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the hurting, the healing, the loving

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I don't know what this is but I wanted to share https://t.co/d0TBr0dIuO

I don't know what this is but I wanted t...

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Music is so powerful. It connects millions and gives people purpose. Manchester is in our thoughts.… https://t.co/bee2tXww41

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DON'T STOP RETWEETING UNTIL THEY'RE ALL FOUND🙏🏼😭 #Manchester https://t.co/Ygje1tkx6M


@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

praying for the victims and their families and everyone that was there tonight

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

oh god.......my heart is breaking hearing about this tragedy that happened at Manchester arena tonight...

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

thank u @beats1 @zanelowe ❤🌹 so fun, check out our full interview: https://t.co/fyn3fnXrDm

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.@Camila_Cabello is working with @FrankDukes, @charli_xcx, @Pharrell, @edsheeran & @RyanTedder.… https://t.co/j7xhADfFJc

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'Leaving the group isn't the safe option. Safe thing would’ve been to keep singing the songs & doing the choreograp… https://t.co/q5i08gTR3H

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.@Camila_Cabello tracks still to come: "Scar Tissue" with @charli_xcx "The Boy" with @edsheeran "Havana" with… https://t.co/5MoG8edZeu

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Full @Camila_Cabello x @zanelowe interview is up now on @AppleMusic! Watch it: https://t.co/07xNApLR8G #CamilaBeats1 https://t.co/A6fvzzB46J

Full @Camila_Cabello x @zanelowe intervi...

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Donde hablan los protagonistas. La noticia sucede en @LoMas_40. Hoy llamaremos en directo a @Camila_Cabello y tiene… https://t.co/nry1R4hSVt

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

💞💞💞💞💞 https://t.co/kpWASmyXAi

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

#ihavequestions is on @beats1 SO EXCITED. tune in NOW for some secrets about the song with @zanelowe 💕… https://t.co/PDUhM4wKSh

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last night was a dream come true, shout out to everybody who stayed up to make this performance come to life, team… https://t.co/hVQVTxSCdo

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Are you listening?! @Camila_Cabello is LIVE with us! 👉 https://t.co/bJXUcqQVNB #CAMILAxBBMAS https://t.co/pLC5k9VNmN

Are you listening?! @Camila_Cabello is L...

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Want to relive some of that @Camila_Cabello #BBMAs magic? Head over to #XFINITYonDemand for an exclusive Encore Per… https://t.co/nNG4v6vP5g

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Watch Camila Cabello's stunning live solo debut at this year's #BBMAs https://t.co/af3GXmKxVe https://t.co/nEoNuH2wr1

Watch Camila Cabello's stunning live sol...

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

.@diplo 💕💕💕🌹🌹🌹

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

#BBMAS thank u to my team for coming thru for me, i love u guys 💃🏾@luxurylaw 👗@jonathansimkhai https://t.co/BJN0bthapv

#BBMAS thank u to my team for coming thr...

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello


@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

.@katyperry NEHRIWBWBSHEJSJ OMG THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! 😱😱

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#CamilaBeats1 @Camila_Cabello talks new 🎶, writing with @charli_xcx, her ❤️ of @onedirection & more w/ @zanelowe.… https://t.co/9NfpGEqUwg

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

.@intoyoucabelIo @nonaziyo 🌹💞

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

Excited to walk the @BBMAs Magenta Carpet! Watch now! And tune-in TONIGHT to the BBMAs at 8e/5p on ABC! #BBMAs https://t.co/qddAPH65K3

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

talking #ihavequestions 🥀 4the 1st time! interview tomorrow on @beats1 @applemusic @zanelowe @ 10a PT #CamilaBeats1… https://t.co/KwEcJSOzIa


Why did @camila_cabello learn to sing backwards? Check out “Behind the Performance” on #XFINITYOnDemand & at… https://t.co/BpuOlGunLn

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

'i have questions" 🥀🥀iTunes https://t.co/Zp124mViHq Apple Music https://t.co/MMcxMrB38N Spotify… https://t.co/FKZtHOPn7g

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

"i have questions' is out!!! 🥀

@camila_cabello Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

AHH!!! @bbmas are here!! can’t wait to perform new music live for the 1st time for u guys. WHO’S WATCHING TONIGHT?! 💕  8e/5p on @abc #BBMAs

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.@Camila_Cabello is coming for your wigs at the @BBMAs tonight. 💅 #BBMAs #CAMILAxBBMAs https://t.co/N0g1UOgmgL

.@Camila_Cabello is coming for your wigs...