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@KilaFateh KilaFateh #INC @KilaFateh

Watch this interview of @OfficeOfRG to know about the party policies, the path he wants to embark on for inclusive… https://t.co/UoCrub8f2f

@INCMumbai MumbaiCongress @INCMumbai

Sh. Rahul Gandhi's first interview as Congress President to National Herald. He elaborates on his vision for the Co… https://t.co/Zs0WTpJQc7

@INCPuducherry INC PUDUCHERRY @INCPuducherry

#RahulGandhiNHInterview All India Congress Committee President Rahulgandhi's 1rst interview to @NH_India https://t.co/xfQAQJ12zq

@rachitseth Rachit Seth @rachitseth

Do watch @OfficeOfRG's first interview after becoming Congress President. Given to @NH_India https://t.co/HWNOaharW9 #RahulGandhiNHInterview

@msgpahujaa मनमोहन सिंग पहुजा @msgpahujaa

Congress President @OfficeOfRG talks about the challenges being faced by the country today and their solutions,the… https://t.co/D0tmzfZhAI

@MPArunYadav Arun Yadav @MPArunYadav

कांग्रेस में होंगे बड़े बदलाव, ऐसे चेहरे दिखेंगे, जो करेंगे उत्साहित : राहुल गांधी #RahulGandhiNHInterview https://t.co/LGxX0yaadN

@SafwanINC Safwan @SafwanINC

The main problem that India faces today is lack of jobs: Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi… https://t.co/oPbGKSCveb

@HasibaAmin Hasiba @HasibaAmin

WATCH: Rahul Gandhi's first interview as Congress President. #RahulGandhiNHInterview https://t.co/6Zoq3h3Kuw

@RuchiraC Ruchira Chaturvedi @RuchiraC

@OfficeOfRG 's first interview as Congress President. He talks about the challenges faced by the nation today and h… https://t.co/2XLbrk99kM

@RuchiraC Ruchira Chaturvedi @RuchiraC

Rahul Gandhi to @NH_India : The choice is between the politics of hope versus politics of fear. BJP has divided the… https://t.co/twm3WA5466

@nsui NSUI @nsui

Shri Rahul Gandhi's first interview as Congress President to National Herald.  https://t.co/CTBtVzQAMl #RahulGandhiNHInterview

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

Watch Congress President Rahul Gandhi talk about his vision for the country and the Congress Party in his first int… https://t.co/nxOo3bkDho

@KilaFateh KilaFateh #INC @KilaFateh

Full interview of @OfficeOfRG after becoming the president of @INCIndia Watch this to know why he's the most appro… https://t.co/K3zMUNZzM9

@SafwanINC Safwan @SafwanINC

The fear in the country is being propagated by BJP to push their agendas against the common interests of the nation… https://t.co/rYq8turKJM

@SafwanINC Safwan @SafwanINC

All communities of Gujarat stood united with us. Then how can we be casteist? We stand for an inclusive and united… https://t.co/VXrfdKz7Xe

@bhatia_niraj23 Niraj Bhatia @bhatia_niraj23

The Rising Rahul .. #RahulGandhiNHInterview https://t.co/tEU5G3DjLO

@ajumis Ajay Mishra @ajumis

I am Thank Full to @bhushankpatil12 Sir, @bhatia_niraj23 @HASEENAAKHAN2 n all 4 adding 7 Colors to Program.. Jai ho https://t.co/TQAuLJkm3M

I am Thank Full to @bhushankpatil12 Sir,...

@bhatia_niraj23 Niraj Bhatia @bhatia_niraj23

@RealHistoryPic न्यायालय Modified भगवालय ..

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you @AshokChavanINC https://t.co/rhyyyCSxwu


Punjab: Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu and his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu cast their votes at Ward No 9's polling station… https://t.co/KPlnmXWUCQ

@aajtak आज तक @aajtak

राहुल गांधी के कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष बनने पर सोनिया गांधी का भावुक भाषण. #ATVideo पूरा भाषण देखें-… https://t.co/cKYWxAjAkv


#TopStory: Civic poll elections in 3 municipal corporation - Amritsar, Jalandhar & Patiala and 32 municipal council… https://t.co/eylvD5BCRs


Visuals from Savli as re-polling begins in 6 polling stations in Vadgam, Viramgam, Daskroi and Savli… https://t.co/aBLE89Qaot


People queue up outside a polling station in Nava Naroda in Daskroi to cast their votes #GujaratElection2017 https://t.co/pBsFFb28WI

People queue up outside a polling statio...


Voting for #CivicPolls begins in Punjab, visuals from Amritsar. Polls being held in 3 municipal corporation - Amrit… https://t.co/ETXIfZTLP4

@INCPunjab Punjab Congress @INCPunjab

Acting on the directives of Punjab Chief Minister @capt_amarinder, the state government has set up a Committee to… https://t.co/mYwdiTn8p9

@gopimaniar Aajtak Gopi Maniar @gopimaniar

LIVE: गुजरात में 6 बूथों पर दोबारा मतदान जारी, मेवाणी की सीट पर भी वोटिंग https://t.co/J6ER173ItQ via @aajtak

@RanjanaINC Ranjana Singh INC @RanjanaINC

किसानो पर बड़ती भाजपा की कृपाये #BJP_भगाओ_देश_बचाओ https://t.co/Os4hmDBQeT

किसानो  पर बड़ती  भाजपा  की  कृपाये

@Tharoorian_INC INC_Tharoorian @Tharoorian_INC

“We are known as a Grand Old Party, but in coming days we will make it the Grand Old and Young Party. I invite the… https://t.co/88461f9xRI

@Tharoorian_INC INC_Tharoorian @Tharoorian_INC

Hey Ram, The Irony https://t.co/0QtiKi6swz

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