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Hey y'all.

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@bbbouhid Bruna Bouhid @bbbouhid

My name is Bruna. I have DACA. This year will mark 19 years of living in the U.S. All of my memories are of living… https://t.co/0qsccS14vA

@THR Hollywood Reporter @THR

Connie Britton, Geena Davis, Goldie Hawn, Brie Larson and Sarah Silverman join the all-female presenting lineup at… https://t.co/gjNOei2IrT

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

Holding hearts over LA! And talking about upstanders...those who stand up and do something when… https://t.co/pcBtiWdboe

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

This weekend find a Women’s March near you or start one. Feel the power and unity of peaceful protest, and then get… https://t.co/KkhDsrdhhM

@CNNOpinion CNN Opinion @CNNOpinion

.@CecileRichards: Women are America's unstoppable force https://t.co/NUbi1S0DXC

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton


@NewYorker The New Yorker @NewYorker

The company behind the three-hundred-and-eighty-dollar “Poverty Is Sexist” sweater that Connie Britton wore to the… https://t.co/joZ4vao2dZ

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton


@SherylCrow Sheryl Crow @SherylCrow

My heart has been broken by the insensitivity of our president. I love Haiti and it’s beautiful people. That goes f… https://t.co/WllCL8NENg

@TheDebrief The Debrief @TheDebrief

Is poverty sexist? Connie Briton has started quite the debate... we're finishing it. https://t.co/DnzQF88vG0 https://t.co/T9DnxLGYk5

Is poverty sexist? Connie Briton has sta...

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

#911onFox! Tonight 9/8c https://t.co/tZfa44F7jh

#911onFox!  Tonight 9/8c https://t.co/tZ...

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

Prayers for beautiful California and immense gratitude to our first responders.

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

For those concerned with the price of my Globes sweater I just don't think a $5000 gown would have added to the con… https://t.co/QZ648JDIN9

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

Nowhere in the world are women economically equal to men. Which serves no one. Poverty drags down economies and spi… https://t.co/PMpTeavWjk

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

Tonight! @latelateshow wheeeeee!!! https://t.co/iTgfQrsaBO

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

#WhyWeWearBlack @linguafrancanyc https://t.co/bYLqr4zXyJ

#WhyWeWearBlack @linguafrancanyc https:/...

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

Dressed in black and ready to go to the @goldenglobes earlier tonight with the glam squad dreams… https://t.co/YzdBoaGZeo

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

About last night. At the @jphro gala where we got an update on the amazing work being done by… https://t.co/QxZq3iTNHF

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

Tonight's the night! Come take the ride with us. @911onfox premieres tonight 9/8c. #911onFox https://t.co/QroAjnvwve

Tonight's the night! Come take the ride...

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

The story of an American dream and true grit from my friend @BrownVerlando #reachhigher Civic NationVoice: First Se… https://t.co/nt9Pz3WtsZ

@911onFOX 9-1-1 @911onFOX

Retweet this post and @911onFOX will donate $5 to National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to help firefighters in n… https://t.co/UpAPKbFvEF

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

Please call. If we destroy DACA we destroy the American dream. #wearealldreamers https://t.co/71O25dOuDy

@SabrinaSiddiqui Sabrina Siddiqui @SabrinaSiddiqui

Remembering the 26: how families honor Sandy Hook victims five years later https://t.co/oIt1i8h345

@SarahJacksonHan Sarah Jackson-Han @SarahJacksonHan

Midwives and mothers, advocates, mediators, and entrepreneurs: Even under siege, #Yemeni women find ways to lead… https://t.co/AKvAnzuiOd

@MomsDemand Moms Demand Action @MomsDemand

“The reality is that the work doesn’t really start in Congress. That’s where it ends." ~ @Shannonrwatts, founder, M… https://t.co/OMjErztsPI

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

Remembering #SandyHook 5 years ago and so many mass shootings since, my friend @SherylCrow has written… https://t.co/1w7GPlvF4x

@NYDailyNews New York Daily News @NYDailyNews

Charlotte Daniel Rachel Olivia Josephine Ana Dylan Dawn Madeleine Catherine Chase Jesse James Grace Anne Emilie Ja… https://t.co/9jGDQUCK1k

@conniebritton Connie Britton @conniebritton

Maisy Maisy Maisy! Happy birthday @maisystella! My sweet baby girl that's not a baby anymore. Love you always. 😘

@JoeBiden Joe Biden @JoeBiden

Help your friends and loved ones get the peace of mind of health insurance for 2018. Remind them that this Friday i… https://t.co/zVRwxpu1eP

@kira_lerner Kira Lerner @kira_lerner

“93% of black women that voted in the state of Alabama voted for Doug Jones... That’s the power of the sister vote.… https://t.co/qZIjoRnPQR

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