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PhD cell biology, MSc Sci Comm, writes for Silicon Republic and The Irish Times. Irish Science Writer of the Year 2016


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Grab yourself a great #STEM #colouring #Christmasgift or stocking filler. Order now in time for Christmas #plankton… https://t.co/DcVVtR32gD

@mcnamadd David McNamara @mcnamadd

More insanely beautiful #sunrise pics from aboard @TheJR in the Pacific Ocean this time on #EXP372 Also awesome mor… https://t.co/Ixe2fc9EXF

@aggiegeorg Aggie Georgiopoulou @aggiegeorg

New post! #lifeatsea life on @TheJR #EXP372 https://t.co/EjlsJV0oV8

@claireoconnell claireoconnell @claireoconnell

@dj_mckeown Now that is a COol present 🥁

@Botanygeek James Wong @Botanygeek

Why does plant science matter? ⬇️ https://t.co/fiovahBkR8

Why does plant science matter? ⬇️ https:...

@claireoconnell claireoconnell @claireoconnell

Am very much enjoying Pretty Iconic by @salihughes on @audibleuk - learning loads about the stories behind househol… https://t.co/kWtox2haUR

@katrien_maes Katrien Maes @katrien_maes

Warm welcome at @tcddublin by Linda Doyle for @LERUnews meeting VR Research https://t.co/jr3XbPDg7u

Warm welcome at @tcddublin by Linda Doyl...

@johncreedon john creedon @johncreedon

Have a Creative #Christmas https://t.co/pE1XOHaxyM

Have a Creative #Christmas https://t.co/...

@siliconrepublic SiliconRepublic @siliconrepublic

How can we fix the leaky pipeline and keep women in STEM? https://t.co/9z9LvrdMlM

@EithneHarley Eithne Harley @EithneHarley

How can we fix the leaky pipeline and keep women in STEM? https://t.co/AoQckNvdjU via @siliconrepublic

@dreddiemurphy Dr Eddie Murphy @dreddiemurphy

Rapid access clinics 24/7 needed NOW. .. Emotional / mental health services needs to be done outside of physical ca… https://t.co/2cK3ZVpifh

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good one https://t.co/sgi9Fcmi07

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🎶Codeine, codeine, codeine, co-de-ee-eeeeine, please don’t take ’em just because you can🎶 https://t.co/pJba0VbFHn

🎶Codeine, codeine, codeine, co-de-ee-eee...

@claireoconnell claireoconnell @claireoconnell

@TheHarryMcC Those were good choices to have made. Not that you made them or anything... *cough*

@claireoconnell claireoconnell @claireoconnell

@TheHarryMcC It is really the best reason to have Sellotape in the house Harry! Which ones did you siphon out of the box? ;)

@twisteddoodles TwistedDoodles @twisteddoodles

The sheep that hated Christmas. #pun https://t.co/9DmXKwM6Yf

The sheep that hated Christmas. #pun htt...

@claireoconnell claireoconnell @claireoconnell

@NiamhTalking90 Ah that gif has already been used, here's another one! https://t.co/1uobzMTauQ

@NiamhTalking90 Ah that gif has already...

@claireoconnell claireoconnell @claireoconnell

@NiamhTalking90 Good luck! https://t.co/L0t9siKSUp

@NiamhTalking90 Good luck! https://t.co/...

@SamaritansIRL Samaritans Ireland @SamaritansIRL

Not feeling the #Christmas cheer is not a sign of weakness and any of us can experience low mood, depression or anx… https://t.co/GnqwwsVg0y

@IrishDeafSoc Irish Deaf Society @IrishDeafSoc

The Irish Sign Language Act 2017 has been passed 🙌🏽

@ccferrie Ciarán Ferrie @ccferrie

Not for the faint-hearted https://t.co/pkox0CF9Ts

@claireoconnell claireoconnell @claireoconnell

@ultrajessamyn @shaunoboyle @ilainabananas Blight Club is for the real fun-guys 🥁you will have to Phytophthera the… https://t.co/OAQVVWDOvv

@willgoodbody Will Goodbody @willgoodbody

Big wins for @aoifemcl and @DavidFinlayTCD who have secured @ERC_Research grants totalling €3.8 million for their r… https://t.co/egFOx92D0Q

@claireoconnell claireoconnell @claireoconnell

@tcddublin @tcdgenmicro @tcdbi @tcdTBSI @ERC_Research Congrats Aoife! 👏👏👏 @aoifemcl

@claireoconnell claireoconnell @claireoconnell

@unidub09 @DublinCityUni I saw him at work this morning Declan, what a talented artist he is! It adds a lovely flourish to the place 😊

@claireoconnell claireoconnell @claireoconnell

St Pat’s campus is getting some snazzy new lettering - such skilled work, it looks v impressive #work in progress… https://t.co/V5rpTgqxVW

@sineadgleeson Sinéad Gleeson @sineadgleeson

The referendum hasn’t happened yet, but this is a very historic day for Irish women, in a country that has silenced… https://t.co/Elj4Wx9IXH

@SamaritansIRL Samaritans Ireland @SamaritansIRL

When you #TalkToUs on 116 123, we will give you an opportunity to talk about any thoughts or feelings you have, wha… https://t.co/mkyrWWRZcV

@minniemelange Sinéad Burke @minniemelange

Really important that this is found and returned. If you can, please help. https://t.co/d4AhX361P1

@claireoconnell claireoconnell @claireoconnell

@SimonJohnPalmer @BBCArchive She has a way with words 😊👏👏

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