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@FunkLogik & @Sin_Asiatic | #Bamboozled available now: https://t.co/RkIJphxtcc…

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#FireOrRetire @blakfacecrew @PoetikForce] @Sin_Asiatic touch on drug addiction in their new video Heroin https://t.co/DDrT982k1I

@SpitFireHipHop SpitFireHipHop @SpitFireHipHop

[Watch] @Blakfacecrew says drugs got you all tripin' in new 'Heroin' visual. Also check their 'Bamboozled' album o… https://t.co/sMIx2RP9bQ

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OK-Tho: @Blakfacecrew (@PoetikForce x @Sin_Asiatic) - Heroin (Music Video) https://t.co/vmEinOH87i https://t.co/zXLJeOimJy

OK-Tho: @Blakfacecrew (@PoetikForce x @S...

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Check out my interview with @funklogik and @sin_asiatic of @Blakfacecrew. They discuss police brutality, being insp… https://t.co/oRagtGK0RV

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Blakface Humble Pie Pt.1&2 would have been perfect for that soundtrack. But I guess they ain't popular enough to ge… https://t.co/yVhVUiLjTc

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Destiny ft.Poetik Force & Illa J Blakface「Bamboozled」より https://t.co/J4vkIS2t8t https://t.co/PyPDr9h1ia

Destiny ft.Poetik Force & Illa J

@blakfacecrew FunkLogik x $incere @blakfacecrew

If u repping hiphop and love real music. Then u have to appreciate one of the greatest to do it. Dilla laid the mu… https://t.co/ph12RewsaD

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One of my favorites that dropped last year! #Repost @blakfacecrew with get_repost ・・・ New Video… https://t.co/0LUQOrW0Ua

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New Video "Heroin" #Bamboozled #Blakface https://t.co/BopfaSCCT1 https://t.co/00F5EP7XL7

New Video 'Heroin' 

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New joint by @Blakfacecrew featuring me on the hook! Check out this newness!!😁https://t.co/eiRBiouAd1

@blakfacecrew FunkLogik x $incere @blakfacecrew

🎧✌🏿 https://t.co/M6Hh1IhjWo

@JBizness J. Bizness @JBizness

#NewMusic by my folks @BlakFaceCrew | Bamboozled | Features by @poetikforce, @ThaWyzer, @OdashRose, @illaj,… https://t.co/s20omDOfql

@Sin_Asiatic $in @Sin_Asiatic

For all our @Blakfacecrew fans the wait is almost over.. pre order Bamboozled now https://t.co/UNThXUFn6X 11/3 official release date ✌🏾🎶

@Sin_Asiatic $in @Sin_Asiatic

4 All my @FunkLogik x $incere twitter profile">@Blakfacecrew fans/supporters the "Bamboozled" album is finally finished @FunkLogik I think we got one.. 💯💪🏾 #Bamboozled #Blakface

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Peace to @spotify for putting together such a dope playlist featuring @Sin_Asiatic, @ODDISEE & @inglewoodSiR 💪❤🙏 https://t.co/m5x8ZDtD9K

@GetLiftedEnt Get Lifted Entertainment @GetLiftedEnt

[Audio] Producer $in (@Sin_Asiatic) – Got Beets 2.0 https://t.co/Yzt80QUSQ3 https://t.co/yVXlHzlIUc

[Audio] Producer $in (@Sin_Asiatic) – Go...

@blakfacecrew FunkLogik x $incere @blakfacecrew

gratitude! 🤜🏿 https://t.co/jzCkkTmoqp

@blakfacecrew FunkLogik x $incere @blakfacecrew

respect!✌🏿 https://t.co/WPQdj2R3W1

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Vibe to @Sin_Asiatic's new instrumental album Got Beets? 2.0 Available for purchase & streaming: @iTunes @Spotify https://t.co/bM7pNnTXlA

@OdashRose O @OdashRose

Got Beets? 2.0 by @Sin_Asiatic and a cool short film: https://t.co/9vhEgmz2Y0

@RyanProctor75 Ryan Proctor @RyanProctor75

Old To The New's 100 Best Albums/EPs Of 2016 (Part 4) - https://t.co/dHcbr0A52n @BlakfaceCrew @SiddeeqMatthew @BrownsvilleKa @_PsychoLes

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7 Fresh Hiphop Vids w/ @shesyoungk @blakfacecrew @Joshua_Hatkins @PerfektOfficial @ConnorEvans @TheReal_Glam +MORE!… https://t.co/wOchhkT1Pp

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