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  • "As long as the laws make sense and or we're not restricting the Second Amendment even further, I think I'd be behind it." Taylor Winston witnessed the Las Vegas shooting, calls the ban on bump stocks "a very positive step in a little bit more gun control"
  • "You're dealing with two different issues and blurring them together," says @VanJones68 on the Trump admin. ending an Obama policy on race and discipline. "Maybe you can tweak the policies...without stripping away the protections from a real problem."
  • .@BrookeBCNN: "Why is the President referring to someone like a Michael Cohen as a rat, yet his former national security adviser...who has met with team Mueller 19 times, who he fired himself for lying to his own Vice President... He's wishing him well?"
  • RT @CNNPolitics: The White House is holding a press briefing after Trump's charity agreed to be dissolved and a federal judge delayed the s…
  • RT @mkraju: “No,” Sarah Sanders says when asked if she would amend her statement that Flynn was “ambushed” by the FBI, even though Flynn an…

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