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President All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen Party & Member of Parliament Lok Sabha (Hyderabad Constituency) Barrister-at-Law (Lincolns Inn), England


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#AIMIM Chief @asadowaisi meets Telangana Dy. CM, discusses education for minority I Outlook https://t.co/P9jXaf3SOd

@DrAMSinghvi Abhishek Singhvi @DrAMSinghvi

My Statement on @nsitharaman 's ill considered, ignorant and patently false allegations #NiravModi https://t.co/dFZZvGtmEj

My Statement on @nsitharaman 's ill cons...

@IndiaToday India Today @IndiaToday

Congress leader @DrAMSinghvi threatens to file lawsuit against Defence Minister @nsitharaman (By @Supriya23bh) https://t.co/QNwYC4lNUA

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

How Heroic Indian-Origin Teacher Saved Many During Florida Shooting https://t.co/H3PBeMrKZJ

@kaul_vivek Vivek @kaul_vivek

Diamonds initially attracted a GST of 3%. Was later reduced to 0.25%. Branded sanitary napkins continue to be taxed… https://t.co/1ioKN5TCCC

@iScrew TheAgeOfBananas @iScrew

No one understood what Modi meant when he said: ‘You gave Congress 60 years, give me just 60 months’. Now the crypt… https://t.co/RDBHIqtDgn

@BDHCHAbhilash Abhilash Puzhakara @BDHCHAbhilash

BBC News - A tale of two Indian tech cities https://t.co/GHABF7v1hn @UKinIndia @THubHyd @SrikanthNasscom… https://t.co/NK7pCvA0Wa

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

Ravi Subramanian 's book that released last year ... Had a banking fraud story ...Where the main fraudster was a p… https://t.co/DX38WoNvKt

@journalistreyaz M Reyaz @journalistreyaz

Must watch commentary on the sad state of affairs of TV media by @newslaundry's Manisha Pande. https://t.co/9PCcvanWxG

@suchetadalal Sucheta Dalal @suchetadalal

Why circle Nirav Modi alone? next to him is RaviRuia -- the BJP govt in its arrogance, believes it can do what it w… https://t.co/U5MgP0zwCH

@Zakka_Jacob Zakka Jacob @Zakka_Jacob

Colleague @SubhajitSG has accessed the #FIR in the #NiravModi case. It clearly states that all LOUs were issued in… https://t.co/hOSgDak0Jf

@RanaAyyub Rana Ayyub @RanaAyyub

You know the govt is feeling the heat in the #PNBScam when it's PR team tries to find convenient fall guys to shift… https://t.co/dMn2wImA6j

@ambkcsingh K. C. Singh @ambkcsingh

Arnab is belabouring on @republic that bank scams dates from UPAII. Cong already punished by people in 2014 elec. W… https://t.co/HZSPx48uJJ

@mihirssharma Mihir Sharma @mihirssharma

Demonetisation Justification #3699: it delayed the escape of an alleged fraudster. Of course he still left and too… https://t.co/W2i3UcARVm

@bukharishujaat Shujaat Bukhari @bukharishujaat

Read this too....He is former IB officer and hope not anti national https://t.co/E1w0DUFOGJ https://t.co/6UF7zn79Az

@suchetadalal Sucheta Dalal @suchetadalal

At last!! Breaking News - India moves to Rank 1 in Ease of Doing Business ... As Junior officials can sanction 1100… https://t.co/RVQHrUxhcK

@TomLasseter Tom Lasseter @TomLasseter

BIG SCOOP: Reserve Bank of India data shows state-run banks have reported 8,670 “loan fraud” cases totalling 612.6… https://t.co/XXaXSspAqk

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

Modi Mallya Modi=Rs 27,400 Cr Scam: What Now PM Modi? https://t.co/53XBjDDV19

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

@HassanRouhani is the second Iranian Leader/Diplomat to address Muslims from a Masjid in India ,in early 80s prese… https://t.co/UOEIIQBjHu

@shammybaweja Harinder Baweja @shammybaweja

RSS and the army. Fine piece on why Mohan Bhagwat was truly 'misquoted'. 'While the Indian Army has respected the… https://t.co/eOALkBiu5U

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

@shammybaweja @MumbaiMirror The northern command was “made “ to give a statement in response to what I had said whi… https://t.co/OmjYyMXrEQ

@beastoftraal Karthik @beastoftraal

India's national crush :) https://t.co/bogGIQPq0a

India's national crush :) https://t.co/b...

@rahulsingh1966 Rahul Singh @rahulsingh1966

Another first time: An Ambassador lobbying for and advertising a pharma product. IN AN OPED!! @Merck and @GSK will… https://t.co/pSSrAKuPFz

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi


@suchetadalal Sucheta Dalal @suchetadalal

Small factoid for anyone who believes CBI and DRI seizes 5100 crore of jewellery today - if #niravmodi had that muc… https://t.co/akEr9t9yAJ

@asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi @asadowaisi

https://t.co/adVT98bFTy FAMILY law lecture by @VC_NALSAR

@MoneylifeIndia Moneylife @MoneylifeIndia

Rs11,300 crore fraud at PNB: Many Unanswered Questions About Government Banks https://t.co/mRvuFgWSIZ @suchetadalal https://t.co/YBrP8ME8V0

Rs11,300 crore fraud at PNB: Many Unansw...

@AdityaMenon22 Aditya Menon @AdityaMenon22

Nirav Modi was part of Jaitley's delegation at Davos. Registrar of Companies, which falls under Jaitley's ministry,… https://t.co/dgrVVQEZ4o

@SariaW SARIA WANI @SariaW

Kashmir set to host its biggest tourism gathering in 30 years as valley grabbed the opportunity to host the annual… https://t.co/QTLna00dJX

@journalistreyaz M Reyaz @journalistreyaz

Is media facilitating in creating rage to reiterate negative stereotype against #IndianMuslims and bash them as par… https://t.co/FO4Ir7LhH0

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