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Marketing Geek. Passionate about #Food & #Sustainability!


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@thephotojim James Brown 🍀 📷 @thephotojim

This isn't a washed-up Jellyfish, but a discarded and frayed refuse bag. Under water this would look like food to s… https://t.co/1DP0LKw3n0

@countykerry Kerry County Council @countykerry

Funding for five key projects in Kerry: https://t.co/S5p4ffekuv https://t.co/CHfNvtE8Ia

@biobeacon Bioeconomy Beacon @biobeacon

Congrats to our partners at the Irish Bioeconomy Foundation who have secured funding through @Entirl's Regional Ent… https://t.co/f1k3jYYwon

@QUBFoodProf Prof Chris Elliott @QUBFoodProf

7 charts to show how the 7 seas are being killed by plastic. The stats are simply staggering, appauling and actuall… https://t.co/pXlKULw8uY

@BrookfieldCol Brookfield College @BrookfieldCol

Brookfield College's Courses https://t.co/ixRigY4g5g #LeavingCert #leavingCert2018 #Tralee https://t.co/0BfQY7HKF9

Brookfield College's Courses https://t.c...

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

This week, designers, architects, communicators and scientists got together to try to tackle some of society's intr… https://t.co/GALcb9Hz5i

@ShannonABC_Tim Tim Yeomans @ShannonABC_Tim

Business Development and Scientific Project Manager Position available at Shannon ABC link working! #jobfairy https://t.co/RnMb6BV6PE

@cliodowling Cliodhna Dowling @cliodowling

@ireland What's a "Cluchie"? 😂

@cliodowling Cliodhna Dowling @cliodowling

Lesson No.1 from #SciCom17 “Create environments where anything can happen” Back home in #Kerry now after an inspira… https://t.co/e21QuifckF

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

The entire audience were delighted to listen to the wonderful Jane King. Practical, active and really useful tech… https://t.co/pGUlJG6eYa

@cliodowling Cliodhna Dowling @cliodowling

.@robinince kicking off #SCICOM17 by talking about “the importance of collaborating with idiots”@scicomie https://t.co/geqZ6G8yPE

.@robinince kicking off #SCICOM17 by tal...

@cliodowling Cliodhna Dowling @cliodowling

Really enjoyed the @scicomie #ThinkTank today. Great to stretch out the brain & #Innovate for #SocialChange… https://t.co/pV4giYDnoa

@cliodowling Cliodhna Dowling @cliodowling

Bobby was the best!! https://t.co/zXPdXb7jsN

@BiorefineryIE James Gaffey @BiorefineryIE

Ireland needs a reality check on environmental performance. CAP reform provides an opportunity to rethink the nati… https://t.co/rGDFFMaDW5

@cliodowling Cliodhna Dowling @cliodowling

I support small businesses all year round but as it’s ‘Small Business Saturday’ I said I’d tweet about it!… https://t.co/k9Z4bpZcgq

@AlanLondonCity Alan Parker @AlanLondonCity

@realDonaldTrump A brief history of 45 Presidents of United States: 👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴… https://t.co/j4Tcf2Io64

@cliodowling Cliodhna Dowling @cliodowling

Just completed this survey on one of my favourite topics: Irish food! #Research #Food https://t.co/Rxc2lhmvwp

@ULLibrary Glucksman Library @ULLibrary

Get 'em reading, the younger the better or just read a book to the children https://t.co/2nfHr7egi6… https://t.co/rrbXulEwQE

@cliodowling Cliodhna Dowling @cliodowling

Well that beats any celebrity guest on the #LateLateToyShow ever!!!

@padraigoceidigh Pádraig Ó Céidigh @padraigoceidigh

#gaeilge beo. @CnaG i dTeach Laighean anois @OireachtasNews https://t.co/qj737mFc0H

#gaeilge beo. @CnaG i dTeach Laighean an...

@cliodowling Cliodhna Dowling @cliodowling

Awesome! Great initiative @lynseykernohan #Blockchain #Craft https://t.co/SwAyAgRmtu

@EPAIreland EPA Ireland @EPAIreland

Action needed as greenhouse gas emissions increase - EPA figures out today show Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions… https://t.co/dxrFP7GTN6

@scienmag Science @scienmag

Amazing starlings murmuration https://t.co/IjZVTcyumy

Amazing starlings murmuration https://t....

@mintelnews Mintel Research News @mintelnews

Although it’s currently fairly niche, #skincare made with food ingredients is set to gain momentum. Learn more: https://t.co/QwXJfqLzFU

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

With thanks to the great folks at @CplJobs recruitment - who specialise in STEM careers, by the way - we've got 10… https://t.co/eUc5KqYUYz

@SlowFoodIreland Slow Food Ireland @SlowFoodIreland

"It seems to me that those who use chemicals should be regulated, not the people who don’t" @MadsMcKeever A lovel… https://t.co/UYpUvbx7bs

@OriginBars Origin Protein Bars @OriginBars

Black Friday is here. https://t.co/ltRIuYBwSX https://t.co/bERVjoOEWL

Black Friday is here. 

@orlatinsley Orla Tinsley @orlatinsley

If you’re reading my tweets today please consider being an #organdonor Today the generosity and forward thinking of… https://t.co/JtpIdef3oY

@tastekerry1 TasteKerry @tastekerry1

Chef Tony Schwarz at Sheen Falls Lodge hotel in Kenmare https://t.co/sBtaRIZxDB via @IrishTimesLife

@OriginGreen Origin Green @OriginGreen

Irish food producers will be exhibiting at Fi Europe 2017 on the @Bordbia #OriginGreen Ireland stand next week. Lea… https://t.co/K23mK6Me7M

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