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@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

The @AMAs #MeantToBe encore performance w @FLAGALine is still up to watch on @xfinity on demand!! Watch now #AMAs https://t.co/8eJN2EXyOM

The @AMAs #MeantToBe encore performance...


The #AMAs may be over 😢 but the music isn't. 🎶 Watch @FLAGALine & @BebeRexha's encore performance on @Xfinity On De… https://t.co/MgGQpZxtud

@scottborchetta Scott Borchetta @scottborchetta

HIT!!! @BigMachine https://t.co/5S1wZ1bu5d

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

You can watch my @AMAs encore performance of #MeantToBe with @FLAGALine on @Xfinity on Demand right now 💜 #AMAs https://t.co/lwl3Td76ev

You can watch my @AMAs encore performanc...


Don't miss an encore performance of @FLAGALine & @BebeRexha's 'Meant to Be' after the show on @Xfinity On Demand!… https://t.co/dG0p8VIzGo

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

My @AMAs look tonight!!!!! https://t.co/ut0bRG3ZFM

My @AMAs look tonight!!!!! https://t.co/...

@portalallpop Allpop @portalallpop

Hot or not? @BebeRexha #AMAs https://t.co/v6SJtYdvJu

Hot or not? @BebeRexha #AMAs https://t.c...


.@BebeRexha + the #AMAs red carpet = MEANT TO BE. You can watch an encore performance of 'Meant to Be' with… https://t.co/7w0T0GArAn

@MikeAdamOnAir Mike Adam @MikeAdamOnAir

#BebeRexha looks stunning on the #AMAs red carpet!!! That dress and those shoes tho 😍😍😍 https://t.co/pAmK6zIRj6

#BebeRexha looks stunning on the #AMAs r...

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

🙏🏻😘 @mikewassmusic https://t.co/1ay5w5KxjG


If it's meant to be, it'll be... ✨ Can't wait to watch @BebeRexha x @FLAGALine's encore performance on @Xfinity on… https://t.co/eMj6Adqhfm

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

The @AMAs Red Carpet is LIVE on Twitter right now ❤️ Watch it here! #AMAs https://t.co/tl7hBYt6lp

@ralphieaversa Ralphie Aversa @ralphieaversa

The video of @BebeRexha and her puppy Bear you need on this #AMAs Sunday. #WWOBackstage https://t.co/3sOgn5DT7Z

The video of @BebeRexha and her puppy Be...


That @BebeRexha x @FLAGALine collab is 'MEANT TO BE!' ❤️ Can't wait to watch their encore performance on @Xfinity o… https://t.co/JBdxPNbLGb

@ZakiyahNadir 🧜🏽‍♀️ Max @ZakiyahNadir

Bitches be buying brand new outfits for thanksgiving like what you trying to do ? Be the baddest bitch in the living room 😂💀

@WhaleReport Whale Report @WhaleReport

The current top 6 best selling female artists on US iTunes... 1️⃣@Camila_Cabello 2️⃣@BebeRexha 3️⃣@LaurenJauregui… https://t.co/4NrYa3pVvV

@arianasmoonwalk Albert @arianasmoonwalk

.@BebeRexha is currently the only artist to have atleast 2 songs inside the US iTunes top 10. https://t.co/aACIqknhQj

.@BebeRexha is currently the only artist...

@AWendowskiPhoto @AWENDOWSKIPHOTO @AWendowskiPhoto

That feeling you get when @BebeRexha has 2 songs on the @iTunes Top 10 with #MeantToBe feat @FLAGALine & #HOME with… https://t.co/CkfkPXcWec

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Two songs in the iTunes Top 10 right now...WTF!!!! 😱😁 #MeantToBe #Home https://t.co/t8FgIAB29r

Two songs in the iTunes Top 10 right now...

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Performed "Meant To Be" last night on the @thelatelateshow https://t.co/t1JZCWVp5u

Performed 'Meant To Be' last night on th...

@alliegarcia426 Allie Garcia @alliegarcia426

@BebeRexha my 1 1/2 year old son is a man of little words, but he is obsessed with Meant to Be and sings along😍 “be… https://t.co/JyrCZYMGm4

@RexhaCentral Bebe Rexha Central @RexhaCentral

.@BebeRexha feat. @FLAGALine Spotify US: 22. Meant To Be (+3) Spotify Global: 30. Meant To Be (+6) [NEW PEAK]… https://t.co/kVyQGfoeCb

@marmarpeace98 Marla Bader @marmarpeace98


@kashh_xoo ᴀsʜʟᴇʏᴍᴀʀɪᴇ♛ @kashh_xoo

Loved @BebeRexha & @FLAGALine on #jamescordon 😍😍

@FLAGALine Florida Georgia Line @FLAGALine

Tune in tonight! Performing with our good friend @BebeRexha on @latelateshow @CBS #meanttobe https://t.co/tEVXBomhWH

Tune in tonight! Performing with our goo...

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

TONIGHT! #MeantToBe with @FLAGALine on @latelateshow https://t.co/rwbrDSLSnn

TONIGHT! #MeantToBe with @FLAGALine on @...

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

You are your own rich husband.

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

New song "Home" https://t.co/cG3IijLs1x

@PopCrave Pop Crave @PopCrave

"Meant to Be" by Bebe Rexha feat. Florida Georgia Line has entered the Top 5 of US iTunes and is currently sitting… https://t.co/WV1D6uIegU

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