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#CyclicalVomitingSyndrome patient. suffer from bipolar disorder depression and anxiety . Mother of one beautiful girl

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@leannuh_renay Leanna Renee @leannuh_renay

I’m lying to be cooler. #CollegeReunionIn5Words https://t.co/BKNFpDr0bK

I’m lying to be cooler.  #CollegeReunion...

@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

@EJT___ @JokelahomaMic So sick of God Damn ALL of this shit it makes me sick!

@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

@EJT___ @JokelahomaMic Right


green day is a punk band #FakePunkFacts

@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

#FakePunkFacts Most punks don't like cheap 🍺. They enjoy fine 🍷 and cheeses.

@ryanztweetz ryan @ryanztweetz

#FakePunkFacts Most Punk rockers love to Golf.

@GoGetChaLife ↪Danℹelle↩ @GoGetChaLife

#ThingsIdOnlyAdmitUnderOath “I’ve been sneaking into your house & flipping around on your bed, for 2yrs now I belie… https://t.co/YDL3j5YBiu

@TheWorldOfFunny The World Of Funny @TheWorldOfFunny

it's another birdie!.. Just found my new golf partner 😂 https://t.co/98UqnyHxMN

it's another birdie!..

Just found my ne...

@Sb_spark Silver Eye ☄ @Sb_spark

Don't be a dick. #UnwrittenLifeRules

@HistoryInPics History In Pictures @HistoryInPics

Photo booth self-portrait of Norma Jeane Baker, soon-to-be Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, circa 1940. https://t.co/aZUGj3KyRN

Photo booth self-portrait of Norma Jeane...

@Christo74275756 Fiend without a face @Christo74275756



@PunKandStuff PuNk-and-Stuff @PunKandStuff

Sid Vicious, Brunel University, Uxbridge, December 1977 https://t.co/VJs8Wn8uCP

Sid Vicious, Brunel University, Uxbridge...

@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

@5tigJen5en I saw them with Nashville Pussy

@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

@5tigJen5en Me as well about 25 yrs ago lol

@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

@5tigJen5en 😟 I miss Lemme

@DrggdRpdStrngld The Inf@mou$ §l€€p© @DrggdRpdStrngld

#RuinADateIn4Words She's "on the rag"

@RoeGhost Roe'sGhost @RoeGhost

@KeshaTedder Yes they are, and they're spectacular!

@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

@KeshaTedder 😂😂😂

@KeshaTedder Kerry Tedder Bundy🎃 @KeshaTedder

#RuinADateIn4Words Are your boobs real?

@Steampunk_T Steampunk Tendencies @Steampunk_T



@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

@TatttooArt @Iearnsomething Man if she sat thru all that she has mega balls and I am impressed

@CulturedRuffian The Cultured Ruffian @CulturedRuffian

BUMPER STICKER IDEA: My kid will drag your honor roll student to an untimely death in the sewers. https://t.co/tgO8CQ78aI


My kid will drag...

@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

@steverinoaherne 😂😂😂👊👊

@steverinoaherne Steve Aherne @steverinoaherne

I hope they buried me in my favorite dress #J.EdgarHoover #MessagesFromCelebrityGhosts

@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

#MessagesFromCelebrityGhosts "Because of Trump, my metamorphosis will be complete!" - Adolf Hitler https://t.co/L6nocA4jGj

'Because of...

@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

@Eskay_gh "Right" -Prince

@beavercranium Heather☠Cranium @beavercranium

#MessagesFromCelebrityGhosts "Frankly Trump I don't give a Damn!!!" -Clark Gable

@gideon_rathbone Gideon Rathbone @gideon_rathbone

“I’m not looking so bad now, huh?” - Richard Nixon #MessagesFromCelebrityGhosts #ImpeachTrump https://t.co/CJBq7FEmCI

“I’m not looking so bad now, huh?” - Ric...

@abtsag Sambo @WorldWide @abtsag

#MessagesFromCelebrityGhosts Thanks for naming purple after me https://t.co/ITNIxGi65t

#MessagesFromCelebrityGhosts Thanks for...

@1andrewfenton Andrew @1andrewfenton

#MessagesFromCelebrityGhosts Princess Diana : I was killed by The Royal Family

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