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Ran Medicare/caid & ACA for 44. Board Chair, @usofcare. Investing in solutions for under-served populations . @usatoday, columnist. My opinions.

Edina, MN and Washington, DC

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@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

He obviously needs to put a proper space after his commas.

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

IDEA: How about we reverse the tax cuts so Anthony Borges doesn’t need a damn gofundme page for his medical care an… https://t.co/3X1x9TmdZQ

@ASlavitt Andy Slavitt @ASlavitt

What am I doing for President’s day? Going to Chicago to stump for someone who will hold the President accountable… https://t.co/lsu5bIPBce

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

I swear, there’s a whole side of Twitter I never see. https://t.co/yktYFCTE3s

@SamuelAAdams Sam Adams @SamuelAAdams

Teenagers who were almost murdered four days ago are leading the nation on gun control. The head of Trump’s EPA is afraid to fly coach.

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

Two things are clear: 1. The writing is on the wall for coverage expansion. 2. These conservative provisions are… https://t.co/6yP3oJbaKn

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

BREAKING: Virginia legislature includes Medicaid expansion in their budget. Would cover more but has a number of c… https://t.co/fWGxIhhSlu

@renato_mariotti Renato Mariotti @renato_mariotti

2/ Andy is leading the #Resistance to the Republican attempts to destroy the Affordable Care Act. This is a persona… https://t.co/4eW3pd7xxm

@byron_auguste Byron Auguste @byron_auguste

"A Republic ... if you can keep it". - Benjamin Franklin (September 1787) https://t.co/WHjItamTwn

'A Republic ... if you can keep it'....

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

Congratulations. Making this tragedy about you @marcorubio makes you good GOP presidential stock. https://t.co/K0P1qKDmRC

@PhilipRucker Philip Rucker @PhilipRucker

“Would you feel as though your Second Amendment rights would be eroded because you couldn’t buy a God darned AR-15?… https://t.co/zOhZe10wjQ

@RWPUSA Richard W. Painter @RWPUSA

The real deal is @AngieCraigMN. She has the courage to run in a heavily rural district MN-2 and against the NRA ins… https://t.co/k8QFhzCV3V

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

.@matthewjdowd is right. What so many Americans I talk to want is a leader who will protect our country from aggr… https://t.co/TRViD1INPP

@shannonrwatts Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts

.@MomsDemand and @Everytown along with @GiffordsCourage applaud Parkland students hosting marches in DC and across… https://t.co/1daEybeGPb

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

@emma_sandoe @mhstein You couldn’t be nicer (or cooler or smarter).

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

@EGolberstein @onceuponA I’m always slightly surprised that people actually exist. Then, all good.

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

@hattie09ky I understand that input and concern. I do. I hope you will find this effort will be part of speeding th… https://t.co/eVgHqBAg9s

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

If we don’t retaliate against the Russians now, enforce sanctions, and take dramatic action to protect our next ele… https://t.co/lnIDh6kx7R

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

@RoseannMilano Yes, last night. And a few other times. Great each time.

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

@onceuponA What’s your answer?

@mattbc #MedicaidMatt @mattbc

Lobbyists have 💰 but we have each other ♿️👩‍👩‍👧‍👦✊🏽 It's up to us to tell them #HandsOffMyADA. 1. Call your Senator… https://t.co/QGDfWBfl9y

@JesseFFerguson Jesse Ferguson @JesseFFerguson

Read this. Trust me. This is where we are. And the President and Congress wants to do nothing about it.… https://t.co/iu1GDZ20u6

@goldengateblond shauna @goldengateblond

I miss his heart. I miss his quiet dignity. (h/t @Marmel) https://t.co/vrkfH2suWz https://t.co/hPMTGTCtEX

I miss his heart. I miss his quiet digni...

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

@DavidYankovich Easier start to a relationship

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt


@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

@KavsabrinaK Deal

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

@JackieC1989 Politifact says: true.

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

@d_twit Shock

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

Ever meet someone IRL you had known on Twitter for more than a year? Anything surprise you?

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