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The finest bourbon in the world comes from a single barrel.


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@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

Hand painted by Lexington, KY artist Christina Buxton. Her delicate and subtle water color painting packs a big pun… https://t.co/lHtjijF2YD

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

Racing into this weekend...#TGIF https://t.co/h9Dj3EEsRR

Racing into this weekend...#TGIF https:/...

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

Bourbon historian Mike Veach has shared his tasting notes! “Rich vanilla and apples with cinnamon and nutmeg spic… https://t.co/7YtcReVnFX

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

Oh, hi! #iamblantons https://t.co/BGTRjCltVF

Oh, hi! #iamblantons https://t.co/BGTRjC...

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

Today, and everyday we want to thank our formidable CFO Nancy F. She has been a part of our team for over 25 years,… https://t.co/ndiD8Sl6eS

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

Exclusive offer to our social media friends! Use the code LUCKYTHURSDAY. This offer is for tonight and tomorrow on… https://t.co/UUB7lDILWs

@LouGirl502 Maggie @LouGirl502

#bourbonclassic team @VolareLou https://t.co/oX8xZAZFG1

#bourbonclassic team @VolareLou https://...

@bngljim Bengal Jim Foster @bngljim

Cold out BUT this @BlantonsBourbon is delicious and warming me up 👍🏽🥃 https://t.co/7xl7YrFnut

Cold out BUT this @BlantonsBourbon is de...

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

Leather and luxe. The signature Blanton's bottle stopper embossed on whiskey full grain leather. We've teamed up wi… https://t.co/5pE7dXyH9l

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

We are excited to see all our friends tonight @bourbon_classic! https://t.co/qTvStNqpPY

We are excited to see all our friends to...

@BuffaloTrace Buffalo Trace @BuffaloTrace

#buffalotrace #bourbon https://t.co/QEvmEBsIL5

#buffalotrace #bourbon https://t.co/QEvm...

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

If you have a great memory of your Grandma making vanilla cookies, you may feel warm and fuzzy inside when you get… https://t.co/dFxmeECsOW

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

What you taste is a combination of how your palate interprets the flavors and the intensity in which the flavors sh… https://t.co/tp00ABffLW

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

@thebourbonfilm, Freddie, and a glass of Blanton’s = the perfect rainy evening. "Whiskey is the by-product of a g… https://t.co/Ud1meVKn1e

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

Show your Blanton’s pride in our classic legacy shirt. https://t.co/rpcmpqcMPG https://t.co/ff2p4fPNxa

Show your Blanton’s pride in our classic...

@BrentBartlett54 Brent Bartlett @BrentBartlett54

Just randomly stumbled upon this while browsing a local liquor store and it made my day today... liquid gold… https://t.co/DPCUWfFakg

@liquorbarn Liquor Barn @liquorbarn

Capturing the scent of charred oak and aging bourbon, this @BlantonsBourbon candle is one of the select items on sa… https://t.co/twhLE2kKI4

@liquorbarn Liquor Barn @liquorbarn

Today Save 10% Off select @BlantonsBourbon merchandise (like this awesome bottle opener)! Make sure you get to your… https://t.co/fMCQmNuQ4Q

@Jethro7802 Jethro @Jethro7802

@BuffaloTrace My version of whiskey Wednesday with @BlantonsBourbon neat. Cheers https://t.co/vqXj8jy101

@BuffaloTrace My version of whiskey Wedn...

@PositiveWhisky Positively Whiskey @PositiveWhisky

@BlantonsBourbon is amazing! #love #bourbon #whiskey #HumpDay #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/uKQcUjIJeU

@BlantonsBourbon is amazing! #love #bour...

@jschwiers Jeff Schwiers @jschwiers

When you finish filing your taxes and you get a fat refund, you celebrate with some @BlantonsBourbon 🥃👍 https://t.co/34csgFvZ1L

When you finish filing your taxes and yo...

@WV_go_Bragh PJ O' Cobhthaigh @WV_go_Bragh

@BlantonsBourbon Just had Blanton’s for the first time and I am impressed. This is now my go to bourbon because fri… https://t.co/MfIFTSx9Ey

@tbuss76 TBuss76 @tbuss76

Wow did I get lucky today or what? @BlantonsBourbon https://t.co/nAVQqRnuu1

Wow did I get lucky today or what? @Blan...

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

Cheers to #NationalMargaritaDay https://t.co/jXzkIomdcs

Cheers to #NationalMargaritaDay https://...

@WIBourbonGuy WIBourbonGuy @WIBourbonGuy

My awesome bourbon inspired Valentine's gift, from my wife. #bourbon @BlantonsBourbon #Coffee @ArtEatables https://t.co/ovulSfxqtH

My awesome bourbon inspired Valentine's...

@blantonsbourbon Blanton's Bourbon @blantonsbourbon

Top Chef is coming to Bourbon Country! https://t.co/zHDLEXjHlx

@DJjosecarrillo Jose Carrillo @DJjosecarrillo

@BlantonsBourbon https://t.co/4JUdqXBxDg

@BlantonsBourbon  https://t.co/4JUdqXBxD...

@goducksgirl Julie Hodge @goducksgirl

@BlantonsBourbon balls to the wall all out fast down hill skiing!

@DeeSquared67 AldoTheApache @DeeSquared67

@BlantonsBourbon Skeleton & Luge... With a sniff of Blanton's in my Glencairn...

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