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Climate Ireland aims to deliver climatic and adaptation information that is of direct relevance to climate adaptation planning in Ireland. #TimeToAdapt

Cork, Ireland

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@ClimAtt_Project ClimAtt @ClimAtt_Project

Visualization of the IPCC Projections of Temperature and Precipitation in the 21st Century https://t.co/xbPHwcCrGS… https://t.co/vWcDwQSFZ0

@EPAClimateNews EPA Climate @EPAClimateNews

The first #ClimateLecture2018 will be 15/5 on Tackling Climate Change: rhetoric or reality? with Lord John Krebs in… https://t.co/QYJBsGunlS

@FECoasts Future Earth Coasts @FECoasts

Time to wind down for a long lucky weekend #ThankFECitsFriday #StPatricksDay https://t.co/KsR4pVZAbD

Time to wind down for a long lucky weeke...

@Momentum_UNFCCC Momentum for Change @Momentum_UNFCCC

Small islands look to cities for #climatechange ideas: https://t.co/qbpA63ru8F via @Reuters @Cities_IPCC @IPCC_CH… https://t.co/NkO41i26tp

@Ireland_Greener Lawrence Hemmings @Ireland_Greener

You won't find a more precise, yet simple, explanation of the effects of climate change. Written by a hero of scien… https://t.co/R2xEp0VBY9

@james_glynn James Glynn @james_glynn

We are hiring 1 Postdoc & 2PhDs working on global Integrated Energy Systems Modelling @MaREIcentre @eriucc using… https://t.co/URWpU0KecO

@eriucc ERI @eriucc

Delighted to welcome Norwegian Ambassador, Else Berit Eikeland, to the ERI today to discuss possible future collabo… https://t.co/PeiiWXojzH

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

Conference Agrees Research Agenda to Better Understand Climate Change Impacts on Cities https://t.co/6wI4nY79iJ

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

@UKCIP Thanks the shoutout @UKCIP, we're regularly updating #ClimateIreland to support Ireland in adapting to its c… https://t.co/9ix02Qc0wJ

@JPIClimate JPI Climate @JPIClimate

New book released: Too Big. Rebuild by Design: A Transformative #Approach to #Climate Change… https://t.co/CPAtKGqJS3

@futureearth_ire FE Ireland @futureearth_ire

How our climate future might unfold https://t.co/1MWW4wN2Qh

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

@sabrinadekker @DubCityCouncil @dlrcc @sdublincoco @Fingalcoco @CodemaDublin @Cities_IPCC Great to see Ireland's Lo… https://t.co/aubImjbuqC

@sabrinadekker Sabrina Dekker @sabrinadekker

Excited to showcase the hard work of staff from @DubCityCouncil @dlrcc @sdublincoco @Fingalcoco - a snapshot of the… https://t.co/miHT41Nu95

@harrovanasselt Harro van Asselt @harrovanasselt

Coming soon to a bookstore near you (or access it for free online!): Governing Climate Change: Polycentricity in Ac… https://t.co/wN1VkTBrKv

@Blueland1 ClimateChangePost @Blueland1

Scientists have detected an acceleration in sea level rise | John Abraham https://t.co/xyrKnAllBL

@climate_ambass Climate Ambassador @climate_ambass

Who wants a sneaky peek at the Climate Lab?! Build a flood defence, forecast Ireland's weather, become a news repor… https://t.co/qLwfmpzms8

@Dept_CCAE dccae.gov.ie @Dept_CCAE

This Expo is a great example of what needs to become a national conversation on climate. My Dept’s support for this… https://t.co/4iZZR3pUPq

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

"Strengthening governance, building networks and providing scientific basis for climate action through giving local… https://t.co/uQEsrUsziG

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

Thanks to all local authorities, sectors, departments and researchers contributing to the workshop and many thanks… https://t.co/9BP7bToQBT

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

Getting into the nitty gritty of the site and how to navigate through https://t.co/KErRhPPs84 getting some great fe… https://t.co/U9URWlNG9a

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

Local authorities, departments and researcher - different user groups of Climate Ireland reviewing and sharing thei… https://t.co/wXVs8WBpF5

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

Finding out all about how people use Climate Ireland at today’s user workshop #TimeToAdapt @MaREIcentre https://t.co/W5zUFDTpJS

Finding out all about how people use Cli...

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

Check out what's new on the latest version of Climate Ireland https://t.co/0nMYOmZrAd featuring new elements and up… https://t.co/mYuPvCwEXl

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

This week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories — 8 February - Daily Planet https://t.co/osxRR4qn4l

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

Climate Adaptation: Climbing the Mountain Amid a Landslide https://t.co/HvQRekCf30

@FECoasts Future Earth Coasts @FECoasts

Reconnecting with friends and colleagues from the @SesleySeaDefenceConference and @ClimateLondon in the Churchill R… https://t.co/zA83KQDC0q

@MaREIcentre MaREI @MaREIcentre

Ireland on a path to being the 4th country in the world to ban fossil fuel exploration via @thejournal_ie… https://t.co/OmRKrooxeO

@eriucc ERI @eriucc

A reminder that registration is still open for the @HackerNest #Fishackathon this weekend (10th & 11th Feb) here in… https://t.co/MHaBO8jedw

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

Hearing about best practice on #communicating #climatechange information at #commsipcc webinar by @ClimateOutreach… https://t.co/ua18oNx7bt

@climateireland Climate Ireland @climateireland

Summer School on Theory, Mechanisms and Hierarchical Modelling of Climate Dynamics: Multiple Equilibria in the Clim… https://t.co/kfjjWytlTJ

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