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My lifelong, hard won rights are being taken away, and I'm furious. UK is letting itself down. We deserve better. #FBPE

North Wales

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@WestApproaches Western Approaches @WestApproaches

Where could be better to be today than a nice dry underground bunker with a hot cup of tea and live music ? Less th… https://t.co/NVBw34z7TJ

@acgrayling A C Grayling @acgrayling

Tim Loughton MP threatens to prosecute me for ‘harassment’ because I have written to him again about Brexit. I have… https://t.co/5lrA3TOOyp

@MollyMEP Molly Scott Cato MEP @MollyMEP

Our position is that there was no prospectus for Leave so once we know what Brexit actually means in practice it is… https://t.co/G9tq7bRdhy

@davidschneider David Schneider @davidschneider

I see! May wants the “Brexit people voted for”, ie one that gives £350m a week to the NHS, a hard Brexit but also a… https://t.co/pg7czBMdkI

@operabinoculars Erika @operabinoculars

@OliverLehmann @DanielJHannan When protesting outside Parliament I was surprised the amount of lorry drivers that t… https://t.co/Uxau4kE0ET

@OliverLehmann Oliver F. Lehmann @OliverLehmann

@DanielJHannan So, @DanielJHannan, you publically support that UK joins the Schengen agreement? What a surprise. Of… https://t.co/ZB7PurGRSj

@fascinatorfun Fionna O'Leary #FBPE #Truth & Reconciliation @fascinatorfun

@rubium @garethabbit @frankfieldteam That’s curious. All it did was give our Parliament nearly (but not quite as m… https://t.co/pbPWgohtCy

@City_Livery_SM CityLiveryConsulting @City_Livery_SM

8 trillion pounds sitting in offshore accounts ! That's 8,000 billion, or 8,000,000 million folks Why borrow, when… https://t.co/6uULohyCV7

@ReplabJohn John Precedo 🇪🇺 #FBPE 🇬🇧🇪🇺🇬🇧 @ReplabJohn

It's #FBPE #FollowBackProEU Saturday. This is how it works: 1. Search for accounts that use the hashtags #FBPE or… https://t.co/98422y5HlO

@Sathnam Sathnam Sanghera @Sathnam

It is estimated that around 1–2 million people died during the partition of British India. Apart from that, great c… https://t.co/U5daLZ0xRY

@Hishyeness BritArmoRemainer #FBPE 🇬🇧 🇦🇲 🇪🇺 ❄️ @Hishyeness

Brit on hols in Spain. July 2020. ➡️ Flight delayed 5 hrs? - No compensation ➡️ Kid got a fever? - No free healthc… https://t.co/tYmy7ViTx1

@MartinSLewis Martin Lewis @MartinSLewis

No it didn't have a second question saying "do you want a soft brexit or hard brexit", nor ask views on immigration… https://t.co/8ffupNJ2wn

@Phreaddie Deacon Blues @Phreaddie

This may solve two problems: Hey Ann, have you met Alex? ~ You both need to get laid. (Please use a condom though)… https://t.co/Q8Ru32zJTZ

@brianrice1981 Brian_Rice @brianrice1981

The absolute state of this. Editor lives abroad and the company is registered in Bermuda to avoid tax. How patrioti… https://t.co/Ma6bXZh80I

@EUflagmafia EU Flag Mafia @EUflagmafia

Its going to cost at least £50 Billion to leave. Lets fund the NHS instead. #FBPE #StopBrexit #NHS This week outsid… https://t.co/d7NzJLIirh

@MatthewOToole2 Matthew O'Toole @MatthewOToole2

'We've agreed to amend the amendment which prevented us from changing the date of leaving, so that we can change th… https://t.co/AX50bKMzNl

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

Death threats thanks to the @MailOnline Thank you Paul Dacre, for consistently undermining the rule of law, toler… https://t.co/hq7XwhE0vD

@cirian75 cirian75 #FBPE 🇬🇧🇪🇺🇳🇱 @cirian75

@Nigel_Farage Your are so full of shit Farage, you and your friends, the Russians, that Russian agent Arron Banks,… https://t.co/XA4gXLaCSs

@mrfgrimes1 Traitor No. 52951945🇬🇧🇪🇺 @mrfgrimes1

So you admit you’re a failure as well as a fascist loving, nonce endorsing, nicotine soaked, rancid ballsack? PS F… https://t.co/PjFljPWywA

@HMYBritanniaUK HMY Britannia #FBPE @HMYBritanniaUK

Anna Soubry receives messages calling for her to be hanged as a traitor #stopbrexit https://t.co/x6LkqkBAT1

@CitizenEURO Citizen EuroManc #FBPE @CitizenEURO

This what all of those despicable Daily Heil headlines lead to. Enough! Please support @StopFundingHate https://t.co/eHtl8dq6bQ

@nickreeves9876 Nick Reeves - #FBPE @nickreeves9876

Campaign idea: Every day Remainers should try to post at least one comment and give likes to several pro-EU tweets… https://t.co/ptNNeED8G3

@spaceangel1964 SpaceAngelforEU #FBPE @spaceangel1964

We need to maintain the pressure, so please circulate this & let's stop #DavidDavis from locking us in to the 29/03… https://t.co/JUqaKjHrK3

@RupaHuq Rupa Huq MP @RupaHuq

Brexit Secretary David Davis when asked by me for clarification on terminology tells me to get a dictionary. No won… https://t.co/wka19w8lne

@beatraxa beatraxa #FBPE @beatraxa

@mikesey1 @Parsnip15 @Mike89Bellamy @westhamfan46 @Nigel_Farage @Anna_Soubry The Cabinet itself has not yet agreed… https://t.co/nMdDTfddti

@bill_macbeth Bill MacBeth @bill_macbeth

And continue to asset strip the U.K. Wealth and place it all in their Tax Haven accounts! Hasn't the Panama and Par… https://t.co/C1OyF7IIbB

@danhett Dan Hett @danhett

RT if you had never heard this word before until literally just now. https://t.co/aR8zFN7qk6

@SethAbramson Seth Abramson @SethAbramson

As predicted here (and in many other places besides) many months ago, the Republican effort to fire Special Counsel… https://t.co/MP5k0DfQPu

@JulesWordsmith Julia Griebling ❄️#FBPE @JulesWordsmith

Well said that man! https://t.co/QxuGeueW39

@brightsider123 Helen #FBPE @brightsider123

@mikesey1 @VforVolition @Mike89Bellamy @westhamfan46 @Nigel_Farage @Anna_Soubry Brexit = Tory plot to avoid new EU… https://t.co/ndabzo4pSA

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