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  • Russian President Vladimir Putin vows to deploy new missiles if US President Donald Trump withdraws from a key nuclear weapons treaty, @fpleitgenCNN reports from Moscow.
  • "I have to wonder, is there still a dangling of a pardon out there for Flynn, is that why he's playing nice with him right now? Donald Trump has flipped and flopped back and forth on these things over and over again,” CNN’s @jamiegangel says.
  • “Director Mueller’s following the facts and that's his job. He is an extraordinarily good prosecutor and when obvious, or at least suspect, violations of the law occur, he will pursue those … He’s just trying to gather information," Dem @SenJackReed says.
  • 4 days after attorneys secretly argued over a grand jury subpoena suspected to be related to Mueller's probe into Russian influence in the 2016 election, a federal appeals court is forcing an unnamed company to comply with the subpoena, @ShimonPro reports.
  • “Only a number of days ago, Flynn’s lawyers were suggesting, as the President has repeatedly charged, that Flynn was entrapped by the FBI … Today, the judge calling him before the bench and making him repeat multiple times ‘no, I was not entrapped,’” CNN’s @jimsciutto reports.

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