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My #LGBT, multiracial, immigrant family is #TheResistance. I value equality, inclusion & empathy. I love my kids, husband & mutt. #INFJ #FBR

Minneapolis, MN

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@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

Soon the very real Robert Mueller will issue additional very real indictments, which will lead to Trump’s very real… https://t.co/ZApRg0FWeE

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

Today a Republican Senator compared Trump to Stalin. Compared him to a man responsible for tens of millions of deat… https://t.co/E7iM95YthH

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

@Create_DESIRE I love it! I’d give a prize!

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

@AllenWatson23 @GOP @realDonaldTrump So true... so Republocrisy? It doesn’t roll off the tongue... I need a word!

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

Can someone tell me, is there a word for unprecedented hypocrisy? If not, I vote for #Trumpocrisy.

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

The same Republicans who for decades kept me & countless LGBT Americans from marrying the people we loved are appar… https://t.co/JmtDt8FM66

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

I’m pretty sure this is the question @realDonaldTrump asks himself most often. https://t.co/UO2fBJHtiM

I’m pretty sure this is the question @re...

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

Me at the #FakeNewsAwards right now... https://t.co/sCy7wIVGFF

Me at the #FakeNewsAwards right now... h...

@janieqjones Janie Jones @janieqjones

@brycetache @MWatsonTX Like who takes to the floor of the senate to basically give an impassioned speech that says… https://t.co/OOElq78IY6

@oregonvirginia Egalitarian @oregonvirginia

@brycetache .@JeffFlake wants us to believe what he says and not what he does. We don't need a history lesson. We… https://t.co/KiWUtkpFnu

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

I am beyond tired of Jeff Flake & other Republicans trying to have it both ways. If you compare the President to St… https://t.co/1jtToeOXNs

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

Unless you’re in massive denial, I think we can all agree it’s no longer a #BlueWave but a #BlueTsunami. And it’s not coming... it’s here.

@Barrett_Laurie Barrett Laurie @Barrett_Laurie

@brycetache Great point! We have the wind at our backs, we can’t get complacent. We have to continue to register… https://t.co/ry4bc06JRd

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

@tigerquinn7 I agree 100%. Mueller will help bring down Trump - and others - but it’s up to us to fix the whole bro… https://t.co/ClcWN6iOEi

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

Mueller won’t be our saviour. Nor will Biden or Sanders or Oprah. We will save America. Us. #WednesdayWisdom

@sbauerAP Scott Bauer @sbauerAP

Democrat Patty Schachtner explains to @AP how she flipped Wisconsin Senate seat in deep red district: "My message h… https://t.co/T9yfHQMwo8

@TheOtherMandela Mandela Barnes @TheOtherMandela

CONGRATS to my friend and Senator-elect @PattyforSenate. Wisconsin REJECTS Donald Trump and Scott Walker's politi… https://t.co/N2yIQEFEqH

@Yair_Rosenberg (((Yair Rosenberg))) @Yair_Rosenberg

If we stigmatize those who struggle with their weight or mental health or body image because we can't resist a poin… https://t.co/6TKQcRYOE7

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

Don’t tell me a wave isn’t coming. Don’t tell me Democrats don’t have a message. Don’t tell me people are happy wit… https://t.co/lAW5YEr7ez

@JesseFFerguson Jesse Ferguson @JesseFFerguson

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 NEWS: Democrats just FLIPPED a Republican held state Senate district (#SD10) in Wisconsin from red-to-blue.… https://t.co/jt4kkbFqnM

@CajPaLa Matthew W. Parsons @CajPaLa

@brycetache There will always be loud, clamoring masses that support their (oppressors), but in the end we must ris… https://t.co/11ZU0ORSAD

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

@marytherese5 You’re right. We got this. It’s not going to be easy, but any other outcome is unacceptable.

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

@AllenWatson23 People like us. 😀

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

Sometimes I feel panic when I see how quickly our country has edged toward authoritarianism with the full support o… https://t.co/juaKmwpeed

@Acosta Jim Acosta @Acosta

As I attempted to ask questions in Roosevelt Room of Trump, WH press aides shouted in my face to drown out my quest… https://t.co/8Q31yVjKab

@krassenstein Brian Krassenstein🐬 @krassenstein

Just imagine for one minute if President Obama was accused of having a year-long extra-marital affair with a Porn S… https://t.co/iUJICP1U4T

@AllenWatson23 Allen Watson (Resistance) @AllenWatson23

@brycetache @awelab1956 This election has to be about the big issues. If #Democrats and #TheResistance start to get… https://t.co/43DGiH8s5a

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

@awelab1956 But we don’t know if he lied. This doctor has a good reputation. And even if he did lie, we won’t win e… https://t.co/9nK3U9WF6I

@brycetache Bryce Tache @brycetache

Trump’s height and weight are irrelevant. His stealing an election with Russia and then getting most of the GOP to… https://t.co/LFLSvgzQVF

@NBCNews NBC News @NBCNews

Sen. Booker to DHS Sec. Nielsen, who was in White House immigration meeting: "When ignorance and bigotry is allied… https://t.co/g7vZTtYAFc

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