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@beserioususa BeSeriousUSA @beserioususa

@bedeliarising @WomanResistorNC Gee, I wonder why? 🤔 Perhaps a result of the Trumptastic Clusterfucktacular 2017? 🤷‍♀️

@beserioususa BeSeriousUSA @beserioususa

@WomanResistorNC Thanks 😉

@beserioususa BeSeriousUSA @beserioususa

#RoseArmy #FridayFeeling 👿 https://t.co/Y7bm0kFwAy

@beserioususa BeSeriousUSA @beserioususa

@peter_truong88 😬

@beserioususa BeSeriousUSA @beserioususa

Holy Hell 😳 Anyone have an extra Xanax? 🤦‍♀️ https://t.co/5uNUlaaCoJ

@beserioususa BeSeriousUSA @beserioususa


@gettinnoticedmo Frederick Douglass @gettinnoticedmo

This is the most absurd thing ever. https://t.co/IOJGICMuUI

@gettinnoticedmo Frederick Douglass @gettinnoticedmo

@tedcruz Hey Ted..... https://t.co/ctLjGeerml

@tedcruz Hey Ted..... https://t.co/ctLjG...

@beserioususa BeSeriousUSA @beserioususa

@gettinnoticedmo @tedcruz You trolling Teddy again? 🤦‍♀️🤣

@MollyJongFast Molly Jewish-Fast @MollyJongFast

Could this be the moment that @OMAROSA became president? https://t.co/8oW02PvZDN

@beserioususa BeSeriousUSA @beserioususa

@MollyJongFast @gettinnoticedmo @OMAROSA Hahahaha 🤣

@tribelaw Laurence Tribe @tribelaw

The crescendo of baseless claims that Mueller & the FBI are biased and corrupt is rising at an alarming pace. It’s… https://t.co/XQM6pA2gKJ

@EllenBarkin Ellen Barkin @EllenBarkin

Tonite @AsiaArgento went on live italian tv and confronted journos who have been shredding her in the press. It did… https://t.co/COlJmy1DFS

@EllenBarkin Ellen Barkin @EllenBarkin

yeah but bringing up the president triggers the country https://t.co/4sdFip5wYx


@Yoymiskosas @kvpeckwriter @exinkygal @mikefarb1 @JohnHMerrill @CNN It’s true👍🏼 John Merrill, who was married at th… https://t.co/5tBnlCEqNk


@MaddowBlog Trump only likes to read good news. Simple news. “Trump is good.” That’s about it.

@BeSeriousUSA BeSeriousUSA @BeSeriousUSA

#FoxBullshittery #EnemyOfTheState This....is totally fucking insane. 🤦‍♀️ https://t.co/rwP9vC6iVG

@BeSeriousUSA BeSeriousUSA @BeSeriousUSA

Try a Trumpocalypse Martini 🍸 (triple all ingredients) and 500mg of “fukitol”. 🤪 https://t.co/hv5xlCvKeL

@SuMoh7 Su Mohan 🗽 #TeamUSA @SuMoh7

RT! #Election2018💥Defeat Mike Coffman💥#WinBlue Support Jason Crow #CO06,& @DemsWork4USA 👉https://t.co/i6HjlFhegJ… https://t.co/OEQaUbXJW9

@BeSeriousUSA BeSeriousUSA @BeSeriousUSA

#FridayFeeling Buckle the f*ck up, eh people? 😳 We’re in for another year of absolute trumpfuckery at its worst.… https://t.co/59bQ8YS4Sw

@BeSeriousUSA BeSeriousUSA @BeSeriousUSA

#25thAmendment Can we please get rid of cray 😜 prez now, before he gets us all killed, eh @GOP? https://t.co/E93sjiiYKW


Can we please get rid o...

@JoyAnnReid Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid

The Trump legacy so far: - Freeing polluters to befoul the air and pollute ground water - Taking away millions of p… https://t.co/uUfKQOj7wg

@TheAnonJournal The Anon Journal @TheAnonJournal

!!ATTENTION!! This thread contains a compiled a list of states that have not yet voiced their participation to bac… https://t.co/X8OVYJkMwC

@Lin_Manuel Lin-Manuel Miranda @Lin_Manuel

YOOOOOOOOOOOO dropping 280 for this... Let’s bring 10k gifts to kids in 🇵🇷 this holiday season! @toysrus will deli… https://t.co/2NKBVag6we

@debbiesideris Debbie Sideris🌈❄ @debbiesideris

@MikeDeWine have you joined with these AGs to sue FCC re: #NetNeutrality? If not, why? Ohio needs to protect Ohioan… https://t.co/Gsl5WSp4Ox

@CaptainsLog2017 CaptainsLog2017 🖖🏽🌵 @CaptainsLog2017

#Retweet Snap Call To Action Jeff Flake will be arriving at Phx Sky Harbor American Airlines Terminal 4 at 8:14pm… https://t.co/L000dFxSRE


“Rather than search for ways to deter Kremlin attacks or safeguard U.S. elections, Trump has waged his own campaign… https://t.co/kYkOWGTtyY


🔥ALL HANDS ON DECK 🔥 ALABAMA PROVISIONAL BALLOT DEADLINE🚨🚨🚨 Tomorrow👉Friday, 12/15 at 5PM‼️ Any provisional ball… https://t.co/dqpjkhkVwI

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