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Climate Ireland aims to deliver climatic and adaptation information that is of direct relevance to climate adaptation planning in Ireland. #TimeToAdapt

Cork, Ireland

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@COP23 COP23 @COP23

The first-ever #Gender Action Plan was finalised at #COP23 recognising the critical role of #women in… https://t.co/5ofa2dlOwY

@JPIClimate JPI Climate @JPIClimate

The latest #European #Climate #Adaptation Newsletter of 2017 has been released; with 2 EEA Reports on climate chang… https://t.co/WxQdSYzOoi

@MetEireann Met Éireann @MetEireann

Séamus Walsh Head of Climatology Observatons speaking at the Mansion House. "Expected increase of 1.5 - 4.0 degree… https://t.co/cFvpbcpy4w

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

High-Level Stakeholders from Agriculture and Transport Sectors Discussed Actions for Rural Transformation and Food… https://t.co/1cplZFO7tV

@eriucc ERI @eriucc

We're hiring! 3 new positions open in @eriucc @uccBEES @MaREIcentre #jobfairy https://t.co/tr8QzHaqTK

@MaREIcentre MaREI @MaREIcentre

Great recognition for our @ClimateIreland team today #climate #adaptation @EPAClimateNews @EPAIreland https://t.co/pyOia13IYp

@MDesm0nd Margaret Desmond @MDesm0nd

A nice shout out to "Climate Ireland" information platform@ Met Eireann weather and climate conference today. https://t.co/4JnT2Q8xQg

A nice shout out to 'Climate Ireland' in...

@UNFCCC UN Climate Change @UNFCCC

Finance is front and central to preserving Planet A - the only one we have https://t.co/PouwvNd9BF This is what the… https://t.co/yW38pOxC2U

@GraceOSllvn Grace O'Sullivan @GraceOSllvn

Ireland is in no way immune from what we saw on last night's last #BluePlanet2 - #plastic #Marinelitter is everywhe… https://t.co/pWWSPOHHUo

@EPAIreland EPA Ireland @EPAIreland

Irish sea level rising 3.5cm a decade since the early 1990s https://t.co/WFjsf7dFbS

@EPAClimateNews EPA Climate @EPAClimateNews

If you have a spare afternoon, make sure you get along to @OC_Gallery launch '2° C' art show. Details ⬇️ https://t.co/ptH4ra7zkX

@eriucc ERI @eriucc

Great representation from @eriucc @MaREIcentre at @EPAIreland #climatechange research conference today @finorgan https://t.co/vwpEZUBg9L

Great representation from @eriucc @MaREI...

@eriucc ERI @eriucc

Any community can be sustainable according @simonorafferty. @BOGallachoir @CullotyS @uccclimatelab @ClimateIreland https://t.co/y4VJMoODun

Any community can be sustainable accordi...

@eriucc ERI @eriucc

In case you missed it: @MDesm0nd from @eriucc speaking on @rte about her recent @EPAIreland report which highlights… https://t.co/TQivfzhOPQ

@FECoasts Future Earth Coasts @FECoasts

BOOM #ThankFECitsFriday (again) Have a blast #FridayFeeling #TFIF https://t.co/I2yPRuQj6x

BOOM #ThankFECitsFriday (again) Have a b...

@MaREIcentre MaREI @MaREIcentre

Informative updates from MaREI researchers @eriucc today looking back over achievements in 2017...we’ve been busy!… https://t.co/xpfva2r2yV

@eriucc ERI @eriucc

Ireland is facing accelerating sea rise and as island nation with 40% of the population living within 5km of the co… https://t.co/4fzyHfGIVb

@MaREIcentre MaREI @MaREIcentre

.@Dept_CCAE Minister @DenisNaughten addressing #SciComm17 - an advocate of science communication based on evidence… https://t.co/jOUSBU9DBU

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

Closing words by @DenisNaughten of #scicom17 on the importance of communication making sure to break things down as… https://t.co/3I5358P3yN

@EPAResearchNews EPA Research News @EPAResearchNews

❗️Mr Denis Naughten, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment and Ms Laura Burke Director Genera… https://t.co/X5rgLu0wrr

@ecostructure_ ECOSTRUCTURE @ecostructure_

ECOSTRUCTURE stakeholders: @ClimateIreland (ICIP) Barry O Dwyer and Jeremy Gault launching their report at… https://t.co/uIZnWhZNzi

@uccclimatelab UCC Climate Lab @uccclimatelab

"Don't just give people facts, infect them with the excitement of finding answers to the big questions!"… https://t.co/ykQcPhoQ6G

@MaREIcentre MaREI @MaREIcentre

MaREI’s Barry O Dwyer and Jeremy Gault at the EPA climate research seminar with Minister Dennis Naughton and EPA Di… https://t.co/efUsePnLtv

@Dept_CCAE dccae.gov.ie @Dept_CCAE

The potential scale of the impacts & level of transformation required to address climate change is unprecedented-@DenisNaughten @EPAIreland

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

Using #climatechange as an example of how evidence isn’t always the best way to get the story across #scicom17… https://t.co/nmfQ2TQ1ny

@MaREIcentre MaREI @MaREIcentre

Opening #scicom27 @robinince always open for an adventure https://t.co/m0S69jxTPl

Opening #scicom27 @robinince always open...

@MaREIcentre MaREI @MaREIcentre

Say yes - a great way towards interesting collaboration #SCICOM17 @robinince https://t.co/3MJalQr8fp

Say yes - a great way towards interestin...

@MaREIcentre MaREI @MaREIcentre

This years #scicom17 about to start- Getting a bit of the flavours as we head into the venue https://t.co/iv4gMS0kA6

This years #scicom17 about to start- Get...

@uccclimatelab UCC Climate Lab @uccclimatelab

Join us on the 11th Dec here in the @eriucc for our next Climate Lab Seminar when we will be welcoming… https://t.co/l9qME2LV6C

@GreenSchoolsIre Green-Schools @GreenSchoolsIre

Morning! We’re looking forward to another great #marineenvironment conference in Limerick today 🦀 Yesterday’s was f… https://t.co/BnCjijXbIe

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