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Husband. Dad. News Director at @kark4news @fox16news in Little Rock, Arkansas akellerman@nexstar.tv #Team20 #ARNews #ARDeclareVictory

Little Rock, AR

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@austinkellerman Austin Kellerman @austinkellerman

Wetteland is on a side you can’t see. I believe Greer is on there too. 98 makes sense.

@PriceMcKeon Price McKeon @PriceMcKeon

Affidavit for warrant of arrest for hospital employee who police say helped state hospital patient leave without pe… https://t.co/QZhPeNXAy4

@austinkellerman Austin Kellerman @austinkellerman

@KARKMark going through closet prepping for garage sale. This is a Rangers team ball. Maybe 96? https://t.co/iNsQcjVGIm

@KARKMark going through closet prepping...

@DrewPetrimoulx Drew Petrimoulx @DrewPetrimoulx

WATCH: @SenTomCotton files bill to crack down on fentanyl dealers, but some worry addicts will get caught up. https://t.co/kZJzkSMeoX

WATCH: @SenTomCotton files bill to crack...

@DavidBegnaud David Begnaud @DavidBegnaud

CBS News has learned that suspected bomber Mark Conditt said “I wish I was sorry but I’m not” for planting bombs th… https://t.co/Ch14oDo1Hk

@AndyMPederson Andy Pederson @AndyMPederson

Looking for #journalismjobs @MyArkLaMiss has an opening for an MMJ/Reporter. Go to https://t.co/gVo8dY8QdY & fill o… https://t.co/HmfDS8rSTE

@austinkellerman Austin Kellerman @austinkellerman

Congrats on the new gig @ryanminnaugh! Welcome to the #Nexstar family! #tvnews

@NBCSports NBC Sports @NBCSports

HUGS ALL AROUND 🤗❤️ #MarchMadness https://t.co/md8WkX3BfZ

#MarchMadness https:...

@DrewPetrimoulx Drew Petrimoulx @DrewPetrimoulx

.@SenTomCotton compares fentanyl to weapons of mass destruction as he introduces bill to increase mandatory minimum… https://t.co/2q8yx6oihK

@SusanneBrunner Susanne Brunner @SusanneBrunner

#BREAKING U.S. Marshals and NLRPD arrested Kenneth Johnson, 21, at the Motel 6 in North Little Rock. There was a st… https://t.co/Sgjnkyyp6h

@austinkellerman Austin Kellerman @austinkellerman

Congrats @HattonWeeks! Awesome news! 💪🏻

@cmrabbitt Caroline Tabler @cmrabbitt

.@SenTomCotton talks about his bill to increase penalties for Fentanyl distribution and trafficking. https://t.co/suvUIGrVsS

.@SenTomCotton talks about his bill to i...

@jkremer5 Jillian Kremer @jkremer5

In weird Arkansas news, jail inmates are caring for nearly 200 roosters who were seized in a raid on a cockfighting… https://t.co/y7sXcfihiq

@austinkellerman Austin Kellerman @austinkellerman

“His plan is to become a teacher, just like his mom.” Powerful stuff from @stephmsharp looking at 20 years since W… https://t.co/nwqfhVLcYY

@ClintMyles Clinton McDonald @ClintMyles

Thank you to the @Buccaneers as well as the Tampa Bay Community for being an intricate part of my career over the l… https://t.co/7L8kSQ5YN8

@GregYarbrough Greg Yarbrough @GregYarbrough

20 years after the Westside Middle School shootings in Craighead County killed 4 students and 1 teacher, hear from… https://t.co/ueFO4zHAuI

@austinkellerman Austin Kellerman @austinkellerman

HISTORY: On this day in 1965, more than 3,000 marchers begin journey to protest laws limiting African-American voti… https://t.co/A9QR1SrbsG

@stephmsharp Stephanie Sharp @stephmsharp

Law enforcement agencies across the state of Arkansas are coming together at the Capitol to fight the opioid epidem… https://t.co/bLjXevsYC2

@MitchellMcCoy Mitchell McCoy @MitchellMcCoy

JUST IN: New photos of Arkansas State Hospital staffer and patient officials say she walked out with Tuesday mornin… https://t.co/x77YRcPmQ3

@thatdavisonboy D A V I S O N @thatdavisonboy

Tickets for my debut show are now on sale guys!!! $20 VIP going fast!! https://t.co/Q1JJ4UEdEg


BREAKING: Austin serial bombing suspect identified as 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt, according to two law enforc… https://t.co/23jEVeT7Lh

@austinkellerman Austin Kellerman @austinkellerman

Update: Austin Bombing Suspect Dead After Blowing Himself Up https://t.co/aIbavEcfbT https://t.co/6F98lYTNkz

Update: Austin Bombing Suspect Dead Afte...

@austinkellerman Austin Kellerman @austinkellerman

“The key to long-term, impactful success is to never be full. Stay focused and hungry...” - @TheRock #EarnTheDay… https://t.co/nSOiv7k0Uj

@DavidBegnaud David Begnaud @DavidBegnaud

As we set out to tell our final broadcast story from Puerto Rico, we spotted an elderly couple fetching water from… https://t.co/DqQezunqWl

@wfaaizzy Cynthia Izaguirre @wfaaizzy

“Everybody’s on edge. People are scared. You would be too,” Austin resident Breschard Hall tells our @JasonWhitely… https://t.co/sMWalTN6B9

@KXAN_News KXAN News @KXAN_News

UPDATE: @Austin_Police say they have no reason to believe Brodie Lane incident is related to previous package bombs… https://t.co/24TpB5GmcQ

@_MattSewell Matthew Sewell @_MattSewell

#BREAKING: 6th explosion in Austin,TX. Follow LIVE coverage from our sister station @KXAN_News. LINK:… https://t.co/LHFuDNxsLV

@MitchellMcCoy Mitchell McCoy @MitchellMcCoy

I'm finding another court document that shows he was charged with attempted kidnapping. Charges may have changed. I… https://t.co/KiQJxDGNoR

@MitchellMcCoy Mitchell McCoy @MitchellMcCoy

#BREAKING: Patient who allegedly walked out with Arkansas State Hospital Doctor appears to have previous kidnapping… https://t.co/vCHhl9UNyf

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