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Journalist with @Storyful. Formerly: @JOEdotie, @TheAusTimes, @CorkEveningEcho.

Dublin City, Ireland

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@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

@tomorley https://t.co/7nyU9x7pzC

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

I'm starting to think Mourinho just wants to watch the world burn #SEVMUN

@meganmcassidy Megan Cassidy @meganmcassidy

If you’re looking for some bedtime listening we speak really quietly 💆🏼‍♀️ relax and have a bitch with us… https://t.co/is2sZXmpss

@Sutron87 Susan O'Shea @Sutron87

Arrived home from work to find this letter probably a vulture fund out preying on more apartments. The rental marke… https://t.co/DYifn0Weni

@JamieC0383 Jamie Clarke @JamieC0383

@NickMiller79 Karl Fletcher’s brief stint at Real Mallorca before returning to Harchester United.

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

@NickMiller79 Paul Parker at Chelsea and Irwin at Wolves.

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

@aoifesdowling @SPE32 @saoleoin @lidl_ireland I see at least double what you're claiming @saoleoin. As you were, @lidl_ireland

@guardian_sport Guardian sport @guardian_sport

Hakan Sukur: Turkey’s fallen hero who can never return home https://t.co/e8OKW3so5j

@ConJClancy Conor Clancy @ConJClancy

Everyone! Go follow @NostalgiaUltra5. Something new about things that aren't. March.

@NostalgiaUltra5 Nostalgia Ultras @NostalgiaUltra5

Mixing the new with the old: a podcast all about football nostalgia. Coming Soon. https://t.co/qJGPrrq0ow

Mixing the new with the old: a podcast a...

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

@johncrossmirror Dembèlè was even better again.

@JimMFelton James Felton @JimMFelton

@thepunningman And maybe I seem a bit confused, yeah maybe. https://t.co/nZRMtR3SOA

@thepunningman And maybe I seem a bit co...

@BeardedGenius Nooruddean @BeardedGenius

Conte will be going loco at Tiemoue Bakayoko, if he stays that long

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

I read the headline and thought I'd dislike this article. Then I read it. Great stuff again @JohnnyTheNic https://t.co/cR2miCSZCC

@RMcElhenney Rob McElhenney @RMcElhenney

Can we just skip the next two hours and call it a night? https://t.co/8qBwIcjBUC

Can we just skip the next two hours and...

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

@Alice_Kiernan @OfficialBHAFC Massive result for ye @Alice_Kiernan fair play

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

😂😂 https://t.co/IkzgvzLnqN

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

@BigDirtyFry @tomorley the raising of the voices at the end is so true

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

Sky Sports News are showing various dogs wearing football jerseys with 15 mins of the transfer window to go so I as… https://t.co/XF6rtDWcMu

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

@tomorley @BigDirtyFry the lads responding at the end too

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

@tomorley @BigDirtyFry that made me chuckle now

@BigDirtyFry Eminem from 2002 @BigDirtyFry

After the George Hook controversy Newstalk makes an effort to appeal to younger listeners https://t.co/TMEvVbSam5

After the George Hook controversy Newsta...

@AccidentalP Accidental Partridge @AccidentalP

#AccidentalPartridge https://t.co/0aqoQwNKE1

#AccidentalPartridge https://t.co/0aqoQw...

@ballsdotie Balls.ie @ballsdotie

https://t.co/Ymmo2MIFdZ CEEFAX Livescore https://t.co/fElhRt8bGw

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

"You know I don't work for the money with the BBC, Haha" - and there goes Martin Keown.

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

@OllieHolt22 @ncustisTheSun Would agree with lots of the thoughts in this thread. Don't think the new contract will… https://t.co/VpVUnAHltK

@AccidentalP Accidental Partridge @AccidentalP

#AccidentalPartridge https://t.co/tcQcVoDDpK

#AccidentalPartridge https://t.co/tcQcVo...

@RTEsoccer RTÉ Soccer @RTEsoccer

Martin O'Neill gives his reaction to the Republic of Ireland's Nations League draw and addresses recent speculation… https://t.co/y3w0zcjEz6

@colmboohig Colm Boohig @colmboohig

@TVsCarlKinsella https://t.co/uT3MepP8ua

@TVsCarlKinsella  https://t.co/uT3MepP8u...

@AdamBrandon84 Adam Brandon @AdamBrandon84

Oh how I love the Copa Libertadores... https://t.co/kTg1QXvi0r

Oh how I love the Copa Libertadores... h...

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