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Mother doesn't like liberals

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@Davenunyabuzz Dave nunyabuzz @Davenunyabuzz

It's about time they fired that POS!!! #FireMcCabe https://t.co/GRLXwHDWng

It's about time they fired that POS!!!...

@conservcutie Normie @conservcutie

@Resist_chick1 @thebuddhacat1 @Lathyn_Huver @contendere @dogaldtrump @FoxNews You spelled..*i'm a fat ass and I spe… https://t.co/UYuGkecyhE

@conservcutie Normie @conservcutie

@Resist_chick1 Right here is an example of the sane left. https://t.co/iulQBNq943

@Resist_chick1 Right here is an example...

@conservcutie Normie @conservcutie

@Resist_chick1 @BBackerman1 https://t.co/fQiJapJhrZ

@Resist_chick1 @BBackerman1  https://t.c...

@conservcutie Normie @conservcutie

@AMluvinit2 @Dude76909627 @ChanteJulietta Every time a resist retard says Russia Trump gets another supporter.

@conservcutie Normie @conservcutie

@AMluvinit2 @Dude76909627 @ChanteJulietta https://t.co/GF6ELro1eM

@AMluvinit2 @Dude76909627 @ChanteJuliett...

@vabelle2010 Valiant_defender @vabelle2010

Yes the “Secret Society” did/does exist. 12-15 FBI SESs who met offsite secretly. Led by #FireMcCabe… https://t.co/ES1hPqq6o2

@JaxBay JagWire @JaxBay

Well, well, well. Looky Looky at these #Libtard POS MFers. Fuck them. I hope all these POS fuckwads go to prison.… https://t.co/Y2Ug8Nkh2b

@vabelle2010 Valiant_defender @vabelle2010

And why McCabe hasn’t been fired!!! #ReinstateRobynGritz https://t.co/O0LlwYiH75

@conservcutie Normie @conservcutie

@seanthegritty @znvalentine @realDonaldTrump *you're a retard.

@conservcutie Normie @conservcutie

@AngryandAsian @trumpa256 @MrFly187 @42Gnome @Talieb3 @thebuddhacat1 @snowflake_miner @AMluvinit2 @moonatmidnight… https://t.co/vhEBvdYtnR

@conservcutie Normie @conservcutie

@JUSTICE66422350 @Davenunyabuzz @KristenGiller @AngryandAsian @Maliahodges4 @Talieb3 @trumpa256 @MrFly187… https://t.co/W786kR3CLV

@FedupWithSwamp Swamp Drainer @FedupWithSwamp

Boycott all those muthafucka's! #CommunismKills https://t.co/i60ax9vymm

Boycott all those muthafucka's! #Communi...

@conservcutie Normie @conservcutie

@Davenunyabuzz @JoyAnnReid https://t.co/1gsclc8nxZ

@Davenunyabuzz @JoyAnnReid  https://t.co...

@conservcutie Normie @conservcutie

@snowflake_miner @WealDonoodTwump @AngryandAsian @Talieb3 @moonatmidnight @IraqVeteran_ @Davenunyabuzz… https://t.co/EQUMmuMl5h

@conservcutie Normie @conservcutie

@tundrawolfqueen @moonatmidnight @AngryandAsian @Davenunyabuzz @wirrlyBird75 @GreatAndreski @thebuddhacat1… https://t.co/PLQcRBZmlu

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