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Music Lover ❤️ Management contact : anggunmanagement@consultant.com New album “8” out now https://t.co/LvtzwDTobZ

Paris - France

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😊 https://t.co/hkXeIZO3TL

@mca_music MCA Music Inc. @mca_music

.@Anggun_Cipta's 'What We Remember' is now on its 3rd week on @billboard's Dance Club Songs Chart and currently at… https://t.co/aYposv9oTw

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

@AdibHidayat @tarjaofficial Susah Mas, inj tipe orang yang harus di ”lahirkan kembali” 😄😄

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

@INSNadi Hahaha bener juga 🤣

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

@AdibHidayat Iya Mas 😄😄 dimaklumin wae 😂

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

Ada orang kita yang bilang laguku masuk chart Billboard karena hasil sogok 😂🤣🤣!! Mbok ya kalo sentimen yang realis… https://t.co/ZEyzYYyywX

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

#WhatWeRemember is up +8 spots to #30 now on @billboard Dance Club Songs 🙏🏽🎶🦄🍀 #Grateful #Billboard https://t.co/FrMsZGGurl

#WhatWeRemember is up +8 spots to #30 no...

@PopFidelity PopFidelity @PopFidelity

Congrats @Anggun_Cipta #WhatWeRemember jumps to #30 w bullet on @billboarddance inc remixes by @lovetoinfinity… https://t.co/cqIQ3b5DKc

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

Bandung! Karanganyar! Senengnya bisa nyanyi di daerah 😄🤗😘😘 #DavidFoster&Friends 22 & 24 Maret!! https://t.co/3SHSevar7m

Bandung! Karanganyar! Senengnya bisa nya...

@BreakoutNET BreakoutNET @BreakoutNET

#NowPlaying @Anggun_Cipta - What We Remember https://t.co/C3kH1z0yiT

#NowPlaying @Anggun_Cipta - What We Reme...

@McMahel Amahl @McMahel

Pagi-pagi duet sama @Anggun_Cipta Dream comes true! https://t.co/rtHxU4zya2

Pagi-pagi duet sama @Anggun_Cipta 

@UMusicThai Universal Music TH @UMusicThai

เพลงล่าสุด #WhatWeRemember จาก #Anggun ติดชาร์ตอันดับ 38 บน Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart https://t.co/vqeb5gl5Wj

เพลงล่าสุด #WhatWeRemember จาก #Anggun ต...

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

It’s Friday, indulge it, be good to yourselves and to others 🤗💝 @ Paris, France https://t.co/cFDfHhRPEJ

@MorganeGroupe Morgane Groupe @MorganeGroupe

Quel plaisir de recevoir @Anggun_Cipta et @JulienClerc_Off sur le tournage de La Vie Secrète des Chansons ! 😍 Bient… https://t.co/iB1G1K6YQ0

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

Un concert, une bonne cause 💝🙏🏽 https://t.co/eSaP68Kl40

Un concert, une bonne cause 💝🙏🏽 https://...

@ZimmerMarie Marie Laure Zimmer @ZimmerMarie

Travailler en écoutant @Anggun_Cipta #Anggun8 c est tellement plus âgreable . En plus l album est super et les c… https://t.co/ickrmVZxcf

@BBDanceReport BB Dance Report @BBDanceReport

In her first @billboard Dance Club Songs Chart action in nearly 20 years, @Anggun_Cipta soars into the Top 40 with… https://t.co/ivbqalal4E

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

Music is NOT a competition. If you enjoy my music & it inspires you I’m grateful. If you don’t & prefer other artis… https://t.co/ZkGnEBfiiU

@ThePerezHilton Perez @ThePerezHilton

And if we burn away I'll pray the skies above, for snow to fall on the Sahara! https://t.co/sf38LW6Vou @Anggun_Cipta

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

I take full responsibility 😆😄. Hugs @ThePerezHilton 😘😘 https://t.co/eiPtxun0e0

@Dark_Derek Justin Hill @Dark_Derek

Obvious song to post if you’ve ever heard of @Anggun_Cipta ... and if you haven’t heard her take a listen to this s… https://t.co/cU8z81gXQH

@i_love_juju Juju @i_love_juju

Haha juste génial ! Au passage si vous ne connaissez pas la chanson, foncez l’écouter. Poésie à l’état pur avec la… https://t.co/zFoO4LHuYi

@eeyesmith amy @eeyesmith

Not trying to downplay this but reminds me of a favorite song I was exposed to via 90’s Lilith fair compilation.… https://t.co/sFqCtCaPxJ

@_Ambere_ Ambere lit fricotée @_Ambere_

La jolie @Anggun_Cipta y est enfin arrivée 😍 https://t.co/Qws9MuIzro

La jolie @Anggun_Cipta y est enfin arriv...

@gilmoreiranunes Gil Nunes Жил Нуньеш @gilmoreiranunes

Lembrei-me hoje desta música de @Anggun_Cipta -1997. Diz o refrão "And if we burn away I ll pray the skies above fo… https://t.co/0ltj8qRzuX

@aprilrloftin April Loftin @aprilrloftin

Snow on the Sahara by @Anggun_Cipta was my jam when I was like 19. Thanks, rare weather for the nostalgia tonight.… https://t.co/QbhBqUK1dN

@AnggunHistory Anggun History @AnggunHistory

Snow is falling on the Sahara desert. And it gets people to talk and listen to @Anggun_Cipta’s massive hit, Snow On… https://t.co/wzyOqlE2vH

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

Thank you for this jump from #50 to #38 on this week’s @billboard Dance Charts 😊 #WhatWeRemember #Billboard https://t.co/iOdUGPhO2G

Thank you for this jump from #50 to #38...

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

@Karimacharni Ou à cause de moi 🤪😆. Bisous ma belle 😘😘😘

@anggun_cipta Anggun Official @anggun_cipta

When #WhatWeRemember is played on K-Drama TV series #TwoCops https://t.co/05I1ZwBGkk

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