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Think positiv and sometimes crazy! I'm Not perfect but that's great 😸🤘 #twdfamily, #bigbaldhead, #jdmorgan, @NormansCat, supernatural, game of thrones

Rostock, Deutschland 🇩🇪

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@annedo55 Anna @annedo55

Ok today we are moving, so I won't be on here much. Enjoy your weekend beautiful people! 😘 ♥ @crazymom50 @Merve_TWD… https://t.co/vgmIn4QXc6

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#FFNashville! Don't miss out on photo ops with @wwwbigbaldhead and MORE of your favorite guests! Get yours NOW at… https://t.co/4F1TGIl7o0

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#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Finale looked a LOT like the comics: https://t.co/Sz9PBaw406 https://t.co/VgwYk6iGaq

#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Finale looked a...

@ComicBook Comicbook.com @ComicBook

ICYMI: #TheWalkingDead star @JDMorgan would be "more than happy" to explore Negan before the zombie apocalypse. Neg… https://t.co/M8B9eJLllh

@ComicBook Comicbook.com @ComicBook

Where the **** were #TheWalkingDead's F-words in season 8? https://t.co/NOnsgYCsTg https://t.co/hLg2LpTQ9E

Where the **** were #TheWalkingDead's F-...

@aurora20103 Susann Lange @aurora20103

@candysandra78 @t3V86HdVkCVP7oK - Happy to have you in my community :) #Thanks #HighValueMembers - 📈Get #Website Tr… https://t.co/LjnuGVFTOY

@aurora20103 Susann Lange @aurora20103

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@aurora20103 Susann Lange @aurora20103

@ldavisusa @elvismama97 #FF, thanks for being my top recently engaged followers in the last week :) - 📈Get More Twi… https://t.co/oedAfHxGuI

@aurora20103 Susann Lange @aurora20103

@fuckedchic Same to ya sweetheart ❤️😘✌🏻

@fuckedchic MISS J BRIGGS @fuckedchic

@aurora20103 Thank you love you to sweetie take care 💞🙏🤗😘

@aurora20103 Susann Lange @aurora20103

@jvickydiane ❤️😘❤️❤️❤️

@jvickydiane diane j goldberg @jvickydiane

@aurora20103 I will thanks friend same here for me 2 sweetie. https://t.co/yaN1OJy8u0

@aurora20103 I will thanks friend same h...

@aurora20103 Susann Lange @aurora20103

@fuckedchic Love ya too sweetheart ❤️😘😍

@fuckedchic MISS J BRIGGS @fuckedchic

@aurora20103 WOW always amazing beautiful work loving the frog Good morning hello .Good to know yes thank you okay… https://t.co/8ZYaCc9rsQ

@aurora20103 Susann Lange @aurora20103

@jvickydiane - Happy to have you in my community :) - 🚀Grow your followers with https://t.co/Y9yOtPTMFA

@aurora20103 Susann Lange @aurora20103

@fuckedchic Morning sweetheart ❤️😘hope you too 🤗 Same to ya sweetheart 🤗✌🏻 https://t.co/MRpZMRlNFy

@fuckedchic Morning sweetheart ❤️😘hope y...

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