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@AnthoRIGAGA Ame! @AnthoRIGAGA

Just sitting with my Daddy and his friends,soaking up all this knowledge and just realizing that religion is killin… https://t.co/RO9Mx0Ifd3

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

Me too https://t.co/1cx3Ql2LJu

@AMJonzin A.M.J @AMJonzin

@BiancaReginald Hahaha lolzz. Oya sorry I'm just playing with you

@PhysioNiyi ACE® 🇳🇬 @PhysioNiyi

I am a Physiotherapist. I treat all forms of disease conditions amenable to physiotherapy interventions using Evide… https://t.co/AnpGwh3lyA

@GodlyDating101 Godly Dating 101 @GodlyDating101

Someone you can praise God with is worth the wait.

@Ebuka Ebuka Obi-Uchendu @Ebuka

Armed Forces Remembrance Day 👮🏾‍♂️

@That_IjebuBadoo Baba Folarin @That_IjebuBadoo

Have you noticed how people come to Nigeria for visits & they only have good stories? Celebrities especially. Look… https://t.co/LErMaNNnwM

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

@preyeyinkore @Phelis_B 😩😂😂

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

@AMJonzin What? 😢 Now this one hurts...😩

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

@iamDo2dtun Brand new and Shining like the sun 🌞

@qwajo_jnr 菲力浦 🇬🇭 @qwajo_jnr

Boyfriend: Babe, you hungry? Girlfriend: I'm good *Boyfriend brings food* Girlfriend: https://t.co/q13UScmOgx

Boyfriend: Babe, you hungry?


@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

@Thedreamcarver 🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️Ayele ooo....😩😩😂Good shot but you still missed. Try again

@Martins_Foundat Martins Billion @Martins_Foundat

@BiancaReginald I have been saying "Filomina' https://t.co/JTZLJvR8Zx

@BiancaReginald I have been saying 'Filo...

@sandicolombo Finebone Sandra @sandicolombo

@BiancaReginald me I have been saying "you no mean am"

@ChidozieArinze Otunba Arinze @ChidozieArinze

‘Kilometer’, ‘Philomena’, ‘e no mean am’ 😂. This thread is hilarious https://t.co/Lz1gdX5m1x

@marieshesocrazy Emmy. @marieshesocrazy

You even try. Na “Philomena” for this side https://t.co/NgjMeewnoB

@mayornifty Mǎlóng马龙 @mayornifty

@BiancaReginald Philomena

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

@Thedreamcarver I wasn’t rhyming especially since I didn’t know the actual word. It just always sounded like... speedo speedometer ahn

@ritalanky Adiche Greg @ritalanky

@BiancaReginald And smbody also said she's been shouting "philomina"😂😂😂😂

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

@vikkytaryan @ObaroDave You’re correct

@AF_ROdisiac Señorita 🌸 @AF_ROdisiac

I’m a future Doctor. I’m a medical student. I have 3 degrees. I speak 3 languages. I‘m published in Psych-Oncology.… https://t.co/inzoLPWV38

@UmaruFofana Umaru Fofana @UmaruFofana

Trump insulting us. Europe sending us away. Israel chasing us out. The Arabs enslaving us. Shame, you black African… https://t.co/1gDlMCekLc

@banilicious TEJU @banilicious

You're not alone... Mine has been "it don't mean ahnnnnn" 😄😄😄 https://t.co/DxWWFcWNvA

@pssstLetmetalk You Know @pssstLetmetalk

@BiancaReginald @ani_nomso I've been saying philomena🤣😂

@une_folle09 Adizua Som @une_folle09

@BiancaReginald @ani_nomso We plenty wey no know say na Kiddominant😢 😢 😢

@BigHommie20 M-O-R-A-T-A @BigHommie20

@Iam_Chelcy @BiancaReginald @Nadari68 😐 I sang it with such confidence that even those who knew the correct word started doubting themselves

@alexzee24 Alex Zee B|!nqx @alexzee24

@BiancaReginald Your own better, i have been shouting Philomena until now, am coming with pink goat to appease the gods

@TeeRomoke TEMI @TeeRomoke

@BiancaReginald 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I think I’ve been saying something worse

@BigHommie20 M-O-R-A-T-A @BigHommie20

@BiancaReginald @Nadari68 I'm worse I used to say Kilometer, I thought Man was bragging about his whip, Only foun… https://t.co/FGaYufigJ2


@BiancaReginald You already know. Welcome to Twitter NG. I hope they do.

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