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We're a free, unaffiliated running club that runs three times a week from Moti in Queen's Arcade, Cardiff. #weruncardiff

Cardiff, Wales

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@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

We have a new kit supplier! Quick, send this link to Santa for new CDF tshirts, vests, shorts and hoodies for Chr… https://t.co/tL2UanOpWZ

@Creamy_Martinez Creamy Martínez @Creamy_Martinez

Cardiff street homelessness is truly horrifying at the moment. There's an icy wind & so many people are gathering i… https://t.co/9fIF6f2irV

@carlos_rules124 Carl @carlos_rules124

So tonight is @CDFRunners Xmas party. As athletes we know how to eat drink and be merry. #food #drinks #party… https://t.co/dzHGOsVkU3

@ppoolparkrun Pontypool parkrun @ppoolparkrun

Parkrun cancelled, unfortunately still too much compacted frozen snow on course.

@PenalltaParkrun Penallta parkrun @PenalltaParkrun

****Penallta parkrun cancelled***

@grangemrparkrun Grangemoorparkrun @grangemrparkrun

We’re On. The first three lap version of Grangemoor parkrun. Take care on the roads / getting here & wrap up nice and warm.

@Barryparkrun Barry Island parkrun @Barryparkrun

***IMPORTANT INFO*** Unfortunately the course is covered in black ice which means we have no choice but to cancel t… https://t.co/WZ5plShFCu

@CroupsRunner Phil Cook @CroupsRunner

Cardiff parkrun is ON 😁

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

Don't forget Monday is our super awesome festive mandatory fun session! We'll be running 3-4k in teams completing… https://t.co/cjqZJaXqo4

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

@carlos_rules124 We did suggest that! Could have gone a bit nuts trying on shorts until the small hours, probably would have been too rowdy.

@TeamThie James Thie @TeamThie

Fun evening at @MotiCardiff chatting about everything running related with the brilliant @CDFRunners Thanks for the… https://t.co/YQnpJvJZhy

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

James kicks off tonight talking about injuries at @MotiCardiff. https://t.co/zT47TDCC6J

James kicks off tonight talking about in...

@ThomasIeuan Ieuan Thomas @ThomasIeuan

@CDFRunners @TeamThie No better man to hear and learn from. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s worked well so far!

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

@ThomasIeuan @TeamThie Hopefully we'll be giving you some competition by next year!

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

Don't forget tonight is NOT a running session! We'll still be at Moti at 18:30, but we'll be hearing from James Thie about his experience.

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

@TeamThie After that we'll be heading to BrewDog Cardiff for the Canadian delicacy 'poutine', which we're reasonabl… https://t.co/MJqw9llpGK

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

There will be no running at tonight's run club but we'll be doing the next best thing, *talking* about running! We'… https://t.co/XGppejVcGz

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

Looks fantastic, plenty of room for everyone to enjoy. https://t.co/cP1nTnoQPv

@TheWallich The Wallich @TheWallich

Thank you to Cardiff running club @CDFRunners who have chosen us as their first ever charity partners! Every mile y… https://t.co/E27oZ35AwP

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

Absolutely - this is always the best thread of the year! https://t.co/x8UAmWkZI1

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

We were out in the cold tonight, but we get to go back to warm homes. Not everyone is so lucky. That's why we teame… https://t.co/riHY8vvvcj

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

@ninnulindholm Bad news for YKT Runners.

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

@aagenders Yeh, maybe two pairs.

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

@aagenders Really long ones are good.

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

To confirm, tonight's run is ON! Just wrap up a bit, it'll be fine. No such thing as too cold, just not enough layers.

@Run4Wales Run 4 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 @Run4Wales

It's back! The @CardiffBayRun will be returning on March 25th 2018 for another fun-filled day! Interested?! Read al… https://t.co/GdSB4zJ6L3

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

There is a CDF event every single day next week! Monday - 3/5/7k Run Tuesday - Spin Wednesday - @TeamThie Seminar… https://t.co/YRPKmdSF23

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

@DhanaCaple Can you smell sprouts?

@cdfrunners CDF Runners @cdfrunners

How's everyone's Sunday run plans going? https://t.co/M1AEQVcEhM

How's everyone's Sunday run plans going?...

@BracklaHarriers Brackla @BracklaHarriers

Sad news, unfortunately due to the severe weather conditions we have had to cancel the race. Alternative date will be notified soon.

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