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@anitapreye Anita @anitapreye

CeeC said people are fake but look at her relationship with BamBam, gossip bout bam and even nominate her but prete… https://t.co/YRsXak5Akh

@Preciouss_O Ugegbe Oyibo @Preciouss_O

Hi guys, NYSC is almost over and I need an actual job. I graduated with a first class degree in Microbiology and I… https://t.co/qqduoH6iy3

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

Bless you Alex!#BBNaija

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

@kasimmaokani You’re welcome.

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

@kasimmaokani https://t.co/BQ9qgIEM16 That’s Oxford and with actual pronunciations. The three pronunciations are… https://t.co/JGw2frtPg8

@HermaineM HermaineM. @HermaineM

Stay single until you’re ready to give your all to a relationship... Stop wasting people’s time, asseblief!!!


So my team mates and I emerged finalists at the Hult prize regionals ,Lagos .. We've come up with a hybrid system t… https://t.co/9WouUMmcw7

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

@kasimmaokani Both pronunciations are correct actually.


Looks like Miracle will win this #BBNaija 2018 !!!!! - the guy no get wahala... very cool easy going guy... just having fun in the house

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

@CCynfia Forte (Fourth) or (For-Tey) are both correct. You’re right. Let Lumapil deal with it with their weird ads.

@sebati_trudy Scorpio Pearls🌹🌷🌹 @sebati_trudy

#BBNaija Raise your hand ✋ if your tired of seeing this PANTS.. https://t.co/0vRoQyS7yE

#BBNaija Raise your hand ✋ if your tired...

@Gem_Vertex GEM♥ @Gem_Vertex

Me self I don't understand. Who are those voting for her https://t.co/iTJIljZSGY

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

This is too sad to watch. My Nina 😥😢😭 #BBNaija


CeeC needs to stay away from Nina Point-BLANK 🤧🤧🤧 #bbnaija

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

😪😢 she is completely red. https://t.co/MrsYiYJSWG

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

My heart breaks for Nina, Biggie take action. 😢😢😢😢 #BBNaija

@BBNaija Big Brother Naija @BBNaija

Nina addresses the issue with Cee-C in the #BBNaija Diary Room - What do you think of it? https://t.co/ZbzRaBCiEp https://t.co/1RSZZiSkMK

Nina addresses the issue with Cee-C in t...


Nina is turning RED ⛑ already #bbnaija


Nina is so pained 🥀🥀🥀 #bbnaija

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

Nina be strong, we love you, I love you. Stay positive! #BBNaija

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

I hope defenders of the blue mat are listening to Nina right now. #BBNaija

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

This girl is delusional. Simple. #BBNaija

@Jonogah Jon Ogah @Jonogah

I haven't really spoken about Nina proper since #BBNaija began. I realized that she has a very calm way of handling… https://t.co/SLNP2NOSMn

@MsTweba Mabel E. Kamassah @MsTweba

#bbnaija ...still biggie is dissatisfied... https://t.co/MXrjtV6mko

#bbnaija ...still biggie is dissatisfied...

@spiceeamiee The Amaka. @spiceeamiee

Has your US visa expired and you are being lazy to renew it? Do you intend to apply for a US visa soon? You have fr… https://t.co/EJFIxwEAkp

@MOsagiede MOsagiede @MOsagiede

They are now making eye contact Not good #BBNaija

@MillieModi #TeamMINA~Goals Squad 👑 @MillieModi

& its a wrap! Tonacle are the only safe ones! #BBNaija I wish this was real nomination!

@AmahleZungu Amahle Zungu @AmahleZungu

Biggies’s mission is accomplished. Tobi apologies to Cee-C 🙄 #BBNaija https://t.co/axUHxYDrgm

Biggies’s mission is accomplished. Tobi...

@UchennaNG Uche Onwuemeli @UchennaNG

Why is that girls will not want you until other girls are now wanting you? I had been toasting this girl for weeks… https://t.co/PMOzgNyk9o

@biancareginald Bianca Reginald @biancareginald

Tobi has started explaining. 🤦🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️#BBNaija

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