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@Zupergirll @ANI I'll bring a camera to your school will you do that

@bk_shah1 Bhavya Shah @bk_shah1

Taimur ko bhul gaye? https://t.co/jHXWP7DjRt


#WATCH: BJP MP Janardan Mishra clean a school toilet in Rewa's Khajuha Village after it had clogged and been out of… https://t.co/vRR5X5CmrN

@theskindoctor13 THE SKIN DOCTOR @theskindoctor13

Son : Teacher slapped me. Liberal mom : What? I'll sue the school, jail that teacher, what's his name? Son : Junai… https://t.co/ksk8w7GROg

@darshanpathak Darshan Pathak @darshanpathak

A bit of perspective: Lalit Modi Scam dated : before 2014 Ran away : 2015 Vijay Mallya Scam dated : before 2014 R… https://t.co/K2elduLTmf

@mathaiaus ya fave μαλάκας @mathaiaus

Journalist: Mr Trudeau, what do you have to say about Saudi Arabia using Canadian weapons to kill civilians in Yeme… https://t.co/yjYlhjO3rL

@sailorsmoon Mohit 🚢 @sailorsmoon

If only you were not as idiot as you're, it's about Anil Ambani's reputation not Sanjay Singh's. https://t.co/HwlBBCB9oq

@aparanjape Amit Paranjape @aparanjape

Gavaskar was great in the 1970s. Tendulkar was great in the 1990s. Kohli is great in the 2010s. Let's leave it a… https://t.co/IbBMhnxlNg

@bk_shah1 Bhavya Shah @bk_shah1

@Being_Humor @ArvindKejriwal Isliye @fayedsouza iski fan hai😂 Dono ka IQ same hai.

@Khal_Bhabhi Khaleesi Bhabhi @Khal_Bhabhi

@Being_Humor @ArvindKejriwal Send him to school again, this dumbass don't know how many zero on 11K cores or 1100 c… https://t.co/mSmxj4bB31

@Being_Humor Maithun (MBBS, MD) @Being_Humor

Waah ye hain @ArvindKejriwal ke economist. LOU Matlab Letter of Understanding. 😂😂😂😂 Fir kehte hain modi pakoda bik… https://t.co/jAvHjIi8MT

@swati_gs Swati Goel Sharma @swati_gs

For 8 yrs, Muslims in Muzaffarnagar's Sandhawali village had stalled work on a rail overbridge as it needed a mosqu… https://t.co/2087EPPfqA

@JhoothaChal Deputy @JhoothaChal

Just Ravish thing. https://t.co/F1PUOO90UL

Just Ravish thing. https://t.co/F1PUOO90...

@bk_shah1 Bhavya Shah @bk_shah1

Firki will become a headache for HMP for his controversial statements. @Being_Humor https://t.co/Y668aaNURj

@Bmac0507 Ben McDonald @Bmac0507

what a stupid time to be alive https://t.co/Q2oNXMblfn

what a stupid time to be alive https://t...

@HMP_News HMP_News @HMP_News

BREAKING: Many people have called and tweeted to us saying that it’s indeed Dhruv Rathee’s voice. #EXPOSE FULL AUD… https://t.co/pixrEJTlCG

@centerofright Vijay @centerofright

But Many here in India feel that he doesn’t hv a pak policy :) https://t.co/5UCpRO0sE7

@DesolateCranium Capt Obvious @DesolateCranium

HAHAHAOMGSOFUNNYHAHA.. So by that same logic you are related to Sandas because both end with Das and generally full… https://t.co/hBvwIRKpDU

@Fussy_Ca Mahesh - Priya's Warrior ( प्रिया हेटर्स को मारो ) @Fussy_Ca

सोहैल:- भाई एक और घोटाला हुआ है सलमान ;- अच्छा 😂😂 सोहैल:- भाई कांग्रेस विरोध कर रही है सलमान :- http://t.co/sI2VpUR4Nu

सोहैल:- भाई एक और घोटाला हुआ है
सलमान ;-...

@delhichatter Delhi se hu Bhench*d @delhichatter

“Bhartiya rail me 1 lakh naukriyan nikal rahin hain” Abdul: kya fayda train k tyre to lohe k hote hain 😒 😂😂


Kairana: In the wake of recent encounters by Police, two wanted criminals walk around the city with a placard pledg… https://t.co/gXUCDeLiha

@jgopikrishnan70 J Gopikrishnan @jgopikrishnan70

Today arrested Bhaskar Raman & other Benamis like CBN Reddy, Vishwanathan & Padma - has executed their WILL. This c… https://t.co/FAPHw5xj9p

@rogerfederer Roger Federer @rogerfederer

Apparently I'm the oldest tennis player with a #1️⃣ ranking. Somebody might have mentioned that to me already but I… https://t.co/sZ3NFoddzk

@MichaelVaughan Michael Vaughan @MichaelVaughan

35th .... Greatest Ever ODI player ... #Fact ... @imVkohli #SAvIND


💯! Third century of the series for @imVkohli and his 35th in ODI cricket. #SAvIND https://t.co/ZRTItuF5SA

💯! Third century of the series for @imVk...

@AkshayKatariyaa Akshay Jain @AkshayKatariyaa

Difference between @narendramodi and @arvindkejriwal #ParikshaPeCharcha https://t.co/hTa7cJMPIn

Difference between @narendramodi and @ar...

@somnath1978 Somnath Mukherjee @somnath1978

👇our journos dont have basic idea of banking, but pontificate nevertheless. Bill discounting exposures r pass-thrus… https://t.co/zEFNSFLS9E

@Being_Humor Maithun (MBBS, MD) @Being_Humor

Div(Ya) Ra(Ga) + So(Ga) - - - - > Ha(Ga) https://t.co/pOaz9xNphQ

@SzZeif Uncle Sam Zeif #Douglasstrong @SzZeif

Scariest part of it all was knowing my little brother was right above me and not knowing if I would ever see him ag… https://t.co/yQ6KYTEpeB

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