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I am Italian/Lenape Native American Woman. Fighting Racist Mascots because the next generation doesn't see color

New Jersey

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@heather28df Daz'i Rising @heather28df

#JasonPero was fourteen. Fourteen: Wisconsin police kill 14-year-old indigenous boy on his own homeland https://t.co/fww3f8zLUR

@Policy Twitter PublicPolicy @Policy

The @FCC should stand up for the consumers it represents and protect #NetNeutrality on December 14. https://t.co/HWaNoGpmRY

@steph_bello Steph Bello @steph_bello

Roy Moore is confusing 1.5 with 0.5 the way he confused 14 with 18.

@voxdotcom Vox @voxdotcom

Why Doug Jones’s narrow win is not enough to make @ezraklein confident about American democracy https://t.co/SfKs7RryX7

@mikefreemanNFL mike freeman @mikefreemanNFL

Good job, black people. You da real MVP.

@nay429 Naomi @nay429

@realDonaldTrump Something is wrong with you. Your days are numbered. The American people are on to you. #alabama

@BettyBowers Mrs. Betty Bowers @BettyBowers

Sitting by my phone waiting for @realDonaldTrump to tweet Doug Jones a civil, presidential, congratulatory tweet, t… https://t.co/Sr5aOlBDJv

@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309

@Serious_Snail I expect Trump will tweet something stupid about 4 am

@Serious_Snail Serious Snail @Serious_Snail

Not a big fan of either party. I just want good to triumph over evil, and hopefully better choices emerge. That bei… https://t.co/np3ZQr59LK

@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309

https://t.co/T8oYqKeYbS Wanishi (thank you) to the black voters who helped Jones win!

@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309


@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309


@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309

@NativeCurator You were with us lol

@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309

@politico He had to be sore from bouncing in that seat

@politico POLITICO @politico

Roy Moore rides away on his horse after voting in the Alabama Senate election. Here's what to watch in today's hot… https://t.co/pKBpOzb9zX

@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309

https://t.co/kp4HRNitay we know he's stupid

@EcoWatch EcoWatch @EcoWatch

Historic Youth Climate Lawsuit Against Trump Poised to Advance https://t.co/qXYZXUwKg6 @OpenSecretsDC @DeSmogBlog @SunFoundation

@GoodMenProject The Good Men Project @GoodMenProject

Joining the calls gives you practice in saying things out loud---a skill that will serve you well your entire life.… https://t.co/SpXHzBpQbz

@pawpawinthered End Paw Paw Hate @pawpawinthered

.@HonorCU Will you pledge to protect Native kids by ending your sponsorship of @pawpawwine harvest fest? Until the… https://t.co/UJnhEwWPwB

@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309

@NativeCurator More than a word film in Philadelphia PA https://t.co/S6l6CRKZJO

@NativeCurator  More than a word film in...

@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309


@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309

Swamp monster https://t.co/0lfpOvPmIM

Swamp monster https://t.co/0lfpOvPmIM

@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309

https://t.co/vcam7plAoy yes!

@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309



@mikefmsubsailr Mike Masishin @mikefmsubsailr

Tried SMASHBURGER Brookhaven PA Not impressed w Philly Burger sandwich..2 onions 3 pepper 1/4 inch thick burger YO, better fix your product

@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309


@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309


@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309

https://t.co/4kZk9tZLVX what the f---?????

@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309


@annmarie309 ann marie @annmarie309

https://t.co/b5x9Zzhymb #boycott

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