@EuroManc #FBPE #FinalSay

EuroManc #FBPE #FinalSay

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EU Citizen, MBA, @LibDems, @aldegroup & @euromove member, Atheist, Biker, MUFC ST Holder, Euro-Federalist. A50 is revocable! #StopBrexit2018 #Remain

Manchester, Europe

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@JolyonMaugham Jo Maugham QC @JolyonMaugham

It's hard to imagine what solution the Government might find in the next six months that they couldn't find in the… https://t.co/7ujgYndp9d

@WendySiegelman Wendy Siegelman @WendySiegelman

💥 Cambridge Analytica executives created a company in 2017 with the Executive Director & Deputy Chairman of Erik Pr… https://t.co/iLAez2cwSI

@randyrocks08 Randy Kennedy @randyrocks08

The incoming head of the CIA can't travel to Europe because there is a warrant for her arrest for war crimes ....Let that sink in .

@citizeneuro EuroManc #FBPE #FinalSay @citizeneuro

Thread of Russia’s cynical disinformation & obfuscation campaign on the #SkripalCase https://t.co/WMAof7nUrL

@krassenstein Brian Krassenstein🐬 @krassenstein

Just in case you were wondering... Mentions of 'Rosenstein' from Russian Twitter bots are up 2000% according to Ha… https://t.co/ku4DthVgHQ

@NavyBlue4EU Paul Northway #FBPE @NavyBlue4EU

WE HAVE 31 DAYS TO GET 68,500 SIGNATURES. WE'VE DONE IT BEFORE WE CAN DO IT AGAIN. If everyone who has signed can… https://t.co/MKMCmzo29D

@brianklaas Brian Klaas @brianklaas

UK Channel 4 News is going to run a damning exposé on Cambridge Analytica tomorrow night in a report that will have… https://t.co/tMsg3s9VMV

@donie Donie O'Sullivan @donie

#BREAKING Facebook investigating employee's links to Cambridge Analytica https://t.co/KMrucIowsE

@mbsimon Michael Simon @mbsimon

👋 I ran the Obama 2008 data-driven microtargeting team. How dare you! We didn’t steal private Facebook profile data… https://t.co/ujz0dRhWyT

@KaraDemocrat Kara The Democrat @KaraDemocrat

If you want to delete your Facebook, here is how to download the entire archive of your account (and see all of the… https://t.co/1PBKvBkR4g

@c_anne_richards Carole-Anne Richards #FBPE #WATON #CitizensRights @c_anne_richards

Please RT: Will you be in Leeds next Saturday 24/3? Can you get there? We need as many people as possible to join… https://t.co/bLFU2etb4R

@BrexitBin Brexit Bin 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 #FBPE @BrexitBin

The UK needs to: Remain in the EU ✔ End Austerity ✔ Close Tax Loopholes ✔ Write a Constitution ✔ Introduce PR ✔ Pro… https://t.co/ZLsOhyuFsw

@citizeneuro EuroManc #FBPE #FinalSay @citizeneuro

@BBC6Music She used to work in a diner Never saw a woman look finer I used to order just to watch her float across the floor

@citizeneuro EuroManc #FBPE #FinalSay @citizeneuro

@BBC6Music My daddy left home when I was three And he didn't leave much to ma and me Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze.

@citizeneuro EuroManc #FBPE #FinalSay @citizeneuro

@BBC6Music The kids of the Coca-Cola nation, are too doped up to realize

@citizeneuro EuroManc #FBPE #FinalSay @citizeneuro

@BBC6Music You never listened to a word that I said You only seen me for the clothes that I wear

@georgescircus George Smiley @georgescircus

Jacob Rees-Mogg's firm invested in a blacklisted Russian bank. Sberbank is subject to sanctions by the US and EU (R… https://t.co/wRquTXzORU

@Open_Britain Open Britain @Open_Britain

MUST-WATCH: Boris Johnson's dishonesty is exposed as he claims that Britain won't continue to pay into the EU if we… https://t.co/VhQByOybYO

@JanekDaw Jane Dawson #FBPE @JanekDaw

So it seems #DUP gave £32K to Canadian data firm Aggregate IQ which is closely linked to Cambridge Analytica, just… https://t.co/ybWlcpBJES

@TheNewEuropean The New European @TheNewEuropean

The Tories are a dead party walking, @DavidLammy tells @thattimwalker https://t.co/lA9j9VC8ck

@carolecadwalla Carole Cadwalladr @carolecadwalla

This is unconscionable. Facebook's response to the Cambridge Analytica data debacle? To ban the whistleblower. Plea… https://t.co/Jbjo71fN5M

@krassenstein Brian Krassenstein🐬 @krassenstein

If anyone is wondering why Trump is suddenly attacking Mueller by name... Consider the fact that this weekend he w… https://t.co/AitTHdoqY2

@citizeneuro EuroManc #FBPE #FinalSay @citizeneuro

@DOLWOAS @StGoldfingle @LeaveEUOfficial @joseph37291470 Just jump on a flight from St. Petersburg then Laura

@mikegalsworthy Mike Galsworthy #FBPE @mikegalsworthy

Now bear in mind that the supposed “Brexit Dividend” is 0.5% GDP (= size of our net contribution to EU)... ... any… https://t.co/eHaA5n4zLV

@citizeneuro EuroManc #FBPE #FinalSay @citizeneuro

Please sign this Petition: The UK should terminate the EU talks forthwith by withdrawing the Art 50 notice. https://t.co/rtd9oiSVMM

@dontbrexitfixit Andrew Parnall: Old Fart Against Brexit #ABTV @dontbrexitfixit

Please sign and RT this Petition: The UK should terminate the EU talks forthwith by withdrawing the Art 50 notice. https://t.co/g3p0Bb6JaQ

@Channel4News Channel 4 News @Channel4News

“Steve [Bannon] wanted weapons for his culture war… we offered him a way to accomplish what he wanted.” A whistleb… https://t.co/vE14TqLMyF

@nickreeves9876 Nick Reeves - #FBPE @nickreeves9876

£7000 still needed to to pay for the costs of holding the #GreatNorthernMarch - so please throw a few £ in, or more… https://t.co/FUUoJ3COEo

@brianklaas Brian Klaas @brianklaas

Correction: Russian autocrat who murders his political opponents casts ballot in rigged presidential “election,” se… https://t.co/LA66Cw3607

@mrjamesob James O'Brien @mrjamesob

Thread. https://t.co/4kAz00u61y

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