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@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

This is my kind of church. A short prayer, some helpful training, and then out to the streets inviting anyone and e… https://t.co/iCUwztqMxo

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

@Delta @allisonmoll

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

The secret to change is focusing all your energy, not on fighting the OLD, but on building the NEW. -Socrates

@pastormykmac Michael McBride @pastormykmac

It’s time to unite the #Peacemakers across our lines of difference. @NRA executives and the Gun Manufacturer indust… https://t.co/WUBohv49ff

@Mrsbowmanocsa Mrs. Heidi Bowman @Mrsbowmanocsa

I am a teacher. Arm me. Arm me with funding for a full time school Psychologist. Arm me with funding and mandatory… https://t.co/6tETPrvLLk

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

"This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased." https://t.co/qdtkKqIb7B

@HopeforNewYork Hope for New York @HopeforNewYork

We went out with @NYC_Relief earlier this month to listen to our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Excited to de… https://t.co/vWPq6wHtBs

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

More than 100 families apply for NYC's shelter system EVERY SINGLE DAY. Read that again. And again. Powerful,… https://t.co/8NTKzmz3xO

@BostonDecl The Boston Declaration @BostonDecl

"We stand against the manufacturing & proliferation of weapons which continue to drown the planet in the blood of m… https://t.co/uSHvi7Jnnw

@jarrodmckenna Jarrod McKenna ن @jarrodmckenna

"They'll claim to 'preach Jesus' but never preach *WHAT* Jesus preached." @om3 @TrinityChicago

@wildnestor ally @wildnestor

the number of school shootings that have happened since the year 2000 around the world: ENGLAND: 0 GREECE: 1 NET… https://t.co/jMABQbUBtC

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

A little heaven on earth in midtown. 1st week of @dontwalkby our medical team served 15 ppl Tonight they served… https://t.co/s49bIDb4Jv

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

As followers of Jesus, we ought to be regularly giving up our rights rather than defending them. It is the way, t… https://t.co/RxTIjgSGr3

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

Phenomenal talk by @kendrickakemp on Black Liberation Theology of Disability @MMennoF https://t.co/ThwXYMUOng https://t.co/Fg0VGpWRQE

Phenomenal talk by @kendrickakemp on Bla...

@PeterHeltzel Peter Heltzel @PeterHeltzel

We need the Holy Spirit to energize our works of justice, love and life-giving hope.

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

As a father of four children attending public schools, I fully support this. https://t.co/QOzeqnpcuk

@Julia_SCI Julia Wilde @Julia_SCI

This one broke me https://t.co/aczYaTQZLF

This one broke me https://t.co/aczYaTQZL...

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

Spectacular film Black Panther sets the bar sky high Fun, deep, powerful, and thrilling from beginning to end. https://t.co/YDJC7Nti2J

Spectacular film 

Black Panther sets th...

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

We've all fallen victim to portable, rhyming, spiritual advice, only to be disappointed when the trouble didn't go… https://t.co/xIUKLzbeve

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

If you live in NYC and can help us serve our homeless friends tomorrow at 1:30pm, please join us at FIFTH AVENUE PR… https://t.co/i3c2m4aHf7

@juangalloway Juan Galloway @juangalloway

It was my honor to meet Andres Jimenez (2nd from left) who was honored last night @BoweryMission Valentine Gala. Wa… https://t.co/Z4S3yrW8ny

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

More than $900 given, so far. We need a few hundred more dollars to help this family for the week. Please give if y… https://t.co/LXofVh3rvE

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

URGENT REQUEST: We're looking to help stabilize a homeless, quadriplegic woman in NYC. Read my FB post. Ask questi… https://t.co/16IDPjjrbP

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

such a great question. Pastors should never be surprised at the culture they've created in their churches; you prea… https://t.co/1t8JhjWzmU

@theboyonthebike Jonathan Martin @theboyonthebike

(Also possibly helpful: violent eschatology blasphemes the cross, & the King who died on it. The cross is not just… https://t.co/nuJjjT3sWQ

@theboyonthebike Jonathan Martin @theboyonthebike

But you are right about this, Pastor: Jesus IS a fighter. Nonviolent followers of Jesus, are fighters. They just do… https://t.co/Y2Ekv7NKWv

@theboyonthebike Jonathan Martin @theboyonthebike

Jesus told Peter to put away his sword, then willingly laid down his life for the very people that were killing him… https://t.co/YvPuIXxsNZ

@BoweryMission The Bowery Mission @BoweryMission

Volunteers are needed this Saturday for @DontWalkBy Eastside Outreach as we engage with our friends on the streets… https://t.co/AY8Mgp8upU

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

@colelclark Preach

@brianmoll Brian Moll @brianmoll

Yesterday's shooting caused me to fall on my knees and weep. A history of mass shootings makes me get back on my f… https://t.co/BR0IwD2RCL

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