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@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

What dreams are made of @MJ_Kappelman https://t.co/NfadENLNTz

What dreams are made of @MJ_Kappelman ht...

@acgoodyear Aaron Goodyear @acgoodyear

Jimmy Butler meeting with a fan before tonight’s game vs #Chicago less than 24 hours after tearing his meniscus.… https://t.co/TxvLhLbgGd

@z_blair Zac Blair @z_blair

Which logo is better ... The wicked witch of Stanwich or the milk bottle of McArthur? (see above tweet for pictures… https://t.co/zKNhP2nbPs

@z_blair Zac Blair @z_blair

Last up in the @the_fried_egg #LogoMadness Round of 32 we have ... Stanwich vs. McArthur! (🚨Please remember voting… https://t.co/olAX5GOKns

@z_blair Zac Blair @z_blair

Round of 32 in #LogoMadness is about to start. Me & @the_fried_egg will be doing a giveaway, to enter follow us, re… https://t.co/dqKR1svSAw

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

I’m amazed how many people still use the shitty basic iPhone earbuds

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

Somm https://t.co/0x0z5gziKC

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

@WCCORosen The Beaver ! @PowerTripKFAN @LukeOlson5 https://t.co/MOXPZTNaeI

@WCCORosen The Beaver ! @PowerTripKFAN @...

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/MTt8ep7jN7

@PVitaleSpeaks Paul Vitale @PVitaleSpeaks

Approach life each and everyday purposefully. #maketodaycount https://t.co/bU6Ffj3elp

Approach life each and everyday purposef...

@iamjoonlee Joon Lee @iamjoonlee

the nfl has a gajillion more dollars than curling but 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/ruLnS3S2Rr

the nfl has a gajillion more dollars tha...

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

While I'm falling over you Do it right under the moonlight I know what you do like My darling, I’m no fool Yeah, bu… https://t.co/XR6emiDRLz

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

It's the edge of the world And all of western civilization The sun may rise in the East At least… https://t.co/Ed3gIhSPSd

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

Turn the O2 into the O3, dog Without 40, Oli', there would be no me Imagine if I never met the broskies @TheJoesFunk @DudeNamedMark

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

@Princess_Beeka The pricklier the pickle the better

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

🐐 https://t.co/q4OadKhEYT

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

@twohey921 If any child would be super human enough to do this by 6 weeks old it would be @reps15 ... no doubt

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

@Princess_Beeka https://t.co/TK2RKacePO

@Princess_Beeka  https://t.co/TK2RKacePO

@MinnesotaOnBTN Minnesota on BTN @MinnesotaOnBTN

Nate Mason is not only leaving his mark on the court but with the @GopherMBB community. ❤️🏀 https://t.co/3qJE1rq5vu

Nate Mason is not only leaving his mark...

@jgkfan Justin Gaard @jgkfan

@DanBarreiroKFAN don't do this.

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

Damnit @E60 you get me grown man crying everytime #heavecry

@MensHumor Men's Humor @MensHumor

C'mon bro. https://t.co/1fSYC2ZPNn

C'mon bro. https://t.co/1fSYC2ZPNn

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

@ASheehan44 @LukeOlson5 let me repeat.... they arent for us https://t.co/7WUmkfcgAm

@Skratch Skratch @Skratch

Happy 55th, Sir Charles. Thanks for making us all feel better about our games. https://t.co/DDIr7ORbBY

Happy 55th, Sir Charles. Thanks for maki...

@NationalFFA National FFA @NationalFFA

#GiveFFADay Challenge Alert! Every dollar you donate is matched IF we get to $85,000 by 7:30 pm ET. See how close… https://t.co/PGWohcw9xu

@FOXSports FOX Sports @FOXSports

.@GopherFootball's new "Row The Boat" unis are 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/ozLh9ZFgGJ

.@GopherFootball's new 'Row The Boat' un...

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

Always get excited when a Amazon package arrives i forgot i ordered..... it was hangers #gettingoldsucks https://t.co/NDUgOrnPkk

Always get excited when a Amazon package...

@btfromdelta Brandon Thesing @btfromdelta

@LukeOlson5 @PatLeuer @ASheehan44 Dear get off my front lawn gang..... https://t.co/ULLoVlxtYo

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