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Bruna loves Dinah

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I stan talent @FifthHarmony

Your mums dick

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@normanisview jacky @normanisview

happiness looks gorgeous on her https://t.co/1MSF2nM4UX

happiness looks gorgeous on her https://...

@laurenjfetus ‏ؚ @laurenjfetus

this human https://t.co/DlCDdMwhMf

this human https://t.co/DlCDdMwhMf

@bwcktolmj Bruna loves Dinah @bwcktolmj

How many souls do I have to sell to get a Fifth Harmony x Nicki Minaj collab

@ItsLeoJauregui Leo Jauregui @ItsLeoJauregui

She can kill with her smile, she can wound with her eyes https://t.co/SZhWymB3WY

She can kill with her smile, she can wou...

@Andiluv DOWN/Andrea Hamilton @Andiluv

Too Late! She already did! She told me we need to start planning her wedding now! 😳 https://t.co/al8dzHo7q6

@bwcktolmj Bruna loves Dinah @bwcktolmj



@greedybrooke ro @greedybrooke

no offense but i didn’t even know this and you do and i supposed to be the one who stan them LMAO https://t.co/Futnvav21q

@bwcktolmj Bruna loves Dinah @bwcktolmj

The evil whitin 2 is such a good game omg

@lmjsupremx ♕raiane @lmjsupremx

if you say "fan" of her, why not be happy for her happiness instead of letting people talk nonsense about your twee… https://t.co/D9ZLFUH3pI

@DJHansenUpdates Dinah Jane Updates @DJHansenUpdates

UPDATE | Dinah pinned the He Like That (Remix) as Artist’s Pick on her Spotify profile page https://t.co/NZIyrPoUje

UPDATE | Dinah pinned the He Like That (...

@writeforlauren Gabriella @writeforlauren

Dinah: you offered me! Normani: Oh baby I did not offer.. Dinah: you did offer! .... ok I offered I CANT WITH THEM https://t.co/9cNGzpFdkv

Dinah: you offered me! 
Normani: Oh baby...

@ChildOf_Dinally ♛ mai @ChildOf_Dinally

it's about harmony and food https://t.co/KuHPHoQw2g

it's about harmony and food  https://t.c...

@OrgyHarmony ♕Risha @OrgyHarmony

The chemistry between the girls>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> https://t.co/54BJjCjrAy

The chemistry between the girls>>...

@bwcktolmj Bruna loves Dinah @bwcktolmj

Someone tell Lauren I still want the rest of the Jamaica pics, thank you https://t.co/piOaoFQn2R

Someone tell Lauren I still want the res...

@bwcktolmj Bruna loves Dinah @bwcktolmj

Me @ Fifth Harmony everyday https://t.co/LIM9wwTOuM

@_Laurmanisus bon appetit @_Laurmanisus

I can't stand them lmao https://t.co/FKhwMoeeR8

I can't stand them lmao https://t.co/FKh...

@bwcktolmj Bruna loves Dinah @bwcktolmj

Lauren really got herself one supportive handsome man 😌

@LMJUpdates Lauren Updates @LMJUpdates

#IG | Lauren on Ty Dolla Sign's Instagram story https://t.co/Mjw7MPK9Iz

#IG | Lauren on Ty Dolla Sign's Instagra...

@sippingIemonade Rita @sippingIemonade

😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/TLUOEdPOGS

😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/TLUOEdPOGS

@normaIIyarchive ‏ً @normaIIyarchive



@onlyIaurens alanna @onlyIaurens

you repost this...so you're his accomplice. see you in jail sis https://t.co/aQ5ShqyUJQ

@unison_my_ass sandro | #HeLikeThat @unison_my_ass

hopefully Epic will bankrupt as fast as possible and they'll have to move to another label, amen

@NKHNews Normani Updates @NKHNews

PHOTO | Normani at #TiDALXBrooklyn https://t.co/FE89JnhjFh

PHOTO | Normani at #TiDALXBrooklyn https...

@LMJUpdates Lauren Updates @LMJUpdates

#VIDEO | Fifth Harmony Plays ‘Supermarket Warmups’ | Weekdays at 3:30pm | #TRL https://t.co/7KbAIXSZtM

@helikesdat #Messy @helikesdat

hmmmm https://t.co/yTNL7DR3YR

hmmmm https://t.co/yTNL7DR3YR

@bwcktolmj Bruna loves Dinah @bwcktolmj

I just think it's amazing how Can You See is for a kids movie however I just can't stop listening it, the vocals really got me mesmerized

@5HStreamingClub 5HstreamingCLUB @5HStreamingClub

#CanYouSee from the upcoming @TheStarMovie by Fifth Harmony has been added to the following @Spotify playlists! https://t.co/xCgwaSDUgG

#CanYouSee from the upcoming @TheStarMov...

@bwcktolmj Bruna loves Dinah @bwcktolmj


@Imjsecret ᴸᴹᴶJordana @Imjsecret

ops https://t.co/RRs4cdSKUo

ops https://t.co/RRs4cdSKUo

@bwcktolmj Bruna loves Dinah @bwcktolmj

I totally agree with you but if some bitches decide to come after y'all hard work and trying to make y'all look bad… https://t.co/rFXMY28kCb

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