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Pop Disruptor. #Rexhars #MeantToBe Instagram: beberexha

New York, NY

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@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

You are all amazing. https://t.co/go9pZkK1MI

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

FIVE. MILLION. COPIES. 💿💿💿💿💿 🌎 https://t.co/uqV0ncGN4T

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

This shit is too real. #RIPAvicii

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Retweet for Ferrari. Like for 2 souls on fire.

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Of courseeee 👸🏻 https://t.co/anzZbf2jNu

@mommythirlwall alex loves little mix 💧 #EXPECTATIONS @mommythirlwall

@BebeRexha I LOVE U AND CANT WAIT TO #Expectations https://t.co/NIjBnrpN08


@RZ2201 RZ @RZ2201

@BebeRexha I need your álbum, bitch. https://t.co/FG4pg438rc

@BebeRexha I need your álbum, bitch. htt...

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Hurry up already... https://t.co/Mx3se0BwqJ

Hurry up already... https://t.co/Mx3se0B...

@michrod Michelle Rodriguez @michrod

Just had the honor of interviewing @BebeRexha y'all... this girl is a BADASS and she's just getting started. LOVE HER!! 💕

@BRexhaCharts Bebe Rexha Charts @BRexhaCharts

iTunes Canada: 1. (+1) Meant To Be — @BebeRexha feat. @FLAGALine *new peak* https://t.co/3hDcyspl8e

iTunes Canada: 

1. (+1) Meant To Be — @...

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Today is gonna be a good day. FACTS.

@ChartsBebeRexha Bebe Rexha Charts @ChartsBebeRexha

“Meant to Be” has now sold over 4.8 million copies worldwide! Huge congrats @BebeRexha & @FLAGALine! https://t.co/BhSLHMT0d5

“Meant to Be” has now sold over 4.8 mill...

@TheEllenShow Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow

What today needs is some @BebeRexha and @FLAGALine. https://t.co/2omM5ayxXV

What today needs is some @BebeRexha and...

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Cause I didn’t pay attention in school. That’s why you should!! https://t.co/1q3KFl79IF

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

When you try to touch bae while they’re sleeping. https://t.co/GskpZ0BdrP

When you try to touch bae while they’re...

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Red velvet https://t.co/4tJPS2Syvs

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Fuck I’m too lazy to fix it https://t.co/YWx1VwlxdQ

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Honestly pizza, cupcakes and hot Cheetos all taste better then skinny feels.

@purposerotica jubs*ೃ 38 @purposerotica

@BebeRexha 💗💗💗 #ExpectationsIsComing https://t.co/lWpDVYOXo1

@BebeRexha 💗💗💗 #ExpectationsIsComing htt...

@Chaytjuuh Rexhar @Chaytjuuh

@BebeRexha #ExpectationsIsComing ❤️❤️🙋🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/yhx4HPdPzz

@BebeRexha #ExpectationsIsComing ❤️❤️🙋🏽‍...

@oopshi_freedom stasya @oopshi_freedom

@BebeRexha #ExpectationsIsComing 🖤 https://t.co/et03lbsWwb

@BebeRexha #ExpectationsIsComing 🖤 https...

@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Make your own Expectations album cover here!! #ExpectationsIsComing https://t.co/hy68zJxo90

@alroker Al Roker @alroker

Maybe my kids will think I’m #cool since I got to hang with @thegreatkhalid and @BebeRexha at @todayshow when they… https://t.co/8ffcrR0IFc

@azemmm_ Azem || RO2 ¡ Expectations @azemmm_


@beberexha Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Stay on the righteous path and everything will come round full circle.

@geazyall ilayda @geazyall

if one day @BebeRexha notices me i think im gonna go out and scream like "heey bitchezz bebe rexha noticed me" hahaha

@BBMAs Billboard Music Awards @BBMAs

_ACCESS_GRANTED Full list of 2018 #BBMAs nominees here: https://t.co/9llZdiYBAb https://t.co/cWDqXu824d


Full list of 2018 #BBMA...

@BAHjournalist Brian A. Hernandez @BAHjournalist

So @BebeRexha is having the best week ever: She popped out as a surprise at Eminem's @Coachella set just hours afte… https://t.co/OdIqIgAU2q

@BBMAs Billboard Music Awards @BBMAs

#BBMAs nominee MOOD. 💯 @thegreatkhalid & @BebeRexha just announced some of the nominees on @TODAYshow and they're… https://t.co/NIQozJWZK5


.@BebeRexha and @thegreatkhalid announce the exclusive first batch of @BBMAs nominations on TODAY! https://t.co/vF4w3bcL9S

.@BebeRexha and @thegreatkhalid announce...

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