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Citizen of the World. ❤️animals and the 🌍. Fighting to #StopBrexit and #ToriesOut. Proud SabotEUr. 💚#greens

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@writehandmedia Sonya Thomas @writehandmedia

Sadiq Khan just called for a second referendum on Brexit https://t.co/lPzYeqbdQZ

@EUflagmafia EU Flag Mafia @EUflagmafia

Anyone in central London with an EU flag head to Downing St. Junckers is in town with Davies. You can protest from… https://t.co/OvmunzjsZm

@IanDunt Ian Dunt @IanDunt

God comes out for Remain https://t.co/e9ibIZ6ccU

@alihinspain Alison House @alihinspain

Labour MPs slam own party's move to block key Brexit vote https://t.co/CaHRS1YtJw via @CityAM

@BrexitBin #Brexit Bin @BrexitBin

Theresa May is wrong. RT if you agree #florencespeech #Remain https://t.co/7nnbHKVxfd

Theresa May is wrong. RT if you agree #f...

@JoePajak Joe Pajak @JoePajak

Europe is our home, we're stronger, wealthier, healthier & safer together. Brexiteers rejected the EU not us. Labour should reject Brexit.

@spaceangel1964 SpaceAngelforEU @spaceangel1964

No more happy, clappy marches. No more being the voice of reason. I am ANGRY. I shall be at #ToryPartyConf next Sun… https://t.co/noMuCjOd48

@ChukaUmunna Chuka Umunna @ChukaUmunna

For the avoidance of doubt: Single Market membership is not an obstacle to an active industrial strategy or public ownership #Lab17

@caporicci_r Roxana sabotEUr❄ @caporicci_r

I just signed a petition calling on @CravenCouncil to save a 150 year old tree in Settle. Will you? https://t.co/tCZTV3qUri via @38_degrees

@MarieAnnUK BritGirl On Brexshit @MarieAnnUK

Lord Heseltine calls May's speech in Florence "completely incompatible" with those she made in the ref campaign https://t.co/GPBZYKiqHj

Lord Heseltine calls May's speech in Flo...


Top story: @JamesMelville: 'Put this on a big red bus. #Brexit ' https://t.co/MbguPUWIG4, see more https://t.co/mtTisy1TyE

Top story: @JamesMelville: 'Put this on...

@jonathanfryer Jonathan Fryer @jonathanfryer

You do not speak for me, @theresa_may. I have always felt at home in the #EU, ever since Britain joined the #EEC in… https://t.co/DJAJrZ0TZ5

@Mcr4EU Manchester for EU @Mcr4EU

This is Cathedral Gardens. On 01/10 we must fill it. To thank our generous speakers & performers & to send a messag… https://t.co/1tmE38Msse

@StrongerStabler Not So Strong @StrongerStabler

Michael Gove has DEFRA report of Brexit impact on food prices. News is so bad it seems to be in national interest n… https://t.co/Bq19kveAWp

@caporicci_r Roxana sabotEUr❄ @caporicci_r

#IamEuropean. Regardless of #Brexit, my #Citizenship and ALL #CitizensRights must be protected under #Article20tfeu https://t.co/W5rgFUZCP0

@caporicci_r Roxana sabotEUr❄ @caporicci_r

#JeremyCorbyn #StopBrexit before #Brexit stops #Labour -- #davidlammy #KeirStarmer #TomWatson -- Please RT. https://t.co/TCMGxGqtwF

@g_a_i_l_c Gail 🐝 @g_a_i_l_c

Please @MichelBarnier She doesn't speak for us #florencespeech #TheresaMay https://t.co/0AYzHduZGF

Please @MichelBarnier She doesn't speak...

@CraigWhitington Craig Whitington @CraigWhitington

#Brexit - When should the UK leave? Please vote and RT. 🇬🇧🇪🇺

@acgrayling A C Grayling @acgrayling

Pointless. Delay is just more uncertainty, muddle & damage. Brand UK already catastrophically trashed. Let's stop B… https://t.co/pF4rJhZvIL

@No10Vigil #No10Vigil @No10Vigil



@Emma_Forage Emma Forage @Emma_Forage

1/10/17 represents yet another great opportunity to declare our open and uncompromising opposition: #StopBrexit https://t.co/s2wVitCeLT

1/10/17 represents yet another great opp...

@TakingJobs Brexit Observer @TakingJobs

I love the EU❤️🇪🇺Absolutely hate May's nasty UK! She can go and go now! #StopBrexit! https://t.co/EJQSpZGrs3

@Harryslaststand Harry Leslie Smith @Harryslaststand

Theresa May's #florencespeech should guarantee that she surpasses Anthony Eden as Britain's most incompetent Prime Minister.

@a11who Gary Percival @a11who

@Herring1967 The UK is like someone who, having booked an appointment with Dignitas, finds their condition is curab… https://t.co/q8v2q8VELD

@JamesCanterbury James Flanagan @JamesCanterbury

"The UK has never felt totally at home in the EU". 48% of the population may disagree with you, Prime Minister. #EU #Europe

@BonnieDunDe Frances Carlin @BonnieDunDe

#TheresaMay says "We" the UK never felt at home in the EU. How dare she? She doesn`t talk for me and many others in the UK #florencespeech

@caporicci_r Roxana sabotEUr❄ @caporicci_r

Please sign & RT this petition, it means a lot to me: https://t.co/mXiltGuIb0 via @38_degrees

@NewEuropeans New Europeans @NewEuropeans

RT to support today's silent march in #Firenze "We want our lives back now!" #DayofSolidarity #UnilateralGuarantees… https://t.co/DMvucj9U83

@16MillionRising 16 Million Rising @16MillionRising

SMR Loves @CarolineLucas and can't wait to hear her take on Brexshit at The Dome, @BHforEU on Sunday! Be there! https://t.co/m6yQYyLNNd

@jdportes Jonathan Portes @jdportes

Barnier speech very clear on citizens' rights. UK is trying to remove/restrict rights; this is not acceptable… https://t.co/qvjXbwXlkc

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