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President All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen Party & Member of Parliament Lok Sabha (Hyderabad Constituency) Barrister-at-Law (Lincolns Inn), England


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@MilanV Milan Vaishnav @MilanV

A.G. Noorani has a column in @dawn_com on the nexus between criminals and politicians in India. I recall someone on… https://t.co/4mdTXUQxy4

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

India under a weight of suffocating cowardice https://t.co/aoxGCCOfEi

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

Will the “Nationalist” take note I guess they do not want auction & not bothered even if nation looses 4.77 lakh cr… https://t.co/fT5820H4iG

@AliuddinAquil Aliuddin @AliuddinAquil

#AIMIM Chief @asadowaisi complete speech at Sambhal UP today https://t.co/TyVk5LOlkA


WATCH:Angry passenger shouts at Union Minister KJ Alphons at Imphal Airport after flights were delayed due to VVIP… https://t.co/Ss0gRgobdU

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

Three Nagpada kids waited years for a holiday, a recent trip to Aksa beach has them overjoyed https://t.co/gVqFs0cfAd via @IndianExpress

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

@Ashi_IndiaToday RSS & its affiliates org say Reservation cannot be given on basis of religion then what is Article… https://t.co/AyNnyl8gq0

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

Will BJP governments of Rajasthan ,Haryana ,Gujrat,Maharashtra categorically that Gujjars,Jats,Patel’s.Marathas are… https://t.co/68Sb0Uue3t

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

@Ashi_IndiaToday Can congress accept that Patel’s / Patidars are socially & educationally backward than Muslims of… https://t.co/qTbm6VQgde

@syedsulaiman92 Syed Sulaiman @syedsulaiman92

AIMIM Party President Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi addressed a Public Meeting in Sambhal , Uttar Pradesh... https://t.co/8LIATNssrH

AIMIM Party President Barrister Asaduddi...

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Rs 500 crore plus spent on tv, radio, newspaper advts for Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. @AroonDeep finds through RTI… https://t.co/7BeCEkQNVE

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

Hardik Patel says Congress has agreed to give Patidar community JAI Ho,Reservation not for Muslims who r socially&… https://t.co/3cY1MAZy4L

@IndianExpress The Indian Express @IndianExpress

Gujarat elections have traditionally had a low count of Muslim candidates. Muslims make up 9.67% of the population… https://t.co/gtAdYqSGPW

@legaljournalist Murali Krishnan @legaljournalist

The allegations against this man keep coming. Two years ago Sr. Dushyant Dave had strongly opposed his elevation to… https://t.co/FML4DxPaGl

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This is a massive scandal https://t.co/FjyKbyOvYE

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi


@QuadriGaffar Dr.Gaffar Quadri @QuadriGaffar

Jalsa On #Shahid-E-Azam Hazrat #Tipu Sultan R. @asadowaisi @Tipus_Sword https://t.co/hsv5cNxUwW

Jalsa On #Shahid-E-Azam Hazrat #Tipu Sul...

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

@MinIT_Telangana sir kindly also visit BHOLAKPUR ward in your today’s tour of MUSHEERABAD Assembly constituency as… https://t.co/398fraL03X

@seemay seema chishti @seemay

Look at CBI’s "lack of integrity". Cites Asthana's appointment. London Prof writes brief to defend Vijay Mallya. https://t.co/AJcNlWL4VA

@AlamTanweer Tanweer Alam @AlamTanweer

Police targeting relatives of lynch-mob victims instead of the attackers https://t.co/hTfTqy9NEb

@WorldofSufis Sufi World @WorldofSufis

Rabīʿ al-ʾawwal means the first spring, it is a month where the flowers bloom and blossom and for the people of Lov… https://t.co/RYgj3R2KpG

@syedsulaiman92 Syed Sulaiman @syedsulaiman92

AIMIM Party President Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi addressed Tipu Sultan Conference at Urdu Maskan Salar e Millat Aud… https://t.co/l9K141KEaF

@AliuddinAquil Aliuddin @AliuddinAquil

Life of Great Freedom Fighter Hazrat Tipu Sultan RTA is like Beacon for the Nation. Misleading Propaganda of Sangh… https://t.co/sVEVBQkzt3

@mohanguruswamy Mohan Guruswamy @mohanguruswamy

RAFALE (36) TO RAFALE (126) COMPARISON. The Indian Air Force was hoping for a minimum of 80 Dassault Rafale... https://t.co/X3AE8OrPKN

@rahulsingh1966 Rahul Singh @rahulsingh1966

This angers me no end. We shd tell US - no more weapons or vaccines from u. "US Depart­­ment of Defence persuaded… https://t.co/otcR8H1rRj

@VC_NALSAR Faizan Mustafa @VC_NALSAR

I had the privilege of working under him. He is indeed highly knowledgeable upright and bold Judge. https://t.co/Pu15fYIl2a

@sanjayuvacha SANJAY HEGDE @sanjayuvacha

An interview with one of the most forthright judges of recent times, in the Supreme Court https://t.co/MgOzijosx6

@indscribe Shams Ur Rehman Alavi @indscribe

Meanwhile, a woman belonging to Pardhi tribe who self-immolated as cops were extorting from her family, dies. No ca… https://t.co/581mVz1Mlk

@sharmanagendar Nagendar Sharma @sharmanagendar

BJP & Congress in neck & neck race to please fringe groups by attacking #Padmavati Both parties indulging in shameful doublespeak

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi


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