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@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

Happy #StPatricksDay from me and Louboutina @TheHuggingDog Sláinte https://t.co/jPK3oAacvo

Happy #StPatricksDay from me and Loubout...

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

Two defenders of American democracy. @brooklynmuseum https://t.co/kOez1S2Z8M

Two defenders of American democracy. @br...

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

I’ve seen the future and it’s not appetizing. https://t.co/mlytoUz0Qg

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

Waiting for all his branded properties to be abandoned like the tacky casinos he left in Atlantic City. https://t.co/G9nGaqfxsL

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

A tale of two approaches to one very scary situation. https://t.co/o25apxnNlQ

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

When you get to see #davidbowieisbkm with the grandgirls! https://t.co/gkCtxvJVWo

When you get to see #davidbowieisbkm wit...

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@Sifting4ZTruth @brooklynmuseum Baby girl! Waiting to go up now! Great to see you here!

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@nire_ffen @brooklynmuseum I will. If you see posts in the next few hours it's because I scheduled them. Ciao for now.

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

The more the Don’s lawyers try to quash the porn star, the more publicity it attracts attesting to a man who paid t… https://t.co/sINUg9THQP

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@Lady_Star_Gem @brooklynmuseum @DavidBowieReal Hey Gem. I know you love Bowie. If I can, I will grab some snaps for you.

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

He fired McCabe via Sessions. He has his ‘personal’ lawyer praying for Mueller’s probe to end. He is #GuiltyAF… https://t.co/zEqUbgRPhy

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet


@zflowrpowr Dave 🌊 @zflowrpowr

@ScottHech @jenn_budd @GOP @RepMaxineWaters Paradoxical Insanity: Flynn showing up to speak and support the East Va… https://t.co/QsF5PhjGJn

@boyndog A L Katz @boyndog

Remind the class, everyone, who did McCabe work for - and whose firing did he observe with all its aftermath and fa… https://t.co/xE6BkiuA4A

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@mpeachdorange No one ever has made more of politicizing the bureau than the guilty one in the WH now.

@mpeachdorange fortyfive* @mpeachdorange

@B52Malmet Read the last sentence. Donnie is a disrespectful oaf! https://t.co/yrwg5Q5uR3

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@MissWoke Sadly the reference is lost on me. Never read Harry Potter after the first 25 pages of the first book. Bu… https://t.co/1Y1vwOZHGs

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

It’s Saturday. It’s #StPatricksDay. Is it gonna be a massacre? The #BullyInChief doesn’t realize the strength in ou… https://t.co/QFHGTwv64i

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@joncoopertweets #BadgeOfHonor. I know you are an everything and Michael Cohen is a nothing.

@joncoopertweets Jon Cooper 🌊 @joncoopertweets

Awww...I guess Trump’s as*hole attorney Michael Cohen didn’t like being included in my latest Twitter poll about th… https://t.co/JeCWJT6bOE

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@LauraRoslin2017 Back at you Madame President.

@LauraRoslin2017 PresidentRoslin 🌊 @LauraRoslin2017

Happy #StPatricksDay to #TheResistance Honored to stand beside you! #Galactica https://t.co/baGeg5PFSE

Happy #StPatricksDay to #TheResistance...

@ACJJustice ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿ Justice Johnson╤ @ACJJustice

@realDonaldTrump Hey, you small-minded, sick, vindictive MFer...your corrupt ways may have worked with the… https://t.co/RNa1Rt77RN

@didikins4life diane straub @didikins4life

Americans across the country can’t be fooled: the debt-exploding GOP tax scam puts Medicare and Medicaid on the cho… https://t.co/CoPoNRPmd3

@Realityshaken Mera🌊 @Realityshaken

@RepSwalwell Trump is done, he and all his little russian traitor GOP buddies are going to rue their ways. Sessions… https://t.co/x06Pzb2rMX

@Havok_2018 Havok 2018 💥🇺🇸🇨🇮 @Havok_2018

@NatCookResists I will say this, and I know circumstances are different, but when Nixon fired his Special Counsel i… https://t.co/BkPu6BaTej

@AdamaEsq Adam A. ''Adama'' Fernandez 🗽🇺🇸🇵🇷 @AdamaEsq

🚨Reports coming in that Trump's lawyer called #Rosenstein this morning, requested firing #Mueller. Looks like… https://t.co/zjfQhoFhXv

@MarkWarner Mark Warner @MarkWarner

Every member of Congress, Republican and Democrat, needs to speak up in defense of the Special Counsel. Now. https://t.co/bg9pVtkdOv

@DHStokyo Tokyo Sand @DHStokyo

Are you at a #StPatricksDay party today? Well, be sure to put down the green beer for a minute and have everyone th… https://t.co/1XFt1jhTph

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet


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