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Product Management, Product Marketing & Growth @ Atlassian | Surf Life Saver, Adventure Racer, Hub & Dad. Love challenges!

Sydney, Australia

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@christophecapel Christophe Capel @christophecapel

The role also requires deep AI and machine learning expertise 😂 https://t.co/XckULRBgr1

@tim_cook Tim Cook @tim_cook

Beyond the urgent, never-ending work of protecting the rights we enjoy, each generation — including ours — has a re… https://t.co/FoCt9cbgcP

@EmmanuelMacron Emmanuel Macron @EmmanuelMacron

Journée internationale des #droitsdelhomme : les droits universels, l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes et les… https://t.co/h9cWisoYa3

@brucecarney Bruce Carney @brucecarney

Digital Disruption in a slide. Nice one #yow17 https://t.co/xjVYidPo86

Digital Disruption in a slide. Nice one...

@calm Calm @calm

Wow! This is such an honor. Thank YOU for meditating with us, breathing with us, growing with us, inspiring us, and… https://t.co/bq1fDYS75H

@AMEquality AU Marriage Equality @AMEquality

It's a YES! Simply and fairly, #MarriageEquality is now law! Today our country can be truly proud. We did it togeth… https://t.co/gwBouJgtM9

@TurnbullMalcolm Malcolm Turnbull @TurnbullMalcolm

It's time for more marriages. More commitment. More love. More respect. Marriage equality has passed!

@rosa_capel Rosa Capel @rosa_capel

Says it all #yes #marriageequality https://t.co/qydMtXxmXn

@EmmanuelMacron Emmanuel Macron @EmmanuelMacron

Sur Jérusalem, la France n'approuve pas la décision des États-Unis. La France soutient la solution de deux États, I… https://t.co/GgW9rZW6Mw

@AMEquality AU Marriage Equality @AMEquality

🎉 THANK YOU 🎉 This all happened because of you. We did this together. https://t.co/4vWuIj9bpB


This all happened becaus...

@AMEquality AU Marriage Equality @AMEquality

Wow! Because of you, we got #VoteYes AND Australia’s most retweeted tweet of the year! How cool is that?… https://t.co/E4OBOy2vdd

@SikhProf Simran Jeet Singh @SikhProf

"In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist." - Angela Davis https://t.co/v2PUqjbQ33

'In a racist society it is not enough to...

@lemondefr Le Monde @lemondefr

Mort de Johnny Hallyday, idole yéyé devenu icône nationale https://t.co/OjeuBQC4Xo

@camjwolf cam wolf @camjwolf

patagonia is suing trump. "we feel that we have to pull out all the stops at this point. this is not a time to sit… https://t.co/xKycfVdK4m

@TransportforNSW Transport for NSW @TransportforNSW

We're excited to reveal a new heritage-inspired artwork at Wynyard Station. The sculpture uses 244 treads from the… https://t.co/yy6MLyUJFz

@ritholtz Barry Ritholtz @ritholtz

Every time battery supply doubles prices fall 19% https://t.co/friY57TT62 via @technology https://t.co/4qtN5qaS8Q

Every time battery supply doubles prices...

@christophecapel Christophe Capel @christophecapel

Using algorithms and data to solve murders in the US https://t.co/bBKzpQZQlr

@christophecapel Christophe Capel @christophecapel

How #Self-Driving #Cars Could Help the #Underprivileged https://t.co/kXHj0285d5 via @pcmag

@christophecapel Christophe Capel @christophecapel

Apple Pay Cash is rolling out for iOS 11.2 users https://t.co/nrnIoALAsu via @Verge

@christophecapel Christophe Capel @christophecapel

Airbus, Rolls-Royce, and Siemens #team up to work on an #electric #aircraft https://t.co/nD5SlKy3sx

@jwangARK James Wang @jwangARK

Netflix ML: every row in the Netflix UI (trending, drama, documentary etc.) uses a separate algorithm. The row orde… https://t.co/EdKFdncNdh

@christophecapel Christophe Capel @christophecapel

#DailyCalm @calm https://t.co/t9Rl1AqyiE https://t.co/wCZRgSWkbt

#DailyCalm @calm https://t.co/t9Rl1AqyiE...

@1NikolaMirkovic Nikola Mirkovic @1NikolaMirkovic

Moscow metro today. No comment. https://t.co/biBaa0cr2w

Moscow metro today. No comment. https://...

@CoastguardTeam TheCoastguardTeam @CoastguardTeam

It appears #Christmas has arrived early for the ‘wee guys’ after they received a Christmas card from the wonderful… https://t.co/nRq3xz0ndR

@WhatILearnedTW 13D Research @WhatILearnedTW

Cover stories from Der Spiegel in 1964, 1978 and 2016 predicting that #robots will put humans out of work. The more… https://t.co/GEHlBKVwVe

@niick niick @niick

Damn, when the year 10 work experience student does a killer demo of his @remindme Stride bot he wrote during his 5… https://t.co/AjHBMyiFaX

@jmwind Jean-Michel Lemieux @jmwind

Only interview questions I ask these days: What and how have you learned over the last X years? What have you taugh… https://t.co/B2juWuklhh

@neridaconisbee Nerida Conisbee @neridaconisbee

So proud of my girl. Off to visit @Atlassian after coming in the top 10% in #code4fun coding challenge #girlswhocode https://t.co/J8dtb36BdU

So proud of my girl. Off to visit @Atlas...

@christophecapel Christophe Capel @christophecapel

#DailyCalm @calm https://t.co/t9Rl1AqyiE https://t.co/dsIm1Qjo51

#DailyCalm @calm https://t.co/t9Rl1AqyiE...

@christophecapel Christophe Capel @christophecapel

@SpinTelAU terrific news thanks! Btw missing an opportunity to get your customers to thank/share the good news... n… https://t.co/8p3Ip0NjZ1

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