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Hawk Point, MO Guy. Yep, thats me.

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@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

@hilary_sirles Thank you! Had a great day with the @ChannelSeed crew

@JasonWatso Jason Watson @JasonWatso

Happy Birthday Kyle @channelseed7. #SeedsmanAcademy https://t.co/BRa7r0hrT4

Happy Birthday Kyle @channelseed7. #Seed...

@ClintDeitch Crop Partners @ClintDeitch

Happy birthday! https://t.co/FOu307RqyU

Happy birthday! https://t.co/FOu307RqyU

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

Enjoying the evening at #PurdueBrewery @ChannelSeed @ClintDeitch @MattEverhart54 @MccormickDusty @BradShipman34… https://t.co/Qd3JEqQfkY

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

@BrettDallman happy birthday!!!

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

Even 5 hours from home at the @ChannelSeed #SeedsmanAcademy & I have the sweetest wife @littlekate_12 to surprise m… https://t.co/0zSOCFs2Fd

@BarbaraCorcoran Barbara Corcoran @BarbaraCorcoran

Every good entrepreneur is a salesperson at heart - they’re wired the same way.

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

@littlekate_12 @ChannelSeed Thank you Kate!

@ClintDeitch Crop Partners @ClintDeitch

Great kickoff to #SeedsmanAcademy https://t.co/KwDwQWzWdT

Great kickoff to #SeedsmanAcademy https:...

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

Why, Hello Purdue University! #SeedsmanAcademy #Blessed #Excited https://t.co/j3nsccd49W

Why, Hello Purdue University! #SeedsmanA...

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

@KurtisG78 Restrictions such as No Hog Confinement’s, Mobile Home’s, Junk Yards, etc. Most common real estate restrictions we see

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

@ColbyAwoods Thanks Colby. Wishing you the best of luck in the upcoming season. Welcome to @ChannelSeed . Enjoyed t… https://t.co/wrgaZrMOoe

@MachineryPete Greg Peterson @MachineryPete

The Aslin Family from Bowling Green, MO left at 3 AM this morning to make it to @KYNFMS for Machinery Pete seminar.… https://t.co/dkoR7sw6W9

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

@peterwiebe459 @meridianmfg @conveyallind Man I’d love to pick up some of those mini bulk bins.....they available?

@Baileyseed3 Bailey Ag Solution, Inc @Baileyseed3

Finally got the @ChannelSeed sign moved to the new warehouse!! Need to get it wired up and glowing! Here’s to a b… https://t.co/nhOcvr48Og

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

@littlekate_12 You know the way to my heart! Happy Valentine’s Day to my awesome wife #blessed

@ekeetle1 Eric Keetle @ekeetle1

Great two days with some of Channel's newest Seedsman at our Seedsman Orientation! If you spent the last two days w… https://t.co/v8xGdDjt2j

@salesblairs Karen Dow @salesblairs

Here is one bushel of canola and what it takes to grow it! https://t.co/i1Qu6Akxhv

Here is one bushel of canola and what it...

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

@kfishAgrivision @shane_precision That cost a row?

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

All right you Precesion guys. Customer calls wanting to plant sunflowers with his Kinze planter. Need a certain pla… https://t.co/ZKG0RqBYl9

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

Our #clairebear & #chloe tonight. Thanks @littlekate_12 for the matching PJ’s. Claire is doing a great job as a big… https://t.co/F0Ot4o5YQm

@AndyWortmann Andy Wortmann @AndyWortmann

30+ new @ChannelSeed Seedsmen from across the US in St Louis the next couple days. Welcome to the team!! https://t.co/SkiboA1BVo

30+ new @ChannelSeed Seedsmen from acros...

@TheSharkDaymond Daymond John @TheSharkDaymond

A core value that will define success and happiness for your life. #RiseAndGrind https://t.co/UgKJlmL9U3

A core value that will define success an...

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

Hands down on of my favorite movies. #tradingspaces https://t.co/nsxSIUhd2l

Hands down on of my favorite movies. #tr...

@RobbFraley Robb Fraley @RobbFraley

The #ag industry has been shaped by countless innovations over the years. Here are a few of my favorites to celebra… https://t.co/DNnP1KJ8TW

@hettfarm Steve Hettinger @hettfarm

8 row JD 7000 will be “purring” like a kitten this spring. No “chatter” .....just “purr”..... Your n… https://t.co/zkkWc1Bj4t

@DankerJeff Jeff Danker @DankerJeff

This pic is classic!!! Exactly how it was back in the day. No safety harness, homemade stand, no seat and no phone!… https://t.co/gblFOnJC3H

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

Sweet video of us unloading @ChannelSeed today. @BEisenbath @benachesonks @littlekate_12 @JustenFSCS @USC_LLC… https://t.co/JgBMxwLJUV

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

Filling up #ChannelSeed Bulk bin with @ChannelSeed 4116XT. @BEisenbath @JonesMatt818 @MonicaBoschert @MonsantoCo… https://t.co/UxkjdAk5JD

@channelseed7 Kyle Allen @channelseed7

Make sure to check out the @FieldView & @climatecorp updates with @hilary_sirles for @ChannelSeed. Excited to see… https://t.co/IeXTTXOQQ2

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