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@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

@juliamacfarlane @ABC Congratulations. Well deserved.

@Ed_Miliband Ed Miliband @Ed_Miliband

And mine for people who travel thousands of miles to endorse a groper of young girls who also happens to be a racis… https://t.co/pPHShqJeL7

@ChukaUmunna Chuka Umunna @ChukaUmunna

Pathetic, puerile nonsense from the Daily Hate. 11 MPs put the country before party and their own careers - precise… https://t.co/EJQFEXNmqC

@GaryLineker Gary Lineker @GaryLineker

They should be. Takes real patriotism to put the country before their own political party. https://t.co/5ZBJgJeXee

They should be. Takes real patriotism to...

@ClintSmithIII Clint Smith @ClintSmithIII

If your take tomorrow doesn’t include the fact that black voters showed up for Democrats *while* being systemically… https://t.co/4oSTbIthDa

@_youhadonejob1 You Had One Job @_youhadonejob1

Rebel. https://t.co/UcBBbwswRj

Rebel. https://t.co/UcBBbwswRj

@jamesbyrnegolf James Byrne @jamesbyrnegolf

The greatest thread in Twitter history.👇 https://t.co/masqaoAOKA

@Channel4 Channel 4 @Channel4

Almost 29 years ago, Sergeant Al Powell helped save dozens of lives after being sent to investigate a prank call at… https://t.co/YBHbswwthQ

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

@cindydw61 @VaughnHillyard Of all the awful people on Twitter, @cindydw61 is one of the very worst.

@AnaglogsDaughtr Anaglogs Daughter @AnaglogsDaughtr

Cheerio to the toughest horse in racing HIGHLAND REEL W&P £7,513,355 WINS Vintage Stakes 2014 Gordon Stakes 2015 Se… https://t.co/Dc3BWFM92j

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

@richardosman You cursed it. All over before 9pm

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

@hillaryrodhams What's your favourite Die Hard?

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

@jonathanMGR74 @MalikLFC19 Henderson didn't play well today. Henderson simply isn't capable of playing well.

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

@Pauleddy29 I thought the Ox looked good. Milner is past it and Henderson is fucking useless.

@brucemillington Bruce Millington @brucemillington

Media darling Klopp gets his selection wrong and ends the game berating the officials. But he will get yet another easy ride in the presser.

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

@IndigoLFC I blame Jordan Henderson. Mind you, I also blame him for global warming and Brexit.

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

@evabailey24 She is a giant bellend.

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

@EloquentParrot She's brilliant. This Jamie, on the other hand...

@TechnicallyRon TechnicallyRon @TechnicallyRon

Seems stupid that we have to pay 39 billion quid because some bananas racists want to blame all their problems on i… https://t.co/6TvNRueFgz

@ThePoke The Poke @ThePoke

People have been trying to #makeamiserablefilm and here’s our 24 favourites https://t.co/ueg6DIpZEM… https://t.co/1CXlt4HBjU

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

#MakeAMiserableFilm The Brexorcist https://t.co/6Gc6oQ4sbT

#MakeAMiserableFilm The Brexorcist https...

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

#MakeAMiserableFilm Brexit through the gift shop

@stxvo Ste 🎅🏻 @stxvo

This Tweet from @stxvo has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder.

@ErrenMichaels Erren Michaels has two rabbits 🐰🐇 @ErrenMichaels

Is there a sexual orientation that just involves running your fingers over expensive stationery, because I think I'm that.

@HackedOffHugh Hugh Grant @HackedOffHugh

I cannot get my jaw any lower. We are being led over a cliff by lying, incompetent, arrogant, swivel eyed clowns. https://t.co/ebmC4b4fNV

@SamCoatesTimes Sam Coates Times @SamCoatesTimes

I do think the current mess reflects perhaps Theresa May’s biggest shortcoming as a politician: she doesn’t seem to… https://t.co/My4xF6rJIV

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

@EllieJaneTaylor Wowsers. I'd always just had her down as a massive slut.

@cartoonlegs Jerry Fausthuer @cartoonlegs

@richardosman Unbelievable that Mo Farah has never won it.

@BeardedGenius Nooruddean @BeardedGenius

Fair play to Next, for creating clothing so incredibly cringeworthy and offensively twee that I dearly wish Kim Jon… https://t.co/8m1v1EME7h

@RiversCuomo Rivers Cuomo @RiversCuomo

I don't think there's a Weezer song I don't like

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