thrilled for you! Keep up the… https://t.co/Sb52kewAtR

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

When a shark is faster than your speed limit...ya might want to think on it 🤓 https://t.co/E7k5Xl2WYr

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@SterlingKBrown Wait...Hold the phone!! Did I hear your STELLAR voice narrating the @Olympics opening ceremony???… https://t.co/fYA6rTVHW2

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@idriselba all you have any fulham palace days for late July 2018? We'll be visiting from the U.S. 7/25 thru 7/27,… https://t.co/m881ndNf6k

@JennyWoodman Jenny Woodman @JennyWoodman

Volcanoes Get a Kick from Climate Change Melting ice will make volcanic eruptions more frequent—and more dangerous.… https://t.co/a7ftFtStvJ

@billmaher Bill Maher @billmaher

Dear #Trumpsters: Everything that wall represents – the bigotry, the racism, the ignorance, the paranoia is already… https://t.co/qb765ruNwn

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@BestFrankMiller good one 🤪

@bridgetmoynahan Bridget Moynahan @bridgetmoynahan

Read that one again and again until it clicks then handle 👊🏽 https://t.co/rvXrGDm2TE

Read that one again and again until it c...

@TheRock Dwayne Johnson @TheRock

We all understand this father’s action. Nassar’s punishment will go far beyond sentencing. Behind bars, he’ll soon… https://t.co/rRhTcJWLn9

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@Suits_USA @halfadams https://t.co/89AISI7Zqz

@Suits_USA @halfadams  https://t.co/89AI...

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@Suits_USA @halfadams Isn't it in the BY-LAWS, that he can't leave? where's #Litt when you need him?

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

Pledge to vote this year and celebrate black excellence. Click https://t.co/kjdqlfjFxv to take the pledge too. #IPledge #NAACP

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

Can not wait 🤩 https://t.co/S7ztPUpovf

@benwikler Ben Wikler @benwikler

The Koch network just announced that it plans to spend $300-$400 million on the 2018 midterms. This should light a… https://t.co/G8YlrGx8pb

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@Trevornoah Honestly, I'm over Bruno Mars. I was really leaning towards Kendrick Lamar or Donald Glover. But opin… https://t.co/2lXK68mvnX

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@MrFilmkritik Yeah, I'm feeling some kinda way about that 🤬

@dodo The Dodo @dodo

This giant manta ray approached a diver to ask for help — and he immediately noticed what was wrong. https://t.co/zHue9dfRRh

This giant manta ray approached a diver...

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@OfficialSting I am so elated that you sang Englishman In New York; your throwback was priceless! ♥️ Well Done!

@rogerfederer Roger Federer @rogerfederer

Going to sleep well tonight. Thank you to everyone for the love and support. It means more than I could possible de… https://t.co/nGhjs88dl8

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@Specter_Quotes Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Shameless, and StarTalk with Neil Degrasse-Tyson

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@RonDMoore Queuing it up now 😎

@Oceana Oceana @Oceana

RT if you love #sharks 💙 https://t.co/NG7pnLu1YI

RT if you love #sharks 💙 https://t.co/NG...

@GeorgeMOfficial GeorgeMichael.com @GeorgeMOfficial

Thank you for the Best Music Film nomination for #GeorgeMichaelFreedom @NME https://t.co/uLIlW6dZ4X https://t.co/ykPXdvyfmx

Thank you for the Best Music Film nomina...

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@blackishabc @MBIB @ABCNetwork Come on now...we need more notice than that. I totally missed the epi 😔

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@ABC4EXPLORE @NatGeo Maybe the Irukandji jellyfish???

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@RonDMoore @optimum NY/NJ have to be nuts not to appreciate this show...IJS. These days, MORE LOVE is needed anyway

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@KevinHanchard Are there sister stations via satellite / cable to watch the series in the U.S.?

@cruiser91233 Misse @cruiser91233

@TraderJoesBest It's a sad day for us. No more crushed garlic - I used the last bit for Christmas dinner. They st… https://t.co/PzOcbWmIdg

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