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I was made for loving you


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Twitter is more and more toxic every fucking day.

@jhopesgalaxy deepali☼| MARCH 2ND @jhopesgalaxy


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army today: jin is such a hardworking and intelligent guy getting into KU with 200:1 acceptance rate and graduated… https://t.co/vNZw8eVhd3

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

@hunjeongguk Thankyou for saying that. I hope I can spread more positivity but not everyone sees things in the same light

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

I’m too empathetic to hurt someone’s feelings like that. I hope you guys focus on loving yourself more and practice… https://t.co/8nKpXQMCla

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

Some of you guys are so mean like yea I see so much shit on here but I don’t know how you guys type such awful thin… https://t.co/5eACJRtLD3

@ehjovan jovan @ehjovan

if you were born between 1990 and 1999 you’re the most iconic we’ve been through it all we dont fit in any generati… https://t.co/aokP4ZBsvH


Hixtape track list - 1; YOU 2; BETTER 3; HYPE 4; HOSEOKS 5; MIXTAPE 6; TO 7; FUCK 8; AND 9; APPRECIATE 10; THIS 11; ART

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@ Hixtape https://t.co/dkIr5ko4Q7

@btseondan Riel🔞 @btseondan

kpop twitter is crying at weekly idol being discontinued but Armys are unbothered and celebrating lmao


Rappers still got a career in 2018? After March 2nd? I think the fuck not.

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

I KNEW IT https://t.co/FmixlNIeA1

@jhopesgalaxy deepali☼| MARCH 2ND @jhopesgalaxy

plot twist: bts dont have any hair stylists they style their hair, color their hair, and CUT their hair all on thei… https://t.co/5J5PVsRr2e

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

Jungkook pours his milk before his cereal https://t.co/ZbiRsQV4P2

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

I be damned bighit actually gave us an exact date as to when hixtape will be dropped. They’re so kind for warning a… https://t.co/XjC1Hjstsz

@naaadmd naaadmd ✨ @naaadmd

His stage presence is so powerful. You can feel his passion and energy from wherever you are #iHeartAwards… https://t.co/g5XAByOKaM

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

@vveerraaaa Bless you for feeling the same pain

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

Essays are the biggest pain in the ass why do I suck at writing https://t.co/8W5GtYiWE1

Essays are the biggest pain in the ass w...

@jiminmedia jimin media 📸 | BLACK HAIR DAY @jiminmedia

let's remember when: #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt https://t.co/WOEGMlQbqq

let's remember when:
#iHeartAwards #Best...

@baeptae kels @baeptae

this look is the reason i eat his ass https://t.co/x0OwpVJDYv

this look is the reason i eat his ass ht...


On Interlude Wings when Namjoon says “yo jay” before Hoseok comes in... fuck that’s hot.

@BTS_twt 방탄소년단 @BTS_twt

let's do it !! 😄😄 https://t.co/2M70Izb3u2

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

@pham_anne Boys are a headache #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY #iHeartAwards @BTS_twt

@EAsMochi ×|CaliCat|× @EAsMochi

@bangtanbabe7 So, WW Jin is good at everything, Tae likes onions for snacks!?, Trump sucks, and Hixtape is coming?… https://t.co/s7lxuOA23Z

@bangtanked a.ha ✨hixtape @bangtanked

@bangtanbabe7 the oxygen ions in his pockets are quaking

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

I JUST CHOKED ON MY COKE https://t.co/MICcwzx6sy

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

Onions I meant onions

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

Jin cut his hair with his own damn hands, tae keeps o ions in his pockets for snack time & trump still fucking sucks https://t.co/SYn87AtgT7

@bangtanbabe7 Amanda ♡ @bangtanbabe7

She’s probably jealous of your rack https://t.co/EctR3SO9vj

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