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@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

The BJP used the services of Cambridge Analytica & it's associate Ovleno Business Intelligence (OBI) in the past. W… https://t.co/SvjbgKRUBP

@RahulGandhi Rahul Gandhi @RahulGandhi

I’m overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and affection of the crowds at our public interactions in Karnataka over the past… https://t.co/imlJvWvJWI

@RahulGandhi Rahul Gandhi @RahulGandhi

The SC/ST Act is the most important instrument to prevent atrocities on Dalits/Adivasis. A complicit Modi Govt fai… https://t.co/6jfkvgHuRs

@bhatia_niraj23 Niraj Bhatia @bhatia_niraj23

Stauts Update : Mark Zuckerberg Is Feeling Ecastic 😆With Mehul Bhai & 3 Others .. #CambridgeAnalytica… https://t.co/f3JurafSAV

@JaiveerShergill Jaiveer Shergill @JaiveerShergill

#CambridgeAnalytica website Notes say they were engaged in #BiharAssemblyElections 2010 (BJP & JDU) ; their Indian… https://t.co/yEucH8E1JC

@mdbaid Md Obaidullah @mdbaid

I am loving this #CambridgeAnalytica, infact this is nothing but another crying..... यार यह भाजपा सरकार इतनी रोतडू… https://t.co/La9Ax8PTqd

@geetv79 Geet V @geetv79

@rkhuria Here are the Questions Being Frankly Dictated 👇 #FranklySpeakingWithAmitShah https://t.co/fAd86Tad0h

@rkhuria Here are the Questions 
Being F...

@RameshwarINC Rameshwar Tiwari @RameshwarINC

वापस कई टीवी डिबेट में “राममंदिर” निर्माण और “पाकिस्तान” से बदला लेने पर गरमागरम बहस शुरू होने लग गई..। —पंजाब, राज… https://t.co/2witlMTMZt

@kurup62 K. Chandrakumar 🤔 @kurup62

Political skulduggery cannot bury failures forever. https://t.co/AOCW3sssVQ

@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

अब माफ़ीयों के दौर चल पड़ा है । पहले बदनाम करो फिर जब वो फ़ायदा द ना करे माफ़ी माँगलो , चाहे वो Bikram Singh Majith… https://t.co/p19rei8g3P

@polysmind Poly Sarkar @polysmind

@Swamy39 ji endorsing what Prodyut Bora said on @BJP4India n @AmitShah ✌️👍👏👏 https://t.co/FgG3OQNult

@SolutionsJoshi Ashish Joshi @SolutionsJoshi

This two pic shows the difference between the two ideology's. #JanaAashirwadaYatre @divyaspandana https://t.co/3WutMFEUKy

This two pic shows the difference betwee...

@UmangSharmaINC Umang Sharma @UmangSharmaINC

@RahulGandhi Don't blame sahab He is doing his best by showing red eye to china else he couldn't saved our… https://t.co/Kz3ssstnHA

@polysmind Poly Sarkar @polysmind

So for Sanghis all false stories are opportunity to divert fool's attention from real apathies BJP fanboy… https://t.co/krRp7FIlji

@mdbaid Md Obaidullah @mdbaid

"Nationalist" government farce fall flat, Parliamentary panel expresses concern on the quality of the food served t… https://t.co/r4RJGtqCSh

@kurup62 K. Chandrakumar 🤔 @kurup62

No guts to face Parliament. No guts to conduct a press conference. No guts to stop Chinese aggression. No guts t… https://t.co/idKQT4FM9O

@kurup62 K. Chandrakumar 🤔 @kurup62

How an American lobbying company Apco Worldwide markets Narendra Modi to the world https://t.co/9mrPf7ncI9 via @economictimes

@swamv39 Unofficial Sususwamy @swamv39

Many are trying to defend BJP saying #CambridgeAnalytica didnt help BJP in 2014. Here is one more proof. First Two… https://t.co/NSldEFKwgZ

@swamv39 Unofficial Sususwamy @swamv39

According to his Linkedin profile. BJP used the services of #CambridgeAnalytica's sister company Ovleno Business In… https://t.co/3yjTBgNRvu

@dna DNA @dna

'Lawless' Law Minister spreading 'fake news': Congress hits back at BJP on #CambridgeAnalytica link allegations… https://t.co/wuzleg3jAz


Indian National Congress or the Congress President has never used or never hired the services of a company called C… https://t.co/4dXMuYu171


Cambridge Analytica's linked website shows that in 2010 its services were used by BJP-JD(U). Firm's Indian partner… https://t.co/VU63kcxyE0


Only one Indian PM has visited Facebook's office in Silicon & his name in Narendra Modi. In Facebook headquarters,… https://t.co/749vMmqgH0


Visuals of Congress President Rahul Gandhi at Indira Canteen in Hassan. CM Siddaramaiah and Mallikarjun Kharge also… https://t.co/lLGMsMMZW5

@gops333 Gopi Shah @gops333

We know the connection between BJP & Facebook Mr Law(less) minister.. #FacebookDataBreach https://t.co/iP1lsiYHM4

We know the connection between BJP &...

@bhatia_niraj23 Niraj Bhatia @bhatia_niraj23

Some videos will be stored on internet and will always haunt with lies said to 39 helpless familes in pain & cries… https://t.co/BYtxiDTkwM

@bainjal Swati Chaturvedi @bainjal

If Mahajan can't run the House she should quit if the finance bill can be passed in a din who is scared of… https://t.co/0uyqfcZhUn

@rkhuria RKHURIA @rkhuria

Biggest hypocrite , treacherous, double-faced, Disloyal backstabber ever. Same DNA as BJP. https://t.co/VB2PIA3EE7

@geetv79 Geet V @geetv79

National Small Savings Fund.... ......Will Pay for VVIP Aircraft 🙊 #SuitBootLootKiSarkar #ModiRobsIndia… https://t.co/E7r0n6LnIy

@rssurjewala Randeep Singh Surjewala @rssurjewala

INC’s sincere wishes to the doyens of free press & fearless journalism @zafaragha70 & @MrinalPande1 for the new inn… https://t.co/SjajIVbiIX

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