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RETIRED NYPD Detective/JTTF Terrorism Investigator 🇵🇷 I love my country 🇺🇸VIEWS ARE MY OWN. The truth hurts. #BlueLivesMatter #StopKillingUs #BACKTHEBLUE 💙

New York

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@NatPoliceAssoc National Police Association @NatPoliceAssoc

Gwinnett Chamber honors public safety officials with annual Valor awards @GwinnettPD https://t.co/EYhSKLFqpI

@BackTheCops Police Support USA @BackTheCops

We all have each other’s six. https://t.co/Z9Pb77Qeyg

We all have each other’s six. https://t....

@ApexPolice Apex Police Dept. @ApexPolice

Congratulations to Officer Aimee Miller receiving her Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificate. https://t.co/1pu7dP9DES

Congratulations to Officer Aimee Miller...

@ron_pataky Ron Pataky @ron_pataky

Couldn’t be prouder parents tonight our son Trey was sworn in as a police officer in Belmaur https://t.co/u3gn6dlMLv

Couldn’t  be prouder parents tonight our...

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@ron_pataky God bless. Stay safe kid 💙💪🏼

@StrongShepherd_ 🚔BACK THE BLUE 🚔 @StrongShepherd_

9 years ago today Oakland Police Department lost four police officers that were protecting their community. God b… https://t.co/9BYZUZwhT8

@SunnyvaleDPS Sunnyvale DPS @SunnyvaleDPS

A heartfelt thank you to @SFPoliceCU for honoring our fallen hero, Jax, in their 2018 calendar. Not a day goes by w… https://t.co/cA7bZ6ypkW


This year, we will be adding the names of 360 fallen officers. On May 13, we will dedicate these names during the C… https://t.co/vtGIyTWtaZ


Citizens helped rescue the occupants of the car that got overturned on Roadrunner Rd., Canyon Country. https://t.co/NsIHnLVLab

Citizens helped rescue the occupants of...

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@bigjay1202 @marklaureano989 @addy_pez Buen provecho! 💙💪🏼

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@Sandy65Beach 💙💪🏼

@CloydRivers Cloyd Rivers @CloydRivers

Merica. https://t.co/JpTIMmimUK

Merica. https://t.co/JpTIMmimUK

@CloydRivers Cloyd Rivers @CloydRivers

Funny how that works. Merica. https://t.co/26VIHwCpp4

Funny how that works. Merica. https://t....

@Craigmyle_Lor Cpl James Craigmyle @Craigmyle_Lor

Very proud of my buddy #K9Lor https://t.co/3K1V8xgjbH

Very proud of my buddy #K9Lor https://t....

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@lionsFan886 https://t.co/vaGz3Vttks

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@robertor6564 I’ll dm you bro

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

If you are a cop & you aren’t willing to engage in hand to hand combat with unarmed individuals because you “fear f… https://t.co/xdLkRe3vpD

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@tigertail65 💙🙏🏼

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@tigertail65 Who knows, but he shouldn’t have been killed

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@Germanygee2017 He was killed. Shot 20 times

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@Germanygee2017 Understood, but he wasn’t a “bad guy.” He was an unarmed kid in his own backyard

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@Sandy65Beach This was a bad shoot. My humble opinion

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@Germanygee2017 Not everyone.

@BackThePolice Back The Blue 🚓 @BackThePolice

Good morning https://t.co/dzNN3OxIv1

Good morning https://t.co/dzNN3OxIv1

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

This is horrible!! 😰 https://t.co/onha9UBV0r

@KenWayneKTVU KenWayne @KenWayneKTVU

Dramatic image of SFPD officer dragging himself from shooting scene after being shot in the leg in the Outer Missio… https://t.co/xCvRFVP5Pn

@MeanStreetsOMA MeanStreets Omaha @MeanStreetsOMA

.@OmahaPolice Gang Unit & @ATFHQ Illegal Firearms Squad Receive Outstanding Investigative Effort Award From The Mid… https://t.co/DG62KFOUen

@GreenBeretFound GreenBeretFoundation @GreenBeretFound

Today we remember Staff Sgt. William R. Neil, Jr. on the tenth anniversary of his passing. SSG Neil was assigned to… https://t.co/T8IPRS6IWt

@bigricanman Angel L Maysonet🇵🇷 @bigricanman

@CynthiaNixon @MDiamond8 Your sexual preference is of no consequence. Everyone starts somewhere. Just remember that… https://t.co/o01pjtG7T5

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