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@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

@amaralanegraaln talks about a first date where the guy made her pay for everything AND then… https://t.co/Hg8k1wTISt

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

OMG I would be soooooooooo mad!!! https://t.co/BDhQFBfw4g

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

it's day 5 over here and I promise it's not as bad as I thought it would be https://t.co/Lra5xgvsSR

@provenself Peter Rubin @provenself

Straight Outta Compton: $60M opening weekend Get Out: $176M domestic for an R-rated horror Girls Trip: $100M+ for a… https://t.co/jzbK2spISD

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

We are back with #WealthWednesday at juicesforlifebk this week! I’m excited to have former… https://t.co/jDVq5ojfi5

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

Day 4, stomach grooooowling @thedetoxnow

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

I am beyond excited to be honored at the 21st Annual Awards Gala for the American Foundation for… https://t.co/WxhAVW9SCF

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

Detox day 3 🙃 I’m doing https://t.co/FeaZDc2qir for 14 days if you want to try it with me

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/TyvMelUV2F

@xonecole xoNecole @xonecole

.@angelayee opened a juice bar in Brooklyn to help bring healthy options to the community https://t.co/BqRyGA5DNz https://t.co/b3UZtGMnGM

.@angelayee opened a juice bar in Brookl...

@Zarinah Baekwon The Chef @Zarinah

😭😭😭😭 @angelayee said @djenvy moan sounds like a haunted house moan hahahahaha


Me listening to breakfast club @angelayee https://t.co/hdF3RC5oDL

Me listening to breakfast club @angelaye...

@i_mario Mario @i_mario

Lmao Y’all wrong for Freaky Freaky Freaky Friday while my 2 year old son is in the car @angelayee @djenvy @cthagod 😂😅

@cuzzzolini Brian KCCO Dambrosio @cuzzzolini

@angelayee and @djenvy is about to cause a pile up everywhere with this #freakyfriday

@ksychedelic ✨ksychedelic✨ @ksychedelic

Well this is interesting...I'm stuck at work while bae is home😭😭😭 @angelayee @djenvy

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

Thanks to everyone who came out and had fun with us on #lipservice! My girls stephanie_santiago… https://t.co/AeTJWmig4B

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

Next up #BokeemWoodbine discusses getting into acting after being on his mom’s couch, becoming… https://t.co/TYPVHDGCcQ

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

Thank you @jeffsnation for coming by and talking #MancaveBET with us! Ladies, and be honest, how… https://t.co/blZerirdHu

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

Tonight come skate with the @balleralert balleralertfoundation at @worldonwheelsla 🙌🏽 LA all… https://t.co/1mFS9KF4nD

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

You can’t!!!! https://t.co/bAnz2mp3Ge

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

@gessieTUG sign him up 😁 https://t.co/A6xCrELpC7

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

Ok I will! I’m using https://t.co/FeaZDbKOTR and so far it hasn’t even been a full day, but I’m so used to eating s… https://t.co/d4tn2uxAtm

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

Mmmmm I’ll try the coconut after my detox! https://t.co/BrovQs2Je6

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

It’s https://t.co/FeaZDc2qir https://t.co/mzstHhbS2F

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

I needed to clear my schedule so I don’t have to travel or have too many obligations during the time https://t.co/wmW9dfvubB

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

Thanks love 🙏🏽 https://t.co/Z1IYupwZUF

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

Day 1 of my 14 day detox 🤪staying positive!

@LSNpodcasts Loud Speakers @LSNpodcasts

#LiveColorFull w/ @angelayee & @aminatou Feat. @HisandHerMoney 💵 This episode is about finances and relationships,… https://t.co/AUNDij7x3z

@angelayee Angela Yee @angelayee

#morningafterdark let’s talk about the song #Angela 😁 Do men go through a phase where they like women who don’t tre… https://t.co/Fpho71Iv5O

@JaneeTMB Janeé @JaneeTMB

Excited for this. Who is gonna send in questions? https://t.co/66cV6IhGxy

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