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Bruna loves Dinah

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I stan talent @FifthHarmony

Your mums dick

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@LaurenJauregui Lauren Jauregui @LaurenJauregui

@horchatahansen @bwcktolmj The LITTIEST and had like amazing adventures which were really the best part

@LaurenJauregui Lauren Jauregui @LaurenJauregui

@bwcktolmj I'd love to read your essay omg❤🤗

@LaurenJauregui Lauren Jauregui @LaurenJauregui

@bwcktolmj I have way more!! I'm gonna post more tomorrow❤❤❤

@SZArmony chelsea 🇿🇦 @SZArmony

Girl saved 5H. She can do whatever she wants from now on. https://t.co/5upJ5JzUud

@gabeharmonizer 👼🏼 @gabeharmonizer

I just realized we will get the album exactly 3 years after their first VMA win 😭 https://t.co/FnLsGzBRNC

I just realized we will get the album ex...

@rihnaissance Samie @rihnaissance

Got the rose and everything lmfao https://t.co/6ZpBxCWNyZ

@vibindinah ♕Zac @vibindinah

silhouette harmony https://t.co/Ir4JxH7G3r

silhouette harmony https://t.co/Ir4JxH7G...

@LMJUpdates Lauren Updates @LMJUpdates

#PHOTO | Fifth Harmony performing at the #KCAMexico https://t.co/3VhtwYH8Mu

#PHOTO | Fifth Harmony performing at the...

@laurensluxury ♕mary loves lauren @laurensluxury

y'all gone stop sleeping on Ally Brooke #AllyYoureBeautiful https://t.co/2wOXyk75uK

y'all gone stop sleeping on Ally Brooke...

@archivedinah97 dinah jane archive @archivedinah97

queen https://t.co/13eeIydUbT

queen https://t.co/13eeIydUbT

@unison_my_ass sandro | 5 @unison_my_ass

US fans will have to put some efforts this time around too bcs most of y'all expect international fans to do all the work every time

@lmjleader karma blackfyre @lmjleader

Streaming reminders: - 30 seconds in = 1 stream - PREMIUM offline streams will be counted once you're online - streamed 150x = sale

@laurmanicyrus AK | 8.25 @laurmanicyrus

if u guys want 5h3 to go #1 on BB you gotta keep it at #1 on itunes during the VMAs, ppl will check itunes after VMAs, see it #1 and buy

@NicholasPeters_ Dairy Prince @NicholasPeters_

I can't believe this man just fixed racism https://t.co/empybED70B

@The5HVotes Fifth Harmony Votes @The5HVotes

When the self-titled album drop on the 25th, we really hope you guys do your part and support our girls! #5DaysTilFifthHarmony

@5HStreamingClub 5HstreamingCLUB ⬇ @5HStreamingClub

Now if you can't buy the album we understand. You can still stream with US IP and make extra US ITunes accounts to be gifted. We got this!

@AllyBrooke Ally Brooke @AllyBrooke

Thank You, Jesus, for loving me. Thank You, Jesus, for my loved ones. Thank You, Jesus, for my many blessings. Happy Sunday, friends!

@AllyBrooke Ally Brooke @AllyBrooke

Be blessed 💘

@5HonTour 5HonTour @5HonTour

Normani, Ally and Dinah on @itsSeanBankhead's Instagram story #3 https://t.co/sxgewIOU7g

Normani, Ally and Dinah on @itsSeanBankh...

@unison_my_ass sandro | 5 @unison_my_ass

more rehearsals today 👀 definitely for the VMAs https://t.co/ARydnqofNQ

@laurenjfetus lauren jfetus @laurenjfetus

lmao https://t.co/cJvD2ChwaC

@bwcktolmj Bruna loves Dinah @bwcktolmj

Bruna😍 https://t.co/GVGEuRmsW8

@inbtsIauren carmen ♛ @inbtsIauren

carmen https://t.co/MX59jvxDF1

@MorgansMumbles morgan 🏳️‍🌈 @MorgansMumbles

open for a surprise https://t.co/FD6xZVXoF7

open for a surprise https://t.co/FD6xZVX...

@bwcktolmj Bruna loves Dinah @bwcktolmj

Cmon hoes https://t.co/BBNt8KpAlw

Cmon hoes https://t.co/BBNt8KpAlw

@Jauredramatic atiekay | 5 dias @Jauredramatic

They're each so individually beautiful it's kinda crazy they fact that so many gorgeous women ended up in the same group

@5HonTour 5HonTour @5HonTour

Dinah's Instagram story #4 https://t.co/p3D5sVciDy

Dinah's Instagram story #4 https://t.co/...

@laurenjfetus lauren jfetus @laurenjfetus



@angelstan5h 5h @angelstan5h

Lauren is full Cuban just because she's lighter doesn't mean you have to discredit her heritage

@stardustdinah eIena Ioves dinah @stardustdinah

oh no there's eyes in my tears https://t.co/gmqJfjhhbp

oh no there's eyes in my tears https://t...

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