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@DeeTreble Zainab Jubril 👑🇳🇬 @DeeTreble

True. @CassperNyovest said this: "You know you're rich when everyone says they're your cousin" https://t.co/kKYKTIBxsU

@casspernyovest R.M Phoolo @casspernyovest

Hahaha. He says he’s coming out there soon https://t.co/aTTS5mX9uj

@HeavykDrumboss #iNDELendlela @HeavykDrumboss

🤣🤣it's been long overdue njaka this year! Heavy K & Cass collabo on the way! Think this is gonna be my best album e… https://t.co/FBlKR0Z2dA

@casspernyovest R.M Phoolo @casspernyovest

Hai, then ngi buya namhlanje!!! https://t.co/BgQuObjR8i

@casspernyovest R.M Phoolo @casspernyovest

Soon soon. https://t.co/70xvtMoDYN

@Rexbrandyonline rexbrandy @Rexbrandyonline

@CassperNyovest is enjoying his time in lagos, making bangers daily, but have hooked up with the chairman yet?

@annsewcharun Ann Sewcharun @annsewcharun

#babygirl by @CassperNyovest is such a smasher.

@kanma_oge El Pistolero @kanma_oge

@CassperNyovest is so not ready to leave Nigeria. Not your fault tho, we have a way of convincing people we like that they're already home😀

@kells_sarfo Gemini, Damn, Highest,Revival, 4:44,thuto @kells_sarfo

wen south african heard @CassperNyovest is not coming home any moment from now but will pass through Ghana b4 he c… https://t.co/AMasAXg8Nx

@OlaviKaundu Olavi Kaundu @OlaviKaundu

All this @CassperNyovest to come bck home is hilarious😂😂😂... #FanLove 🙏👏👏

@Joseph27833002 Money Machine💰💰 @Joseph27833002

@CassperNyovest you better come back home cause home is boring without you my king niggas are sleeping come wake up… https://t.co/RV9tTr9plg

@kxng_tso K.S DINTOE @kxng_tso

@CassperNyovest Refiloe we giving you a week in Nigeria. After this week we coming to fetch you bro you can't just… https://t.co/bA81Z12boi

@BedRumEyez46 PHINDILE RADEBE @BedRumEyez46

😂😂😂😂MUFASA COME BACK TUU @CassperNyovest WE MISS YOU😕😘💞😘 https://t.co/WA7NiWaIBH

@Michael76658071 Michael Hlompho @Michael76658071

@CassperNyovest Nyovistoooo..... https://t.co/cc8kLvNgxH

@CassperNyovest Nyovistoooo..... https:/...

@casspernyovest R.M Phoolo @casspernyovest

Buy and stream my latest single Baby Girl, taken from Thuto the album: https://t.co/SrY74U885E

@BridgeBossTLee December 2nd @BridgeBossTLee

Pls note @CassperNyovest 060 number is cloned. Do not respond to any Whatsapp messages from the number asking for m… https://t.co/zUZuesrAiT

@MELIDSON_S Melidson Segoale @MELIDSON_S

ME GOING TO TAKE @CassperNyovest BACK HOME. #CassperComeHome https://t.co/PeVjTd121l

ME GOING TO TAKE @CassperNyovest BACK HO...

@mike_motsepo Rabobi @mike_motsepo

@CirocVodka_SA where is that private jet, i need to go fetch @CassperNyovest in 9ja CassperComeHome. https://t.co/DZLcpQ2fEL

@CirocVodka_SA where is that private jet...

@casspernyovest R.M Phoolo @casspernyovest

Hahaha... wait guys https://t.co/f49cSxESfN

@amahleyamela Kumkanikazi 👑 @amahleyamela

@CassperNyovest sicela ubuye ekhaya tuuu 😢 https://t.co/ceezKYmolJ

@CassperNyovest sicela ubuye ekhaya tuuu...

@casspernyovest R.M Phoolo @casspernyovest

Lmao https://t.co/DokTx83grI

@kgawdly kayraaaa💪👼 @kgawdly

We are giving @CassperNyovest 24 hours to come back home!!! https://t.co/9CPPx747zQ

We are giving @CassperNyovest  24 hours...

@nydjlive The Youth President @nydjlive

I can see @CassperNyovest is making the most of his time in Nigeria. More collages #Nydjlive

@mazamesh #FamilyTreeNewsFB @mazamesh

@BreezyMeister14 @CassperNyovest #CassperComeHome I Think This Hashtag Will Make Him Understand That We Miss Him Fo… https://t.co/V4eewEqZ7j

@BreezyMeister14 ♛ⓖⓤⓡⓔⓝ ♞ ⓘⓒⓗⓘⓝⓞⓢⓔ♜ @BreezyMeister14

I think its my fault @CassperNyovest is not coming back from Naija...i said he should work with more African artist… https://t.co/baDCgZByts

@casspernyovest R.M Phoolo @casspernyovest

Lmao... Aw guys https://t.co/aazbOaxUwf

@casspernyovest R.M Phoolo @casspernyovest

Someone hacked my 060 number . Don’t e wallet anything to them. Please don’t send money.They have been trying and I… https://t.co/oGFqux9y7m

@lethukuthula12 lethu @lethukuthula12

I think nigeria stole @CassperNyovest from us. Next thing you gona here he is doing #FillUpAbujaStadium https://t.co/wJ5ZUj2wIN

I think nigeria stole @CassperNyovest fr...

@casspernyovest R.M Phoolo @casspernyovest

I’m not in a rush to leave Lagos!!!! Go monaaaaaaaate!!!! Making Bangers everyday!!! More hits for your head!!! On… https://t.co/kwGhRqPIjt

@casspernyovest R.M Phoolo @casspernyovest

More hits!!!! https://t.co/CW8cKU15je

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