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Artist, Activist, Filmmaker, Mentor, #BlizzardOfUS #B52TweetsHere #BlueWave2018 💙

New York, NY

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@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@ChristieLafran1 @thenation Thanks. Hope to.

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@ShaunaSkepteon @thenation Thanks Shauna.

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

#TreasonSeason lasts at least till Spring. @CNNPolitics https://t.co/rvH30tCdQm

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

As I fall asleep, my thoughts turn to Paul. Where is he? How much does his GPS jewelry cost us? Let's revisit this… https://t.co/CKD6H615AO

@1912Fenway Teri Shockey @1912Fenway

Millions of Americans will become eligible to vote this year. If you know/are one of them, I urge you to inquire ab… https://t.co/MHRrYordAP

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

The president* and the porn star. The president* and the Putin. The president* and the shit-hole. The p… https://t.co/Rf8PMMBiZl

@scottf6f Scott M. @scottf6f

Sure appears so, the large money folks will need to be dismantled. 6 houses, lake cottages, big boats, private… https://t.co/ILdCLpFSo1

@B52Malmet Barbara Malmet @B52Malmet

#WeAreTheResistance we march on Saturday. #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/bPqpE9cgAf

#WeAreTheResistance we march on Saturday...

@B52Malmet Barbara Malmet @B52Malmet

Would you take 10k from Donnie to do the nasty? Jessica Drake, remember that name. Right up there with Stormy Danie… https://t.co/l060Y8AZPx

@NickyNicoleSki 🇺🇸 Nicole Ski 🇺🇸 @NickyNicoleSki

@B52Malmet On standby... Ready to scramble! https://t.co/Xwu5YgrPKh

@B52Malmet On standby... Ready to scramb...

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@tweakyourpc It’s one of my things. I just like the sound of alliteration.

@tweakyourpc Chris Davis 🌊 @tweakyourpc

al·lit·er·a·tion /əˌlidəˈrāSH(ə)n/ @B52Malmet https://t.co/uzP6JScicu

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

#IStandWithHaiti as the #RacistInChief takes another stab at a whole country. What say you @RepMiaLove ? https://t.co/VHlNpOiNf1

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@ChristieLafran1 @mmjblair Scottish.

@RoseResists214 Rose Tyler 🌹🐺⏳🌈🌊 @RoseResists214

@B52Malmet Only a matter of time. Justice will be served indeed.. and a blue wave will be here in no time to help w… https://t.co/MMYzFiMiN2

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@taradublinrocks #DoucheCanoeDonnie does damage daily.

@taradublinrocks Tara “Stable Genius” Dublin @taradublinrocks

Oh, so he created an awards show so he could then win them all, typical #FakeNewsAwards #ImpeachTrump https://t.co/2HVQ11LCDn

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

Just so you know. In case... https://t.co/HgAcWuOCcq

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

Donnie thinks he’s above the law. But, he isn’t. Justice will be served. https://t.co/qtDzygMMja

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

Do take a minute to read through this short piece by my friend Michael. He’s not from around these parts, but he se… https://t.co/lqnHcVzCGZ

@KottiPillar Stone Cold Pillar @KottiPillar

All, please follow and help spread the word for @AVoiceForAllGA. There is a major battle of good vs evil going on i… https://t.co/1mSp8M1ZyB

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@WomanResistorNC @DebButlerHD18 Thanks for sending us a great candidate to support. I am following Deb now. The… https://t.co/mwXnhn5JgA

@WomanResistorNC 🔨Morpheus Resists🔨 @WomanResistorNC

Follow Deb Butler @DebButlerHD18 NC #BlueWave Follow her on FB: https://t.co/xLs0tmvHRc Check out her webpage too:… https://t.co/k4LKEx10Qv

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@maherk360 @JohnCassidy has written a piece that breaks it down for us, and it is not pretty. The dark money donors… https://t.co/5sFNRERbIV

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@JCTheResistance @joshuamahony @TheRickyDavila Thanks for bringing Josh to our attention Jamie. Followed.

@JCTheResistance Jamie Carter ❄ TrumpIsNotAboveTheLaw.org @JCTheResistance

Did you know that Womack has not had a Democratic challenger since 2010? That's all changed! Meet @joshuamahony… https://t.co/h96T54ncem

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@MissNyetTrump Thank you for saying so. #NYC is one big location, 8 million stories to be told. Each one unique. I… https://t.co/XPNex44J0D

@MissNyetTrump Miss NyetTrump 📎❄️🇦🇺 @MissNyetTrump

@B52Malmet Beautiful words and photo xo

@b52malmet Barbara Malmet @b52malmet

@carlettej1 @DemWrite @jacksnowknows It’s our America. Ours. It’s why we resist these days of the darkening.

@ThomasPresley Thomas James Presley @ThomasPresley

Guys are we like six months from an earth shattering politically fraught historical moment Or no? https://t.co/ShT6i9G797

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