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@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

Congrats to the kid @nicohischier on the first star! Clearly this selection wasn’t made based on taste in music… https://t.co/n9WhKvpSfR

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

Just win baby 😈 https://t.co/hZp2luT3jN

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

I'm not trying to make a big dill out of it or anything but happy #ValentinesDay, @NJDevils fans! https://t.co/a7211SL3gI

I'm not trying to make a big dill out of...

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

My day one. It’s been a heck of a ride! #momsweekend @njdevils https://t.co/PTZhX2MpMm

@ChrisRyan_NJ Chris Ryan @ChrisRyan_NJ

Blake Coleman is 26, but he's already getting some parenting practice. "Me and Pav joke that we take our kids to… https://t.co/bxEeGf04Nu

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

Love this https://t.co/58JGy38TTA

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

Happy to gift this beautiful grandmother of mine the game puck on her 91st birthday tonight!… https://t.co/6QUdtjNHXu

@NJDevils New Jersey Devils @NJDevils

Today is #BellLetsTalk Day! Use #BellLetsTalk and Bell will donate 5¢ to Canadian mental health initiatives. https://t.co/fYgO9tR4kG

Today is #BellLetsTalk Day! Use #BellLet...

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

@Julubz This is the best thing I’ve seen all day

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

Had a great time meeting @NJDevils season ticket members yesterday. Thanks for coming out to support the boys! 👊 https://t.co/Xd9w7dw9bd

Had a great time meeting @NJDevils seaso...

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

Congrats to @Hallsy09 on representing the @NJDevils at #NHLAllStar this year! https://t.co/X70TfWcj0R

Congrats to @Hallsy09 on representing th...

@ChadLColeman Chad L Coleman @ChadLColeman

Met my long lost brother @BColes25 forward for @NJDevils. #FAMILY #whoknew https://t.co/RPCFLZY16D

Met my long lost brother @BColes25 forwa...

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

Not the result we wanted, but very thankful for the many friends and family that made it to my… https://t.co/J4Oa1RhMtx

@NJDevils New Jersey Devils @NJDevils

Deep in the ❤️ of Texas! 😈 at 🌟 🕖: 8:30PM #️⃣: #NJDvsDAL 📺: MSG 📻: TOJN Pregame Notes: https://t.co/rmNVMbIHhF https://t.co/FWww8tRz6F

Deep in the ❤️ of Texas!

😈 at 🌟
🕖: 8:30...

@MattLoug Matt Loughlin @MattLoug

Look whose name is on the wall at the rink where the @NJDevils are practicing today. Welcome home @BColes25! https://t.co/EtFaUDEgC1

Look whose name is on the wall at the ri...

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

@NHL 🙄

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

@Vitamin_G_Kush @brant_kush Better be wearing that black and red proudly!

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

2017 was a year or many memorable firsts! Here’s to the next wave of adventures that 2018 brings… https://t.co/qE8h4tOFTD

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

Christmas as a kid 🎁🛍🎁 VS. Christmas now 📦📦📦

@BriBrows22 Brian Boyle @BriBrows22

Merry Christmas! Enjoy family and friends. Remember those who cannot be with loved ones. We pray tonight for th… https://t.co/MX3VVJFgkv


"Let's go, boys. One more day to get your shopping done!" https://t.co/k9U9ljluHt

'Let's go, boys. One more day to get you...

@ChildrensSpecNJ ChildrensSpecialized @ChildrensSpecNJ

Today our friends at the @NJDevils stopped by after practice with a bag full of toys and NJ Devils gear to spread s… https://t.co/EOPobab7d3

@Jordan_Daigle Jordan Daigle @Jordan_Daigle

Keeping @bcoles25 amused with my skate skills ⛸💁🏼‍♀️#didntfalltho #win. Such a fun holiday… https://t.co/NMf1b1fox4

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

Gritty two for the boys! Back at it on Monday. #NJDevils https://t.co/MDRax8gPzF

Gritty two for the boys! Back at it on M...

@MSGNetworks MSG Networks @MSGNetworks

"Coming into this season, I wanted to come in & hit the ground running." - @BColes25 #NJDevils https://t.co/hN74UgMguH

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

When hockey becomes more than a game... incredible to witness @BriBrows22 have a big goal tonight and share that mo… https://t.co/zIZDgb55Jw

@SBrewster09 Sam Brewster @SBrewster09

@BColes25 @_2painz @NJDevils I appreciate it, bud. Will be watching and rooting for you guys tonight. Keep killing it, brother!

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

I fight for Marie Hoffman and Sam Brewster. Tonight the @NJDevils are hosting #HockeyFightsCancer Night at The Roc… https://t.co/Yh7KTTs3JU

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

Just like the Pilgrims and the Indians... except it’s the Texans and the Immigrants 🐔🍗 @… https://t.co/bgOLHBChnT

@bcoles25 Blake Coleman @bcoles25

How good does this @NJDevils #Movember team look?? The month isn't over yet - there's still time to help us raise a… https://t.co/xBAKwreex7

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