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Definition of a Socialist: Someone who wants everything you have...except your job.


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@babsnation Barb @babsnation

Bald, pasty old guy trying to do Angry White Man. #TheirABC #Auspol https://t.co/FFtXyUmwJ5

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

The #SSM Yes campaigners so far: "DON'T VOTE! (Oh wait, forget that)" "PUT GLITTER IN THE ENVELOPE!! (Oh wait, forget that)" "UM..." #Auspol

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

LOFL! Poor, irrelevant Mr Lisa Wilkinson, @Peter_Fitz, is again handing out assignments and instructing his dopey followers to "discuss".

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

.@SkyNewsAust When "actors" stop shoving their personal politics, I'll stop ripping them off. Until then, suck it up, dickheads! #FridayShow

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

#FridayShow https://t.co/FQ3XlgPlZs

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

#FridayShow https://t.co/mtEoBfPx4j

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

#TheFridayShow "Dressed up like a million dollar trooper!" Bernie: #SOOOPERDOOOOPERTHUMPTHUMP #Grrrrr #AngryBernie #Sneer @BernardKeane

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

@BilltheBrave I'm pretty sure that f'wit who dresses up like a pirate has Ned's birthday pinged as the new Australia Day. @AusRepublic

@BilltheBrave Bill the Brave @BilltheBrave

@BabsNation We could start with that cop killer Dead Ned! :-)

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

#TheFridayShow #Grrrrr #Stare #Blink #Grrrrr Oh, Bernie, you're so darned cute!!! #Blink #Grrrrr #Grrrrr #Grrrrr @BernardKeane

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

#TheFridayShow. LOFL. Australia's angriest white man Bernie @BernardKeane about to unleash on angry white men. Always a hoot! #Grrr #Stare

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

What the freaking hell is wrong with you stupid people??? #TheirABC - Make Australia America. #TheDrum #Auspol https://t.co/edKGRQ1h5D

@Cutto1 Cutto @Cutto1

@BabsNation https://t.co/qYtBgUuNkp

@BabsNation  https://t.co/qYtBgUuNkp

@ToomeyWright Eileen Toomey-Wright @ToomeyWright

@AlanJones @Oz566 Just imagine how many trauma counsellors the ABC had on hand for the Trump election win. Must have been thousands.

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

Isn't your "religion of peace" just sooooooooo much fun. #Barcelona https://t.co/mjA3J6ihuf

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

Found a job yet, Mikey??? #Auspol RT @MikeCarlton01 Been an outstanding week for Right Wing Fuckwits

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

@davidlipson Couldn't have just called one of #TheirABC's 65 taxpayer-funded "SSM trauma" counsellors? #TalkAboutAbsurd #Auspol

@LaborFAIL LaborFAILED (delcon) @LaborFAIL

Media Islamic appeasers dont want us to provoke. Burqa -no probs. Multiple wives - no probs. Child marriages - no probs Where does it end.

@AlanJones Alan Jones @AlanJones

The ABC has 65 counsellors and a help line for staff who may be traumatised by the same sex marriage debate. They CANNOT be serious. #auspol

@Balinteractive Jaime Jessop @Balinteractive

Not again. Yes again. And again. And again. They won't stop. neither will our traitorous politicians stop giving t… https://t.co/ZDnSYkS8oU

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

@peterwhill1 Great margarita happy hours!! #Riverwalk

@iowahawkblog David Burge @iowahawkblog

The blanket-blaming of people for car attacks has been suspended until further notice

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

Has islamist @MariamVeiszadeh tweeted how she's in tears and fired up her #PrayForBarcelona hashtag yet?

@Helpnight Heleana #ExLiberal @Helpnight

Adam Bandt supports women being shackled by Misogynist garments that removes their identity & participation. Anti w… https://t.co/vjPVesNL55

@babsnation Barb @babsnation

On holiday in San Antonio, Riverwalk. Masses of muslim women shrouded head-to-toe in black staying 10 steps behind… https://t.co/pLY4BvFfgI

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