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Science Communicator, Physicist, Scouter, SCUBA Diver, water lover, outdoor adventurer!


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@aoibhywavy Aoibheann Bird @aoibhywavy

Be inspired to stand up for science with @voiceofyoungsci's free workshops for #ECRs in Dublin 8 February and Belfa… https://t.co/Pj7KxbMIoK

@phildublin82 Phil Smyth @phildublin82

This is fantastic! Loved seeing everyone so positive about such a great initiative! My mam was my biggest inspirati… https://t.co/5gXKlJabET

@SylviaLeatham Sylvia Leatham @SylviaLeatham

#scicom17 community panel - @aoibhywavy makes the link between scouting and engineering/physics. Me and my team at… https://t.co/Opl3bNjOlH

@aoibhywavy Aoibheann Bird @aoibhywavy

@SylviaLeatham Looking forward to chatting to you more about this Sylvia, a great initiative! #engineeringintents

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

Community is key! Very strong panel with Colin Regan, John McEvoy, Aoibheann Bird and Claire O'Connell as chair… https://t.co/0cjAOqR1NQ

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

Fantastic to hear @DenisNaughten saying you need to explain your research in 3 minutes! Minister - we'd love to te… https://t.co/Yjejlocnnw

@aoibhywavy Aoibheann Bird @aoibhywavy

Great job by Nick showcasing the plastic packaging solutions from our @RepakRecycling room at #scicomthinktank… https://t.co/zySNv2c9vS

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

We have @aoibhywavy, #Education & Public #Engagement Manager @insight_centre joining our panel discussion on connec… https://t.co/z8DqmZezBg

@SciGalleryDub ScienceGalleryDublin @SciGalleryDub

Calling all #educators - join us Monday to share ideas and resources for #STEAM education! Rrgister for free at… https://t.co/2fMe2sfgBa

@TogetherSci DITOs @TogetherSci

#ThanksCitSci Thanks to our brilliant #ScienceBus captains who drove #citizenscience all around Europe for 3 months! togethersciencebus.eu

@insight_centre Insight Centre @insight_centre

Deadline for applications to the Tell It Straight Communication Competition @DublinCityUni is Dec 1st, open to all… https://t.co/dVDbzWXOk3

@phildublin82 Phil Smyth @phildublin82

Today is clean up & review from #WeatherLive @RTEOne We could not have done it without @UCD_physics @boconline &… https://t.co/bCbLDhTwcP

@TrishCanning Patricia Canning @TrishCanning

Team Phil and the imploded barrel #weatherlive https://t.co/G7MkmXi0Up

Team Phil and the imploded barrel #weath...

@phildublin82 Phil Smyth @phildublin82

The team tea break! Filling up on chocolate too! Tonight is gonna be IMPLOSIVE!! (I hope) #WeatherLive #ScienceWeek… https://t.co/wWYGLhvYB1


It's weird science for @gokathrynthomas on #WeatherLive https://t.co/bqxmXage8P

It's weird science for @gokathrynthomas...

@aoibhywavy Aoibheann Bird @aoibhywavy

Want to make light up Christmas jumpers with your group? We’ll show you how- Nov 9th @DublinCityUni 6pm! @Foroige https://t.co/uwXWL55ZQ2

@GirlsHackIRL Girls Hack Ireland @GirlsHackIRL

Want to run our workshops for your own community? Join us Nov 9th 6pm #DCU for training! @scienceirel @DublinCityUni https://t.co/PErNiToTiH

@suz_research Suzanne Little @suz_research

Wrapping up the @GirlsHackIRL Training in #Athlone. Great bunch of attendees! @scienceirel @insight_centre https://t.co/bS28NgRNCP

Wrapping up the @GirlsHackIRL Training i...

@GirlsHackIRL Girls Hack Ireland @GirlsHackIRL

We’re training community volunteers to give tech workshops this Sat in Athlone, some places still left! @scienceirel https://t.co/xnY9sVLbiu

@SSPCentre SSPC @SSPCentre

Job opportunity: Education Training & Outreach Officer @SSPCentre @UL @scienceirel deadline October 19. https://t.co/7TVzzCkspg

@GirlsHackIRL Girls Hack Ireland @GirlsHackIRL

We’re running a Train the Trainer course for our workshops on Oct 21st in #Athlone. Sign up here: https://t.co/xnY9sVLbiu @ScienceWeek

@aoibhywavy Aoibheann Bird @aoibhywavy

Check out @DublinCityUni STEAM Hackathon happening Oct 20-22 with @Intel_IRL, should be lots of fun! @scienceirel https://t.co/1IUrzmZ5Ww

@Aqua_OGriofa Marc O Griofa MD PhD @Aqua_OGriofa

@phildublin82 @aoibhywavy @CIT_ie @AlisonTodayFM @NASA Delighted to be involved to talk about @NASA_NEEMO and the… https://t.co/lgvX59DuaB

@aoibhywavy Aoibheann Bird @aoibhywavy

Driving to #cork for Diving into Space in @CIT_ie & LeisureWorld listening to @AlisonTodayFM Tickets still available https://t.co/11yix7O92O

@aoibhywavy Aoibheann Bird @aoibhywavy

Want to try #scubadiving? DiS event is tomorrow in @CIT_ie, get your ticket here! #SpaceWeek17 @CorkScience https://t.co/11yix7O92O

@aoibhywavy Aoibheann Bird @aoibhywavy

It's #SpaceWeek17 so don't forget to get tickets for Diving into Space this Sat, Cork! @SpaceWeekIRL @divingireland https://t.co/11yix7O92O

@insight_centre Insight Centre @insight_centre

Our very own @aoibhywavy was in @IrishTimes yesterday talking about her STEM road trip! https://t.co/GXMI4AuHQs @scienceirel @DublinCityUni

@insight_centre Insight Centre @insight_centre

Even heroes need lunch! Fair play to Ruairi Barrett for all the cycling today for the SwEatch demo!… https://t.co/qDKs15RYdD

@insight_centre Insight Centre @insight_centre

Sweating for Science! Our SwEatch electrolytes platform being showcased to An Taoiseach @scienceirel @Entirl… https://t.co/w5HCo3pmcN

@aoibhywavy Aoibheann Bird @aoibhywavy

Entering Pole-land! Off to the beautiful town of Karpacz to visit the magic road (aka gravity hill)! @Visit_Poland… https://t.co/ORxDSaHpQV

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