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My wife and I run away from our home and kids. Then we run back. ;) @charitymiles @autismspeaks https://t.co/A2dJNznpff

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@SomeonesAnIdiot Someone's An Idiot @SomeonesAnIdiot

Yahoo made a meme and didn’t even use their own search engine https://t.co/P0b0oRIY4O

@automaticg Greg Horstmann @automaticg

Only thing constant is change https://t.co/W9PInOHMBO

@davidhogg111 David Hogg @davidhogg111

As @MichaelSkolnik says, the young people will win. https://t.co/SqVRuaeQo1

As @MichaelSkolnik says, the young peopl...

@ESPNStatsInfo ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo

Only two players in NBA history have averaged 30 points per game in the playoffs - Michael Jordan and Anthony Davis. https://t.co/1Y2fzyyozu

Only two players in NBA history have ave...

@wikileaks WikiLeaks @wikileaks

¡Que vienen los hackers rusos! https://t.co/IgeACY0gcA

@StChasCitySch StCharlesCitySchools @StChasCitySch

SCSD alum Noah Elliott being recognized for his achievements at last night's city council meeting! https://t.co/swt82VB12p

@automaticg Greg Horstmann @automaticg

Who is the odd man out on the major league team? https://t.co/pSzA82DLv8

@shkeengolf Shauheen Nakhjavani @shkeengolf

Get the face under control and the CoM behind you and you can easily get the hands to exit IN, UP and AROUND your b… https://t.co/MNy6oEIv0v

@starwrsarchive star wars archive @starwrsarchive

official 'solo: a star wars story' (2018) poster! https://t.co/zu4aNjYf5X

official 'solo: a star wars story' (2018...

@JohnFugelsang John Fugelsang @JohnFugelsang

Tom Petty and Prince https://t.co/i5y85r82ny

Tom Petty and Prince https://t.co/i5y85r...

@sraichlen Steven Raichlen @sraichlen

Want to attain burger nirvana? Follow these steps: https://t.co/yllLyOPxvW https://t.co/CZXzZRiHWl

Want to attain burger nirvana? Follow th...

@kanyewest KANYE WEST @kanyewest

it's not where you take things from. It's where you take them to


Our 15 best breakfast recipes that taste better in a cast-iron skillet https://t.co/jBA2VooX7n https://t.co/ekDOsptl8V

Our 15 best breakfast recipes that taste...

@jamiesmart Jamie Smart @jamiesmart

Gene Wilder shrieking at a boat full of terrified children sailing on a hallucinogenic dysentery river.More kids movies like this plz #wonka

@automaticg Greg Horstmann @automaticg

https://t.co/wEnvvCN53q @RamsNFL @Arsenal @nuggets https://t.co/yqYh4aP0dF

https://t.co/wEnvvCN53q @RamsNFL @Arsena...

@nycjim Jim Roberts @nycjim

Big. https://t.co/X09KQt8heH

@automaticg Greg Horstmann @automaticg

Heck yes it worked out. Wouldn’t want that albatross contract. Just..memorable https://t.co/Kx1qhECnHt

@automaticg Greg Horstmann @automaticg

Most memorable play: Large disloyal payday in Dec 2011 https://t.co/Bf0YT4IbkX

@automaticg Greg Horstmann @automaticg

5.1 @CharityMiles for @autismspeaks. Thx @Jackrabbit for sponsoring me. #EveryMileMatters https://t.co/VACte60NwQ https://t.co/HDOcqyDTja

5.1 @CharityMiles for @autismspeaks. Thx...

@scalzi John Scalzi @scalzi

The hotel room I'm in has a rum body wash, a peppermint shampoo and a cilantro conditioner, and right now I smell l… https://t.co/L0kluTVVsA

@jennafischer Jenna Fischer @jennafischer

Please read. https://t.co/aQjAF5v7yX

Please read. https://t.co/aQjAF5v7yX

@UncleCharlie50 Adam Wainwright @UncleCharlie50

Just your average April 18th Day.... https://t.co/CEXy8dfnbK

Just your average April 18th Day.... htt...

@pacmanface8 Dante of the Deepest State @pacmanface8

26-year-old Diante Yarber was gunned down on April 5th by officers inquiring about a stolen car, The Guardian repor… https://t.co/WfdEOpcU0b

@wyshynski Greg Wyshynski @wyshynski

Tim Peel making Tim Peel things happen here in Jersey.

@HistoryInPics History In Pictures @HistoryInPics

East German soldier helping a boy cross the new Berlin Wall, to reunite with his family. 1961. https://t.co/rjiPbxnyMP

East German soldier helping a boy cross...

@Inc Inc. @Inc

Confused by blockchain? Here's the technology broken down in plain English. https://t.co/Wq4z2s6Uln

@dt1979 Donna Turvey @dt1979

@seannwalsh Pink themed day for cancer research... My son sprayed his hair pink (wash out spray)... They sent him home 😂😂😂

@seannwalsh Seann Walsh @seannwalsh

A letter from my dad to a teacher during my school years. I think the appropriate emojis are 😂 and 🙈. “Life’s hard… https://t.co/pg1mo7L9Cj

@automaticg Greg Horstmann @automaticg

6.5 @CharityMiles for @autismspeaks. Thanks to @FourSigmatic. #EveryMileMatters #Superfoods https://t.co/KHFbzGGSsG

6.5 @CharityMiles for @autismspeaks. Tha...

@ZekeJMiller Zeke Miller @ZekeJMiller

This is not what he told Lester Holt days after firing Comey https://t.co/fRrBrP3gro

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